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AV 0030
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AV 0030

Handel: Arias and Cantata

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2006

Originally recorded in 2006


Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Harry Bicket

Phoebe Carrai


Harry Bicket


Stephen Stubbs

lute, baroque guitar

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson


Margriet Tindemans

viola da gamba


Blackheath Halls, London

Concert Hall of the King Center at the Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver, Colorado, USA


Recording, Parker, Nicholas

Simon Foster

(Executive for Avie)

Gareth Wiley

(Executive for G&H Music)


Everett Porter

Record Label
Avie Records



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 66:10
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Theodora (HWV 68)

  Act 1 Scene 4  
1 Recitative: Ah! Whither should we fly, or fly from whom? 0:49
2 Aria: As with rosy steps the morn 8:19
  Act 1 Scene 3  
3 Recitative: O bright example of all goodness! 0:31
4 Aria: Bane of virtue, nurse of passions 6:11
  Act 2 Scene 4  
5 Recitative: The clouds begin to veil the hemisphere 0:48
6 Aria: Defend her Heav'n! 5:38
  Act 3 Scene 1  
7 Aria: Lord, to Thee each night and day 6:06
  Act 3 Scene 3  
8 Recitative: She's gone, disdaining liberty and life 0:49
9 Aria: New scenes of joy 5:35
 Lorraine Hunt Lieberson mezzo-soprano
 Harry Bicket

La Lucrezia (HWV 145)

10 Recitative: O Numi eterni! O stelle, stelle! 1:12
11 Aria: Già superbo, del mio affanno 5:33
12 Recitative: Ma voi forse nel cielo 1:04
13 Aria: Il suol che preme, l'aura che spira 3:40
14 Recitative: Ah! che ancor nell'abisso 1:45
15 Aria: Alla salma infedel porga la pena 4:08
16 Recitative: A voi, a voi, padre, consorte 1:24
17 Arioso: Già nel seno comincia a compir. Furioso: Ma se qui non m'è dato 2:05
 Harry Bicket Harpsichord
 Stephen Stubbs lute, baroque guitar
 Phoebe Carrai cello
 Margriet Tindemans viola da gamba

Serse (HWV 145)

  Act 2 Scene 4  

Aria: Se bramate d'amar, chi vi sdegna

  Act 1 Scene 1  
19 Recitative: Frondi tenere e belle 0:45
20 Aria: Ombra mai fù 3:09
 Harry Bicket

The late Lorraine Hunt Lieberson was one of the finest artists of our time. A sensuous and noble singer, the intensity of her interpretations, particularly in Baroque roles, was supreme. Critics worldwide have grasped for superlatives to describe her art. This CD captured Lorraine’s unanimously acclaimed portrayal of Irene in Handel’s oratorio Theodora – “one of the most vocally beautiful and dramatically committed characterizations imaginable” according to The Independent on Sunday – which she sang at Glyndebourne, supported by the same forces as here, Harry Bicket and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. The hybrid SACD technology enhances all the vividness and beauty of Lorraine’s exceptional voice. Coupled with arias from Serse, including the evergreen Ombra mai fù, and the cantata La Lucrezia, this CD is one of the great classical releases of our time.

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