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CHAN 0760
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CHAN 0760

Monteverdi: Sweet Torment: Monteverdi Series, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2008


Robert Hollingworth

I Fagiolini



Church of St Michael and All Angels, Summertown, Oxford


Rachel Smith


Jonathan Cooper

Paul Quilter


Record Label




Total Time - 78:54
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Quest vaghi concenti

  from Il quinto libro de madrigali (1605)  
  Choir I: Julia Doyle, Clare Wilkinson, Richard Wyn Roberts, Nicholas Mulroy, Charles Gibbs  
  Choir II: Anna Crookes, William Purefoy, Nicholas Hurndall Smith, Eamonn Dougan  
  Strings: Barokksolistene  
  Continuo: Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone), Joy Smith, Steven Devine  

T'amo, mia vita!

  from Il quinto libro de madrigali (1605)  
  Julia Doyle, Clare Wilkinson, Nicholas Mulroy, Eamonn Dugan, Charles Gibbs  
  Continuo: Joy Smith, Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone)  

Ohimè il bel viso

  from Il sesto libro de madrigali (1614)  
  Fulia Doyle, Clare Wilkinson, Nicholas Mulroy, Eamonn Dougan, Charles Gibbs  

Zefiro torna, e'l bel rimena

  from Il sesto libro de madrigali (1614)  
  Anna Crookes, Clare Wilkinson, Robert Hollingworth, Nicholas Mulroy, Charles Gibbs  

Zefiro torna, e di soavi accenti

  from Scherzi musicali cioè arie, & madrigali in stil recitativo… (1632)  
  Nicholas Mulroy, Nicholas Hurndall Smith  
  Continuo: Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone), Joy Smith, Catherine Pierron (harpsichord)  

Ohimè, dov'è il mio ben?

  from Concerto. Settimo libro de madrigali (1619)  
  Julia Doyle, Clare Wilkinson  
  Continuo: Joy Smith, Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone)  

Si dolce è 'l tormento

  from Carlo Milanuzzi: Quarto scherzo delle ariose vaghezze… (1624)  
  Nicholas Mulroy  
  Continuo: Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrino), Francis Kelly  

Or che 'l ciel e la terra

  from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi… Libro ottavo (1638)  
  Anna Crookes, Clare Wilkinson, Nicholas Mulroy, Nicholas Hurndall Smith, Eamonn Dougan, Charles Gibbs  
  Strings: Bjarte Eike, Peter Spissky  
  Continuo: Eligio Quinteiro (chitaronne), Joy Smith, Steven Devine  

Gira il nemico insidioso

  from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi… Libro ottavo (1638)  
  Nicholas Mulroy, Eamonn Dougan, Charles Gibbs  
  Continuo: Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone), Catherine Pierron (harpsichord)  

Ball delle Ingrate

  from Madrigali guerrieri, et amorosi… Libro ottaco (1638)  
  Julia Doyle (Amore), Clare Wilkinson (Venere), Jonathan Sells (Plutone), Anna Crookes (Ingrata)  
  Strings: Barokksolistene  
  Continuo: Joy Smith, Eligio Quinteiro (chitarrone), Catherine Pierron (organ), Terence Charlston  
  Timpani: Fiona Ritchie, David Sterling  

In this third survey of their Monteverdi madrigals, I Fagiolini once again demonstrate the astonishing range of the composer’s secular art, leading us from the works of his early Mantuan maturity to the Baroque glories of his Venetian years, before returning us to the seconda pratica in Il Ballo dell’ Ingrate.


“The performance is highly polished and well worth having”


American Record Guide - November/December 2009

“The madrigals … are excellently performed: the singers relish the harmonic clashes in the five-voice ‘Zefiro toma’, and the vocal acting in ‘Gira il nemico’ is a delight.”

Richard Lawrence

Classic FM Magazine - September 2009

“I Fagiolini’s Monteverdi series continues with another fascinating and faultlessly executed programme of scherzo and accompanied and unaccompanied madrigals from 1605-1638.
The range of effects is startling: from the dazed idée fixe of ‘T’amo, mia vita!’ (1605) to the buoyant ground bass of ‘Zefiro torna’ (1632), here brilliantly animated by chitarrone, harp and harpsichord. Most exciting, however, is the group’s reading of ‘Ballo delle Ingrate’ and Barokksolistene’s sullen dance for the dammed.”

Anna Picard

The Independent - 5 July 2009

 “By exploring works that move the emotions of the listener I Fagiolini present a sumptuous selection of madrigals which demonstrate both the huge variety of Monteverdi’s musical language and the flexibility of their artistry. Even with so many recordings of Monteverdi’s works now jostling for our attention, this new release from I Fagiolini is highly desirable and reinforces what an exciting project their Monteverdi series has been so far.”

Ed Breen

     Performance ****      Recording *****

“The experience and flair of I Fagiolini is clearly demonstrated across these styles and textures. There is beautiful solo soprano singing in ‘Ohimè, dov’è il mio \bien?, and real musical panache in the metaphorical attack by Love on the castle of the heart in ‘Gira il nemico’. Additionally, the Baroque instrumentalists under violinist Bjarte Eike add much to the Ballo della Ingrate – the high plucked strings accompanying Amore are magical, and Plutone’s magnificent bass singing is neatly supported.”

Anthony Pryer

BBC Music Magazine - August 2009

This is the third disc in I Fagiolini’s survey of Monteverdi’s madrigals, and, with Norway’s crack Barokksolistene, the repertoire it encompasses makes for a gratifying and dramatic sequence. Love spurned, love lost, love sought – these are the themes of a programme performed by these gifted musicians with their customary flair and sensibility. "

Telegraph Rating ****

Geoffrey Norris

Telegraph - 8 August 2009

“Overall, Hollingworth directs a spaciously paced performance with sonorous string ritornelli from Barokksolistene, supple continuo support (including harp, organ, harpsichord and chitarrone) and simply effective solo singing from Julia Doyle (Amore), Clare Wilkinson (Venere) and Anna Crookes as an especially anguished Ingrata, returning sadly to the ‘smoke, screams and laments’ of everlasting torment. Best of all is Jonathan Sells, whose Plutone manages to be sinister, sarcastic and sepulchral all at the same time and with just the right edge to his voice…..Sells … brings exceptional richness and consistency of tone to the role. I can’t recall another performance which achieves so much with such a light touch. In such text-sensitive, emotionally rich performances this is the kind of ‘Sweet Torment’ that you never want to end … but an hour and 20 minutes is pretty good going.”

Simon Heighes

International Record Review - July/August 2009

"A detailed Ballo delle ingrate lifts this madrigal recital above the crowd"

Fabrice Fitch

Gramophone - Awards Issue 2009

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