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AB 7565
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AB 7565

Antonio Vivaldi: Il Cimento dell 'Armonia e dell 'Inventione op. VIII - Vol. 2

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2008

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2008


Accademia Bizantina

Ottavio Dantone

Stefano Montanari


Record Label
Arts Music – Blue Line



Total Time - 54:22
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Concerto in re minore op.8 No.7 RV 242, F.I/28

1 I. Allegro 3:20
2 II. Largo 1:56
3 III. Allegro 2:44

Concerto in sol minore op.8 No.8 RV 332, F.I/16

4 I. Allegro 2:57
5 II. Largo 2:43
6 III. Allegro (molto vivace) 3:35

Concerto in re minore op.8 No.9 RV454, F.VII/1

7 I. Allegro (moderato) 2:52
8 II. Largo 2:09
9 III. Allegro 2:30

Concerto in Si bemolle maggiore op.8 No.10 RV 362, F.I/29

10 I. Allegro 3:11
11 II. Largo 3:06
12 III. Allegro 2:28

Concerto in Re maggiore op.8 No.11 RV 210, F.I/30

13 I. Allegro 4:48
14 II. Largo 2:41
15 III. Allegro 4:18

Concerto in Do maggiore op.8 No. 12 RV 449, F.I/31

16 I. Allegro 3:09
17 II. Largo 2:23
18 III. Allegro 3:32
 Stefano Montanari violin
 Ottavio Dantone

This is one of the most important release in the new ARTS "blue stripe" series, recorded with the technique 24bit / 96 kHz. The complete concertos op.8 "Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’Invenzione" are the most famous collection of Italian concertos, including "The Four Seasons". ARTS is proud to offer these Vivaldi’s masterpieces in a new and exciting interpretation by one of the leading Italian ensemble performing on original instruments. A refreshing, brilliant and virtuoso performance which shows some of the best Italian soloists, such as the violinist Stefano Montanari, the oboist Paolo Grazzi and the harpsichordist Ottavio Dantone, who also conducts the worldwide renowned ensemble Accademia Bizantina.

ARTS signed a long term agreement with this ensemble who recorded in the past years with BMG and Denon. The next recording will be devoted to unpublished and unrecorded Concertos by Alessandro Scarlatti.

This new recording of The Four Seasons and of all other famous concertos of Op.8, is characterized by the utilisation of a large and varied continuo and by the energetic, fanciful and innovating interpretation which follows the new critical edition of Vivaldi’s works.

This is with no doubt the edition of The Four Seasons and of the Concertos op.8 for the new millennium!- an edition of all Concertos op.8 that you cannot miss!

"The Accademia Bizantina is one of the very best baroque ensembles ... Fascinating"

Compact Disc Classics - June 2004

"Superb!": 5 DIAPASONS

Diapason - 17 June 2004


BBC Music Magazine -  June 2004

Nominated for the German Audiophile "Reference Award"

June 2004

 “Disc-Oscar of the Year”

Der STANDARD - June 2004


Classic CD - 17 June 2004

"Artistic judgement: optimum"

Audiophile Sound - 17 August 2004

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