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BI 1876
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BI 1876

AHO, K.: Oboe Concerto / Solo IX / Oboe sonata (Bockstal, Yutaka Oya, Lahti Symphony, Brabbins)

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Lahti Symphony Orchestra

Brabbins, Martyn

Martyn Brabbins


Piet Van Bockstal


Yutaka Oya



Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland

Potton Hall, Saxmundham, Suffolk, England

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 69:45
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AHO, K.: Oboe Concerto / Solo IX / Oboe sonata (Bockstal, Yutaka Oya, Lahti Symphony, Brabbins)

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Oboe Concerto

1 I. Lamento 10:02
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
 Brabbins, Martyn
2 II. Presto - 6:01
 Martyn Brabbins Soloist
 Brabbins, Martyn
3 III. Interludium: Adagio - 3:45
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
 Brabbins, Martyn
4 IV. Cadenza - 3:38
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
 Brabbins, Martyn
5 V. Andante cantabile – Adagio 8:04
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
 Brabbins, Martyn

Solo IX

 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist

Oboe Sonata

7 I. — 7:48
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
8 II. — 7:29
 Piet Van Bockstal Soloist
9 III. — 6:24
 Yutaka Oya Soloist
10 IV. — 6:02
 Yutaka Oya Soloist

For those who have followed the career of Kalevi Aho (for instance through the more than 20 discs of his music released on BIS), it will be clear that he enjoys large-scale projects. One such project has been his ‘oboe project’, composing works in every genre for the instrument. These plans can be said to have begun soon after the Sonata for oboe and piano included here, composed in 1984–85 and thus possibly the first such work for this combination by a Finnish composer. The project received fresh impetus in 2002, when Aho encountered the eminent Belgian oboist Piet Van Bockstal. As a result he composed his Oboe Concerto, premièred by Bockstal in 2008, a work in which Aho wanted to explore fresh directions for tonality as well as creating orchestral music with a more powerful rhythmic pulse and a richer sound-world. As a result the Concerto employs scales from Arabic classical music as a melodic basis in some of its five movements, and also features the Arabic darabuka and African djembe (two types of goblet drum). Although there is no oboe included in the orchestral score, Aho also specifies the use of two of its rarely heard relatives: the oboe d’amore and the heckelphone (a baritone oboe). Three years after the Concerto, the composer returned to his oboe project, and completed it by writing a solo piece for the instrument. Dedicated to Piet Van Bockstal, the 10-minute Solo IX also forms part of another of Aho’s projects – a series of large-scale, virtuosic solo works for various instruments. Together with a number of chamber works for different constellations, this album sums up Kalevi Aho’s oboe project, in expert performances by Piet Van Bockstal, supported by the pianist Yutaka Oya, and by Martyn Brabbins conducting the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, for which Aho has composed so much of his music.

"... Piet Van Bockstal plays with staggering virtuosity and an almost terrifying conviction; he gets excellent support from Brabbins and the Lahti Symphony and from pianist Yutaka Oya. BIS’s engineers capture it all with their usual skill (on the 5.0 tracks, the sound is nearly palpable), and the notes, mainly by Aho himself, give just the information you need. In sum strongly recommended."

Peter J Rabinowitz - Fanfare - September/October 2013

"This is fascinating music... The musicians of the Lahti Symphony play brilliantly, and the effect is exotic and stimulating... Overall, Piet Van Bockstol captures the music’s grander sentiments marvelously. Without such resonant and articulate playing, the essence of the music could not have been so clearly conveyed. Pianist Yutaka Oya is a fabulous musical partner in the sonata. This is an excellent collaboration and would be an appropriate addition to anyone’s collection who is seeking to understand where the world of music and we are headed."

David Schwartz - American Record Guide - July/August 2013

 "...All the performances are outstanding ...  as is the recorded sound. This is another feather in the caps of Aho, BIS and the Lahti Symphony Orchestra under the unerring baton of Martyn Brabbins."

Ivan Moody - International Record Review - June 2013

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