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BI 1872
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BI 1872

NORGARD, P.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 "Helle Nacht" and 2, "Borderlines" / Spaces in Time (Herresthal, Stavanger Symphony, Gupta)

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Gupta, Rolf

Rolf Gupta


Peter Herresthal


Ida Mo



Stavanger Concert Hall, Norway

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 66:48
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NORGARD, P.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 "Helle Nacht" and 2, "Borderlines" / Spaces in Time (Herresthal, Stavanger Symphony, Gupta)

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Helle Nacht (Bright Night), "Violin Concerto No. 1" (version for violin and chamber orchestra)

1 I. Allegro moderato 7:09
 Peter Herresthal Soloist
2 II. Adagio 4:02
 Peter Herresthal Soloist
3 III. Allegro leggero 5:47
 Peter Herresthal Soloist
4 IV. Poco allegro 7:10
 Peter Herresthal Soloist

Spaces in Time

 Ida Mo Soloist

Borderlines, "Violin Concerto No. 2"

6 I. Moderato 10:51
 Peter Herresthal Soloist
7 II. Lento, quieto e quasi semplice 5:09
 Rolf Gupta Soloist
8 III. Andantino semplice 6:34
 Peter Herresthal Soloist
 Gupta, Rolf

Nørgård: Violin Concerto Nos 1 Helle Nacht and 2 Borderlines; Spaces of Time for orchestra with piano – Peter Herresthal (violin), Ida Mo (piano), Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Rolf Gupta

Celebrating his eightieth birthday in 2012, Per Nørgård is one of the most important Danish composers since Nielsen. A prolific composer in many genres, he has also been influential in his role as a teacher of composition, and through his extensive writings on music from both technical and philosophical viewpoints. This download, recorded in 2010 in the presence of the composer, brings together his two violin concertos as well as the orchestral work Spaces of Time. While wholly characteristic of Nørgård’s personal musical language, each work exemplifies particular aspects that have preoccupied the composer during the past twenty-five years.

In Spaces of Time one aim was to create a continuous development from the musical material, in spite of its being organised in separate and contrasting temporal spaces. Helle Nacht (Bright Night) is, among other things, an experiment in focal depth – the music has several transparent layers, and at each hearing the listener will be able to experience the work differently, depending on which layer is perceived as foreground or background. The aimed-for transparency of the music is even more pronounced in the version for chamber orchestra, created especially for the soloist on the present recording. Borderlines, the title of the Second Concerto, alludes to the position of the soloist, who must take into account two different tonalities in the orchestral accompaniment. One is represented by the Western ‘well-tempered’ scale, while the other features micro-tones generated as harmonics on the lower string instruments, and is, in Nørgård’s own words, ‘as foreign to the ear as is the dark side [sic] of the moon to the eye’.

Supported here by the fine Stavanger Symphony Orchestra under Rolf Gupta, the Norwegian violinist Peter Herresthal has appeared on two previous BIS releases, each documenting his close collaboration with a living composer: Olav Anton Thommessen and Arne Nordheim, respectively. Both discs were acclaimed by the reviewers, with the critic in the French magazine Répertoire extolling ‘the astounding achievement of Peter Herresthal: precise, virtuosic, sensitive, and completely committed on the emotional level’.

                *** - Good

Jean-Luc Caron - Classic magazine - July/August 2012

"...The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra deliver sensitive accompaniments in the concertos and relish taking centre stage in Spaces of Time. Gupta, a former composition studnt of Nørgård, i wholly comfortable inside the idiom and communicates this security of response to his orchestra. Coupled with BIS’s state-of-the-art sound, this issue is self-recommending."

Guy Rickards - Gramophone magazine - June 2012

"...Having these pieces together on one disc and performed and recorded to the very high standards with this release make for a highly desirable, indeed indispensable CD for contemporary music fans. Per Nørgård himself writes of Peter Herrestal’s superlative performances in the booklet: “Behind the appeal of the beautiful sound and the pure, emotional eloquence, there is an almost supernatural virtuosic sorcery which makes the experience multi-dimensional.” I certainly couldn’t sum it up any better."
Dominy Clements - - 11 April 2012

   "The Strad Recommends"

"A master violinist explores two atmospheric Nordic landscapes. This compelling disc serves as much for the unfussy,  no-nonsense musician of Norwegian violinist Peter Herresthal as it does for the rarefied music of Danish composer Per Nørgård ... Rolf Gupta and the Stavanger orchestra give solid support with some remarkably refined playing. Recorded sound is warm yet transparent and detailed throughout."

David Kettle - The Strad - April 2012

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