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AV 2305
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AV 2305

Tenebrae - Responses For Good Friday

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2013

Originally recorded in 1996


Andrew Parrott

Taverner Choir

Taverner Consort


Church of St Bartholomew, Orford, Suffolk

23-25 Oct 1996


John Hadden


John Hadden & David Henschel

Record Label
Avie Records


Vocal & Song

Total Time - 66:27
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  Tenebrae Responses For Good Friday  



In I. Nocturno

1 antiphon - Astiterung reges terrae psalm - Quare fremuerunt gentes (Ps 2) antiphon - Astiterunt reges terrae 3:14
2 lectio I - De Lamentatione...Heth 1:47
3 resp. I - Omnes amici mei 4:13
4 lectio II - Lamed 1:37
5 resp. ii - Velum templi 3:26
6 lectio III - Aleph 2:03
7 resp. iii - Vinea mea electa 4:50

In II. Nocturno

8 antiphon - Alieni insurrexerunt psalm - Deus in nomine tuo (Ps 53) antiphon - Alieni insurrexerunt 2:44
9 lectio IV - Ex Tractatu...Protexisti me 2:16
10 resp. iv - Tamquam ad latronem 3:12
11 lectio V - Tanta opera bona 1:38
12 resp. v - Tenebrae factae sunt 4:35
13 lectio VI - Exacuerunt tamquam 2:20
14 resp. vi - Animam meam dilectam 7:06

In III. Nocturno

15 antiphon - Captabunt in animam justi psalm - Deus ultionum Dominus (Ps 93) antiphon - Captabunt in animam justi 3:05
16 lectio VII - De Epistola...Festinemus 1:47
17 resp. vii - Tradiderunt me 2:45
18 lectio VIII - Adeamus ergo 1:10
19 resp. viii - Jesum tradidit impius 3:58
20 lectio IX - Nec quisquam 1:50
21 resp. ix - Caligaverunt oculi mei 6:51
  Total Time 66:27      
 Andrew Parrott

Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of Carlo Gesualdo, the harmonically adventurous and experimental 16th-century Italian composer, Prince of Venosa, Andrew Parrott and his Taverner Consort & Choir offer a newly repackaged reissue of their seminal recording of Tenebræ, the composer’s final group of sacred madrigals devoted to Good Friday. The Taverner singers navigate Gesualdo’s highly symbolic polyphonic structures with idiomatic first-rate performances and incisive scholarship. 

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