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BT 0112
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BT 0112

MOZART, L.: Toy Symphony / The Musical Sleigh-ride / Die Bauernhochzeit / MOZART, W.A.: A Musical Joke (Koch, Suitner)

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release date: December 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Dresden Staatskapelle


Berlin Chamber Orchestra


Otmar Suitner


Helmut Koch


Dresden Staatskapelle


Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra


Jutta Zoff


Reinhold Krug


Record Label
Brilliant Classics


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 71:24
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Cassation in G Major, "Toy Symphony"

1 I. Allegro 04:54
2 II. Menuetto 03:50
3 III. Finale: Allegro 01:49
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Helmut Koch Conductor

Divertimento in D Major, "Die Bauernhochzeit"

4 I. Marcia villanesca 03:39
5 II. Menuet 03:10
6 III. Andante 03:52
7 IV. Menuet 03:39
8 V. Finale: Molto allegro 03:29
 Jutta Zoff Soloist
 Reinhold Krug Soloist
 Helmut Koch Conductor

Divertimento in F Major, "Die musikalische Schlittenfahrt" (The Musical Sleigh-ride)

9 I. Overture 01:29
10 II. Die Verwirrung in den Stallen 01:12
11 III. Die Schlittenfahrt 02:29
12 IV. Das Schutteln der Pferde 00:32
13 V. Aufzug 00:45
14 VI. Festmusik 01:16
15 VII. Aufzug 00:45
16 VIII. Die Schlittenfahrt 02:29
17 IX. Das vor Kalte zitternde Frauenzimmer 03:27
18 X. Des Balles Anfang 03:16
19 XI. Der Kehraus 01:38
20 XII. Die Schlittenfahrt 02:34
 Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi Chamber Orchestra Orchestra
 Helmut Koch Conductor



Ein musikalischer Spass (A Musical Joke), K. 522

21 I. Allegro 03:24
22 II. Menuetto: Maestoso 06:41
23 III. Adagio cantabile 05:48
24 IV. Finale: Presto 05:17
 Dresden Staatskapelle Orchestra
 Otmar Suitner Conductor

There is little doubt that Leopold Mozart exercised a huge influence on his son’s musical education, guiding and supporting Wolfgang’s development through the many extended tours he organised to Europe’s musical centres, ones that he himself took part in. As well as being a leading teacher (his Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing is still highly regarded today), Leopold was also a talented composer, and the advice that he bestowed on Wolfgang was the same he followed himself: to create ’popular’ music.

Father and son are united on this engaging release, with the album  heavily weighted towards the former’s music. Tracing his most famous works (the ’Toy’ Symphony,possibly written to promote a very large toy factory in Berchtesgadener Land, Musical Sleigh Ride and the Peasant Wedding) the release reveals Leopold’s predilection for simple structures, melody and generic depictions such as countryside scenes, traits which aimed to please both taste at court and the bourgeoisie. Wolfgang largely avoided banal programmatic music in his serenade-like compositions, but in A Musical Joke K522, which completes the compilation, he goes on the attack, not so much against the playing of dilletante musicians as against the charlatans who make technical short cuts in their compositions. The Kammerorchester Berlin and the Staatskapelle Dresden (directed by esteemed conductor Otmar Suitner) are at the helm to perform these endearing, popular works.

Recorded in 1960 and 1976.

"... a good program of cheerful, lighhearted music, well played. It is nice to have all these pieces on one disc, because they go together so well."

Donald R Vroon - American Record Guide - March/April 2014

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