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AB 7721
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AB 7721

Scelsi: Preludi, Serie I – IV

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Alessandra Ammara


Record Label
Arts Music – Blue Line




Total Time - 71:20
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Prima Serie

1 I – Martellato 0:41
2 II – Grave 4:39
3 III – Agitato molto liberamente ma sostenuto 1:04
4 IV – Moderato 3:09
5 V 1:22
6 VI – Agitato 0:43
7 VII – Molto cantato 1:54
8 VIII – Delicato 0:57
9 IX – Agitato sostenuto 1:32
10 X – Scorrevole 0:48
11 XI – Drammatico 1:16
12 XII – Allucinato 3:00

Seconda Serie

13 XIII – Tempestoso 0:49
14 XIV – Piuttosto mosso 0:59
15 XV – Tragicamente 1:14
16 XVI – Lento, con agitazione 0:41
17 XVII – Con malinconia 2:56
18 XVIII – Presto volante 0:40
19 XIX – Veloce 0:46
20 XX – Mistico 2:32
21 XXI – Presto mormorando 0:48
22 XXII – Veloce appassionato 1:15
23 XXIII – Presto furioso 0:42
24 XXIV – Mistico 4:27

Terza Serie

25 XXV – Meditativo 3:17
26 XXVI – Delicato 0:50
27 XXVII – Implecabile 1:04
28 XXVIII – Presto 0:45
29 XXIX – Poco mosso 1:21
30 XXX – Energico, un poco mosso 1:05
31 XXXI – Veloce 0:57
32 XXXII – Estatico 2:27
33 XXXIII – Veloce, rabbioso 1:05
34 XXXIV – Estatico 5:49

Quarta Serie

35 XXXVIII – Allegro scherzoso 1:02
36 XXXIX 0:59
37 XL 0:50
38 XLI – Mosso liberamente 0:55
39 XLII 0:43
40 XLIII – Lento espressivo 1:19
41 XLIV – Andante, tempo rubato 1:37
42 XLV 1:16
43 XLVI 0:55
44 XLVII 0:56
45 XLVIII 0:56
47 L – CONGEDO - Con spirito 1:19
 Alessandra Ammara piano

World-premiere-recording of the Scelsi Preludi I-IV

Reflections, aphorisms, exercises in style, work notes, harmonic experiments, tone explorations. The Preludi of Giacomo Scelsi are all these, a full-length fervid carnet of notes which accompanied the composer for almost twenty years. Pages which reveal to us, through the sonority of the piano, a period of his creative activity still little known or explored.

Assembled in four series, the Preludi are today for the greater part unpublished and are the object of the recently renewed research on the first works in the Scelsi catalogue which present many aspects still to be investigated. The work of rearranging, listing and cataloguing in course at the Historic Archive of the Isabella Scelsi Foundation nevertheless makes it possible to start to shed light on his early works; this is one of the first tangible results. Part of the material was reassembled despite the difficulties during a research initiated in 2005. Since then further material has been recovered so that today we are able to present the corpus of the Preludi in its quasi-entirety, which is now impressively interpreted by great piano player Alessandra Ammara.


"Pianist Alessandra Ammara came to attention with brilliant performances at important international piano competitions.  Her fine playing of these amazing works is vital to their appreciation, and she wrote the short but useful descriptions in the notes on each of the 50 pieces.  Also vital to appreciating the subtleties and wide dynamic range of these Preludes is the hi-res surround sound provided by Arts on this SACD. The concert grand used is a Borgato, which I hadn’t heard of before but it sounds fabulous."

John Sunier - Audiophile Audition -  22 December 2009

"...The technical demands of the music are often highly challenging, but Alessandra Ammara’s performances are never anything less than impressive, and often breathtaking. I for one am very glad to have been introduced to these fascinating pieces in such an empathetic and technically outstanding way."

Dominy Clements - MusicWeb International  - 29 January 2009


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