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CD 0004
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CD 0004

The Music of Cranford

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2011

Originally recorded in 2011


Studio orchestra

Rolf Wilson


Paul Wing


Steve Parr

Record Label
Carl Davis


Film & TV Music

Total Time - 72:54
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The Music Of Cranford

1 Cranford Theme 2:35
2 The New Doctor 2:18
3 Oranges & Cherries 2:06
4 Operation & Candles 3:51
5 Purge the Cat 1:21
6 Deborah's Vigil 2:45
7 The New Carpet & Hat Shop 2:01
8 The Examination 1:18
9 The Language of Flowers 3:33
10 The Glasshouse 1:02
11 Raising the Tent 3:23
12 En Fête 1:34
13 Promenade 2:23
14 Holbrook 2:36
15 Railways & Deborah's Death 4:52
16 Crimewave in Cranford 2:08
17 Christmas is Coming 2:38
  'Goodnight and Joy be With You All' sung by Joe McFadden  
18 Snowdrop 1:26
19 Chez Holbrook 1:28
20 Waiting & Hoping 5:43
21 Permission to Propose 3:22
22 The New Silks 0:55
23 Green Man 0:45
24 Mayday 3:55
25 Deception & Rash 2:02
26 Carter's Death 5:07
27 Baby in the House 1:11
28 Peter's Return 1:51
29 Wedding Cloth 1:51
30 Cranford Finale 0:54

Music by Carl Davis from the TV series Cranford starring Dame Judi Dench

The year is 1841, Victoria was on the throne and music was at the height of the romantic period of Schumann, Mendelssohn, Berlioz and even the young Wagner. The great cities of Manchester and Liverpool were about to form their orchestras: the Hallé and the Liverpool Philharmonic. However this was far from the world of Cranford, Mrs. Gaskill’s pseudonym for Knutsford. Local music was a small town band, the church and home music-making, however a score for this both comic and moving story had to account for the emotional lives of the characters and help tell their tale.

Cranford is a one-street town and this road brings all the populace in and out, the flowing motion giving the concept for the main title theme.

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