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BI 1328
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BI 1328

BACH, C.P.E.: Keyboard Music, Vol. 13

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2011

Originally recorded in 2005


Miklos Spanyi


Record Label


Total Time - 63:58
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BACH, C.P.E.: Keyboard Music, Vol. 13



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Sinfonia in G major, Wq. 122/1, H. 45

1 I. Allegro assai 3:35
2 II. Andante 2:48
3 III. Allegretto 3:18

Keyboard Sonata in D minor, Wq. 65/24, H. 60

4 I. Adagio 0:55
5 II. Andante 1:02
6 III. Andantino 2:11
7 IV. Adagio 0:44
8 V. Alla breve 1:42

Allegretto con Variazioni, Wq. 118/5, H. 65

9 Allegretto 1:54
10 Variation 1 1:41
11 Variation 2 1:40
12 Variation 3 1:46
13 Variation 4 1:36
14 Variation 5 1:29
15 Variation 6 1:33

Sinfonia in F major, Wq. 122/2, H. 104

16 I. Allegro assai 6:20
17 II. Andante 4:28
18 III. Tempo di Minuetto 3:24

Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, Wq. 119/7, H. 75/5

19 Fantasia 2:24
20 Fugue 4:42

Keyboard Sonata in E major, Wq. 65/29, H. 83

21 I. Allegro di molto 7:58
22 II. Andante 3:05
23 III. Allegretto 3:43
 Miklos Spanyi Soloist

Ths 13th volume in Miklós Spányi’s ongoing series of the solo keyboard music of C.P.E. Bach is more that usually varied. The programme consists of works from several genres – variations, sinfonias and sonatas, as well as one of the composer’s few fugues – all of which were composed between 1741-1755. The repertoire has been governed by the instrument which Miklós Spányi has chosen for this recording, a copy of a Silbermann fortepiano. In Spányi’s own words, the works which have been brought together here are among the most ‘fortepiano-friendly’ compositions in C.P.E. Bach’s œuvre. The Silbermann instrument – a great favourite with Bach’s employer Frederick the Great, who owned a number of them – gives an extra vitality and grandeur to the ‘orchestral’ writing of the sinfonias as well as underlines the pianistic character of the set of variations. A very special instalment in a very special series, therefore!

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