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AV 2278
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AV 2278

Monteverdi - L'Orfeo

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2012


Taverner Players

Andrew Parrott

Taverner Consort


Church of St Michael and All Angels, Summertown, Oxford

23-28 July 2012


Adrian Hunter


Adrian Hunter

Record Label
Avie Records



Total Time - 103:18
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1 Toccata 2:16
2 Ritornello - Dal mio Permesso amato (La Musica) 6:12
3 In questo lieto e fortunato giorno (Pastore ²) 1:32
4 Vieni Imeneo, deh vieni (Choro) 0:48
5 Muse, honor di Parnaso (Ninfa) 0:53
6 Balletto - lasciate i monti (Choro) 0:54
7 Ma tu gentil cantor (Pastore ¹) 0:43
8 Rosa del Ciel, vita del Mondo (Orfeo) 1:57
9 Io non dirò (Euridice) 0:45
10 Balletto - Lasciate i monti (Choro) 0:55
11 Vieni Imeneo, deh vieni (Choro) 0:47
12 Ma s'il nostro gioir (Pastore ³) 0:46
13 Ritornello - Alcun non sia (Pastori) 3:59
14 Sinfonia - Ecco pur ch'a voi ritorno (Orfeo) 3:26
15 Ritornello - Vi ricorda o boschi ombrosi (Orfeo) 2:32
16 Mira, deh mira Orfeo (Pastore ²) 0:28
17 Ahi caso acerbo (Messaggiera) 2:50
18 In un fiorito prato (Messaggiera) 3:25
19 Tu se' morta (Orfeo) 2:17
20 Ahi caso acerbo (Pastori) 1:16
21 Ma io (Messaggiera) 1:21
22 Sinfonia - Chi ne consola ahi lassi? (Pastori) 7:09
23 Sinfonia 1:28
24 Scorto da te mio Nume (Orfeo) 1:16
25 Ecco l'atra palude (Speranza) 2:46
26 Dove, ah dove te n' vai (Orfeo) 0:39
27 O tu ch'innanzi morte (Caronte) 1:38
28 Sinfonia - Possente Spirto (Orfeo) 9:01
29 Ben mi lusinga alquanto (Caronte) 0:45
30 Ahi sventurato amante (Orfeo) 1:09
31 Sinfonia - Ei dorme (Orfeo) 2:32
32 Sinfonia - Nulla impresa per huom (Choro) 3:38
33 Signor quell'infelice (Proserpina) 2:29
34 Benchè severo & immutabil fato (Plutone) 3:02
35 Quali grazie ti rendo (Proserpina) 2:00
36 Ecco il gentil cantore (Un Spirito) 2:36
37 O dolcissimi lumi (Orfeo) 2:35
38 Sinfonia - È la virtute un raggio (Choro) 3:42
39 Ritornello - Questi i campi di Tracia (Orfeo) 7:34
40 Sinfonia - Perchè a lo sdegno & al dolor (Apollo) 4:09
41 Saliam cantando al Cielo (Apollo, Orfeo) 1:11
42 Ritornello - Vanne Orfeo felice a pieno (Choro) 0:59
43 Moresca 0:58

Andrew Parrott and the Taverner Consort & Players celebrate their 40th anniversary with a magnificent recording of the world’s first operatic masterpiece, Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo. As can be expected from Andrew Parrott, who has been at the centre of the early and baroque music scene for over four decades, his meticulous research results in a performance and stylistic approach that brings a fresh perspective to the myth of love lost and found through the art of music. His scholarship, combined with the collaborative nature of the Taverners, translates into a performance brought to life by the finest singers and instrumentalists in the early music world, including tenor Charles Daniels who is the superb Orfeo.

                         Critic’s Choice 2013

"...Andrew Parrott’s characteristically research-driven thoughtfulness, allied with supremely intelligent musicianship from all participants, nurtures a fresh perspective on Monteverdi’s score that is revelatory and beautiful in equal measure ..."

David Vickers - Gramophone magazine - December 2013

"Recorded to mark the 40th anniversary of the Tavener Consort and Players, this is a splendid celebration of that milestone as well as a very fine addition to the discography of Monteverdi’s 1607 opera... Daniel Charles is a very fine Orfeo, able to command public attention and evoke private sadness... This performance is alive with all that makes this opera matter: varied and expressive instrumental combinations set the scene ... All the singers and instrumentalists are extremely good. This is a captivating, gripping peformance ..."

Catherine Moore - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

                     Opera Choice

Performance ****        Recording ****

"... Charles Daniels is magnificent in the title role - technically brilliant, impassioned and lyrically supple... The rest of the cast is also good: the countertenor David Hurley gives us a stylish La Musica; Faye Newton is a pure and effectiive Euridice; and Emily van Evera brings enormous experience to the roles of the Messenger and Proserpina. As one may expect from Andrew Parrott, the instruments are very adroitly deployed and controlled..."

Anthony Pryer - BBC Music magazine - September 2013

"...Orfeo is a theatrical masterpiece and under Parrott’s gentle direction, it seems more remarkable than ever."

Simon Heighes - International Record Review - July/August 2013

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