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AV 2241
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AV 2241

Bach: Trauer-Music: Music to mourn Prince Leopold

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2011

Originally recorded in 2010


Andrew Parrott

Taverner Consort

Taverner Players


St Michael & All Angels, Summertown, Oxford


Adrian Hunter

Record Label
Avie Records




Total Time - 78:40
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Trauer-Music: Music to mourn Prince Leopold, BWV 244a

  Burial Service  
  Part III: At the arrival of the coffin  
1 1 aria (B): Laß, Leopold, Dich nicht begraben 6:03
2 2 recitativo (A): Wie kont es moglich seyn 1:02
3 3 aria (B): Wird auch gleich nach tausend Zahren 4:06
4 4 recitativo (T): Und, Herr, das ist die Specerey 0:44
5 5 'aria a 2. Choren' (T): Geh, Leopold, zu Deiner Ruh 5:43
  Memorial Service  
  Part I: Following the arrival of the principal mourners  
6 1 coro ('aria'): Klagt, Kinder 6:28
7 2 recitativo (T): O Land! Besturtztes Land! 1:19
8 3 aria (A): Weh und Ach 4:25
9 4 recitativo (S): Wie, wenn der Blitze Grausamkeit 1:05
10 5 aria (S): Zage nur, du treues Land 5:02
11 6 recitativo (T): Ach ja! Dein Scheiden geht uns nah 1:20
12 7 coro ('aria'): Komm wieder, theurer Fursten-Geist 5:14
  Part II: Following the sermon  
13 1 coro: Wir haben einen Gott, der da hilfft 1:52
14 2 recitativo (A): Betrubter Anblick, voll Erschrecken 0:44
15 3 aria (A): Erhalte mich Gott 6:16
16 4 recitativo (S): Jedoch der schwache Mensche zittert nur 1:03
17 5 aria (S): Mit Freuden sey die Welt verlassen 5:07
18 6 recitativo (T): Wohl also Dir, Du aller Fursten Zier 0:20
19 7 coro (repeat of 13): Wir haben einen Gott, der da hilfft 1:59
  Part IV: Following the Curriculum vitae and the prayers  
20 1 aria (B): Bleibet nun in eurer Ruh 6:33
21 2 recitativo (T): Und Du betrubtes Fursten-Hauß 1:08
22 3 aria (S): Hemme Dein gequaltes Krancken 3:30
23 4 recitativo (T): Nun scheiden wir, Hochseegler Leopold, von Dir 1:11
24 5 coro ('aria tutti'): Die Augen sehn nach Deiner Leiche 6:26

Andrew Parrott is a master of musicological detective work known for his adventurous and uncompromising scholarship. He is also internationally known for his pioneering historically informed performances and recordings of pre-classical repertory. This new release combines the best of both, resulting in the first full reconstruction and recording of the funeral music for J. S. Bach’s patron, Prince Leopold of Cöthen. Bach’s years in Cöthen were musically fertile and Prince Leopold was a knowledgeable and committed supporter of music and the arts, so it’s ironic that much of Bach’s output during those years has been lost or even destroyed. The score for Trauer-Music, written in 1728 on the occasion of the Prince’s sudden death at the age of 34, has almost completely disappeared, yet through the discovery of numerous clues in other works and writings, Parrott has been able to recontruct what was clearly a heart-felt homage.

Parrott conducts the renowned Taverner Consort and Players, the organisation he founded in 1973, and a superb roster of baroque vocal soloists. A unique document and superb performance make this a recording for classical music aficionados and lovers of Bach’s music alike.

               Recording of the Month
"This is the kind of disc that makes the most jaded listener sit up straight and pay attention: marvellous music, compellingly performed and beautifully produced. Record companies must spend ever-increasing effort trying to unearth repertoire that is both rare and important. The musical treasure-hunters at Toccata can give themselves a pat on the back: they have hit musical gold with this disc..."

Nick Barnard - - 27 June 2012

"...A convincing recreation of Bach’s final musical offering to his late master."

John Quinn - - 27 June 2012

                     ****  Excellent     **** Exceptional (sound)

Philippe Venturini - Classica magazine - June 2012


Pierre Schwickerath - Pizzicato magazine - March 2012

"... The choral singing is exquisite and, among the line-up of top-class instrumentalists who adorn the ranks of the Taverner Players, it is almost invidious to single anyone out; but one cannot ignore the immnsely intelligent and impeccably placed keyboard continuo work of Steven Devine. Add to that an exceptional recorded sound from Avie and you have a recording of Bach which stands up among the finest... these are outstanding performances which transcend in the ears of any genuine lover of Bach’s music..."

Marc Rochester - International Record Review - January 2012

"... an emotive, crisply beautiful performance..." ****

Charlotte Gardner - Classic FM Magazine - December 2011

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