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BI 1789

Flute Concertos - SEREBRIER, J. / IZARRA, A. / VINE, C. / GINASTERA, A. (Pipe Dreams) (Bezaly, Tognetti)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Australian Chamber Orchestra

Tognetti, Richard

Richard Tognetti


Sharon Bezaly


Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 58:50
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Flute Concertos - SEREBRIER, J. / IZARRA, A. / VINE, C. / GINASTERA, A. (Pipe Dreams) (Bezaly, Tognetti)

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Flute Concerto

1 I. Quasi Presto 5:16
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
2 II. Cadenza: Andante rubato 3:51
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
3 III. Fantasia 5:46
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
4 IV. Tango inconclusivo 2:32
 Sharon Bezaly Soloist
5 V. Allegro comodo 4:36
 Richard Tognetti Soloist



Flute Concerto, "Pitangus Sulphuratus"

 Richard Tognetti Soloist



Pipe Dreams

 Richard Tognetti Soloist



Impresiones de la Puna (version for flute and orchestra)

8 I. Quena 2:19
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
9 II. Cancion - Yaravi - Tempo I 1:46
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
10 III. Danza 2:46
 Richard Tognetti Soloist
 Tognetti, Richard

On a wide selection of recordings – solo, with orchestra, and in chamber music – Sharon Bezaly has demonstrated not only ‘utter commitment to the works’ but also ‘the most technically assured, breathtakingly brilliant flute-playing around’ (Fanfare). On Pipe Dreams, she appears with the eminent Australian Chamber Orchestra and their leader Richard Tognetti in a programme which takes its name from the Australian composer Carl Vine’s work for flute and orchestra. As the composer writes, a basic idea for the work is ‘the folly that a flute – the instrument itself – might harbour its own secret wishes. In a universe where all is possible, what might a flute dream?’ Intriguingly this also offers a key for possible interpretations of the other works on the disc. The Pitangus Sulphuratus of the Venzuelan composer Adina Izarra’s concerto – composed in 1987, but with a new cadenza written especially for Bezaly – is a yellow and brown bird found in great numbers in the Caracas valley. Its call appears throughout the piece, especially in evocations (or dreams?) of moods typical of Caracas: a lazy and hot March afternoon, or the gentle swinging of a hammock. Such episodes are interspersed with fast and rhythmically intricate variations on the merengue. Another dance, the tango, makes a fleeting and inconclusive, almost dreamlike appearance in Flute Concerto with Tango, which the Uruguayan composer and celebrated conductor José Serebrier has dedicated to Sharon Bezaly. Impresiones de la Puna, finally, embodies the dream of an eighteen-year-old Alberto Ginastera of finding a truly Argentinean musical language, tracing it back to the indigenous music of the high plateaus of the central Andes, the puna.

                   Performance *****      Recording ****

"...Sharon Bezaly plays the solo parts with great sympathy for their idioms, phenominl virtuosity, perfect intonation even in the highest register, and warm tone. Her warmth is matched by soloists from within the Australian Chamber Orchestra... Altogether, the four atmospheric works and Bezaly’s performances amount to an impressive demonstration of the possibilities of the flute."

Anthony Burron - BBC Music magazine - February 2013

             **** - Good
Remy Franck - Pizzicato magazine - January 2013

    ****  - Excellent album

"Space, presence and finesse."

Stéphane Friédérich - Classica - December 2012 - January 2013


"...This is quality light music. No praise too high for the combined musicianship, viruosity and commitment of Bezaly, matched by the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Richard Tognetti..."

Colin Anderson - International Record Review magazine - November 2012

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