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CHAN 0700
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CHAN 0700

Telemann: Ouverture in G/ Burlesque de Quixotte/Ouverture in B minor/Concerto in D

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2003

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2002


Collegium Musicum 90

Simon Standage



All Saints Church, East Finchley, London


Nicholas Anderson


Jonathan Cooper

Michael Common


Record Label



Early Music

Total Time - 65:09
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Ouverture in G major

  in G-Dur - en sol majeur  
  for 2 oboes, violin concertante and strings  
1 I [Ouverture] 5:29
2 II Gavotte 1:39
3 III Menuet [1] - Menuet 2 2:43
4 IV Chaconne 4:27
5 V Gig 3:17

Burlesque de Quixotte

  in G major - in G-Dur - en sol majeur  
6 1 Ouverture 5:41
7 2 Le Reveil de Quixotte 2:09
8 3 Son Attaque des moulins à vent 1:51
9 4 Ses Soupirs amoureux après la princesse Dulcinée 2:53
10 5 Sanche Panche berné 1:49
11 6 Le Galope de Rosinante 0:54
12 7 Celui d'ane de Sanche 1:40
13 8 Le Couché de Quixotte 1:13

Ouverture in B minor

  in h-Moll - en si mineur  
  for 2 oboes, 2 solo violins, 2 bassoons and strings  
14 1 Ouverture. [Gravement] - Lentement 4:49
15 2 Courante 1:15
16 3 Air en rondeaux 1:38
17 4 Menuet 0:53
18 5 Chaconne 3:32
19 6 Gavotte I - Gavotte II. Trio 2:01
20 7 Menuet I - Menuet II 2:13

Concerto in D major

  in D-Dur - en ré majeur  
  for 2 violins, bassoon and strings  
21 I Andante 2:43
22 II [Allegro] 4:29
23 III Adagio 2:35
24 IV Allegro assai 3:16
Simon Standage is particularly renowned for his Telemann recordings with Collegium Musicum 90.

The repertoire here is especially vivacious and rich in melodic invention, with the doubling of oboes and bassoons used to striking effect.

Telemann’s penchant for colour is strongly evident in the Burlesque de Quixotte. The sound ideally combines the sharp focus of period performance and the rich sonority for which Chandos is famous.

Collegium Musicum 90 is regarded as one of today’s premiere early music groups and regularly receive outstanding reviews for their Chaconne recordings.

"Telemann was sometimes censured by contemporary critics for his inclination towards pictorialism and his whole-hearted endorsement and application of the French style. Nowadays we revel in Telemann’s Enlightenment outlook and his deft musical portrayal of characters and events. One piece, which demonstrates this, is the suite Burlesque de Quixotte in G major for strings. The celebrated Spanish satirical romance Don Quioxte de la Mancha by Cervantes was one of the most widely read books of fiction in Europe. Stimulated no doubt by his keen interest in the literary world around him,Telemann was drawn to the absurd adventures of the would-be knight errant, basing two works on episodes from the romance. The earlier of them was the overture-suite on this disc.

The music of the suite is of a consistently high quality and deserves to be considered among Telemann’s finest achievements in suite form. It contains a series of skilfully drawn vignettes, which depict, in all but the overture itself, specific adventures and emotional responses in the tale.

The two remaining overture-suites on the disc provide us with particularly fine examples of Telemann’s fluent and imaginative handling of the form. In each case, the overtures themselves are skilfully crafted and sustained throughout by fresh musical ideas.

The Concerto in D major affords a pleasing, if modest example of Telemann’s skill in blending the sounds of instruments from disparate families. Here the protagonists are two violins and a bassoon.The lyricism, harmonic warmth and melodic tenderness of the Adagio are of a kind which so readily endeared Telemann to his French musical contemporaries.

…performances are clean, neatly characterized and brightly recorded…
Gramophone ‘Editor’s Choice’ on CHAN 0593 (Music of the Nations)

Telemanns music invariably raises the spirits, as do these beautifully recorded, stylishly played performances.
The Sunday Times on CHAN 0593 (Music of the Nations)

No collector will want to miss this series…this is a stylish, brilliant performance of all the works.
American Record Guide

Over the years Chandos and Collegium Musicum 90 have done Telemann proud, nowhere more so than in this bright and lean recording…
BBC Music Magazine ‘Top Recommendation’

Soloists are outstanding throughout and performances are generally sharp and expressive, maintaining the high standards Collegium Musicum 90 have set on their previous Telemann recordings. Warmly recommended.
BBC Music Magazine ‘Best of 2001’ on CHAN 0661 (Ouverture Comique)

Collegium Musicum 90s sterling work on behalf of Telemann continues… performances are uniformly neat, well-turned and tasteful… Standage brings a classy elegance and poise…
Gramophone on CHAN 0661 (Ouverture Comique)

Very nice and to me rare recording of a group of somewhat hilarious compositions. Many thanks to the artists and the engineers in the studio. Well done.
R Klein