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A2 4283
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
BACH, J.S.: Mass in B Minor (Collegium Vocale 1704, Collegium 1704, Luks)

BACH, J.S.: Mass in B Minor (Collegium Vocale 1704, Collegium 1704, Luks)

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release date: November 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Vaclav Luks


Collegium Vocale 1704


Collegium Vocale 1704


Collegium 1704



Studio Domovina, Prague, Czech Republic


Record Label




Total Time - 100:50
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BACH, J.S.: Mass in B Minor (Collegium Vocale 1704, Collegium 1704, Luks)




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Mass in B Minor, BWV 232

1 Kyrie eleison (Chorus) 10:18
2 Christe eleison (Soprano 1 and 2) 04:35
3 Kyrie eleison (Chorus) 02:25
4 Gloria in excelsis Deo (Chorus) 01:36
5 Et in terra pax (Chorus) 05:10
6 Laudamus te (Soprano 2) 04:04
7 Gratias agimus tibi (Chorus) 02:16
8 Domine Deus (Soprano 1, Tenor) 05:22
9 Qui tollis peccata mundi (Chorus) 02:53
10 Qui sedes ad dextram Patris (Alto) 04:18
11 Quoniam tu solus Sanctus (Bass) 04:02
12 Cum Sancto Spiritu (Chorus) 03:49

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1 Credo in unum Deum (Chorus) 01:39
2 Patrem omnipotentem (Chorus) 01:46
3 Et in unum Dominum (Soprano 1, Alto) 04:22
4 Et incarnatus est (Chorus) 02:57
5 Crucifixus (Chorus) 02:37
6 Et resurrexit (Chorus) 03:41
7 Et in Spiritum Sanctum Dominum (Bass) 05:07
8 Confiteor unum baptisma (Chorus) 03:54
9 Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum (Chorus) 02:03
10 Sanctus (Chorus) 03:51
11 Osanna (Double Chorus) 02:28
12 Benedictus (Tenor) 04:42
13 Osanna (Double Chorus) 02:28
14 Agnus Dei (Alto) 05:49
15 Dona nobis pacem (Double Chorus) 02:38
 Collegium Vocale 1704 Choir
 Vaclav Luks Conductor

The enigma of this great Catholic Mass by the Protestant Bach has continued to occupy musicologists to the present day.

In accordance with the current state of research, the ensemble is set up according to the ideals of Johann Sebastian Bach. The choir – the high-quality Collegium Vocale 1704 – provides not only choral parts, with four singers to each part, but also the soloists, accompanied by an orchestra of 30 instrumentalists all of whom are internationally known specialists in historically accurate performance practice.

This new recording, the first Czech album of this work on historical instruments, captivates listeners through the special charm, lightness and great virtuosity for which this ensemble is noted, together with the extensive knowledge and seriousness with which Václav Luks tackles his projects. Whereas a rather Protestant sobriety dominates other recordings of Bach’s great Mass, this recording is impressive for its Catholic-influenced, Bohemian joy in music-making - with a zest for living that can be felt at all times.

"Bach’s Mass in B Minor is such a vast, all-encompassing work that acquiring recordings of it can become an obsession... This is a wonderful, beautifully-presented set which succeeds on every level. Luks’s small choir possess the knack of producing exactly the right sonority for each movement. There’s ample heft when you need it, but also an enchanting grace, an ease of movement. Listen to them dancing in Bach’s Gloria and marvel at the clarity. The opening Kyrie Eleison possesses all the grandeur you’ll need. Much of this recording’s success lies in Luks’s ability to always choose the right tempi...Luks’s Cum Sancto Spiritu is among the most joyous you’ll hear, aided by a trio of matchless natural trumpets. Bach’s more austere movements unwind with clarity and purpose. The short Crucifixus gleams with intent. The Sanctus’s bouncing, descending bass line is buoyant. And it’s all presented on a very human, approachable scale. Good soloists too, especially soprano Hana Blažíková and bass Marián Krejcík. You’ll marvel at Bach’s genius instead of feeling intimated by it. This work should be known, and loved, by everyone, and I can’t imagine a better introduction to it than this."

Graham Rickson - - 15 February 2014

"... Bach’s complete Roman Catholic Mass is sung by 21 excellent singers and a fine instrumental ensemble. Allocation of solos and chorus is imaginatively chosen ... Balance and blend are excellent - there is no doubt that enormous care has been taken over this recording."  ****

David Ponsford - Choir & Organ magazine - January/February 2014

"... there is no mistaking Collegium 1704’s qualities, the superb choir sing with judicious weight and solemnity in the opening chords of the Kyrie ... highly accomplished Mass in B minor ..."

David Vickers - Gramophone magazine  - December 2013

                       Music ****        Sound *****

Marcus Stäbler - Fono Forum magazine - December 2013

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