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CHAN 0768
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CHAN 0768

Scarlatti - Cantatas & Chamber Music

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2010

Originally recorded in 2009


Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra

Tempesta di Mare


St Peter's Church in the Great Valley, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

19-21 Nov 2009


David Walters


David Walters

Loren Stata

, Assistant

Record Label



Total Time - 67:24
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  Cantatas & Chamber Music  



Bella dama di nome Santa *

  Tu sei quella  
1 I Introduzzione 3:13
2 II Recitativo. 'Tu sei quella, che al nome sembre giusta' 0:59
3 III Aria. 'Dal nome tuo credei' 3:26
4 IV Recitativo. 'Fedeltade ne pur ottien ricetto' 1:20
5 V Aria. 'Il nome non vanta di santa colei' 3:57

Bella, s'io t'amo

6 I Recitativo. 'Bella, s'io t'amo il sai' 0:51
7 II Aria. 'Ardo è ver per te d'amore' 5:38
8 III Recitativo. 'T'amo sì, t'amo o cara' 1:25
9 IV Aria. 'Quel vento che d'intorno' 3:24

Concerto IX

  in A minor  
10 I Allegro 1:36
11 II Largo 1:31
12 III Fuga 2:33
13 IV Largo 1:32
14 V Allegro 2:02

Quella pace gradita

15 I [Sinfonia] 3:45
16 II Recitativo. 'Quella pace gradita' 0:59
17 III Aria. 'Crudel tiranno Amore' 3:25
18 IV Recitativo. 'O voi selve beate' 0:53
19 V Aria. 'Care selve soggiorni di quiete' 3:05
20 VI Recitativo. 'Lungi, lungi da me tiranno Amore' 1:05
21 VII Aria. 'Teco o mesta Tortorella' 3:52

Cantata pastorale

  a Canto solo con Violini  
  Non so qual più m'ingombra  
22 I Recitativo accompagnato. 'Non so qual più m'ingombra' 2:31
23 II Aria. 'Che sarà! chi a me lo dice!' 5:08
24 III Recitativo. 'È nato, alfin mi dice' 1:08
25 IV Aria Pastorale. 'Nacque col Gran Messia' 8:06

The soprano Clara Rottsolk joins Tempesta di Mare Chamber Players for a disc of cantatas and instrumental music by Alessandro Scarlatti. Though his cantatas and operas are little known today Scarlatti was a titan in his time, closely associated with Rome’s Arcadian Academy and an inspiration to the much younger Handel, a frequent visitor to the Academy.
Scarlatti’s specialty was the cantata, the operatic equivalent of the short story, in which music and narrative are distilled to their core, resulting in beautiful and moving yet succinct multi-movement vocal works. Tempesta di Mare has programmed four rarely performed Scarlatti cantatas, the Quella pace gradita, Bella dama di nome Santa, Non sò qual più m’ingombra (Cantata Pastorale) and Bella, s’io t’amo alongside Concerto IX in A minor.
‘We chose these cantatas to show the range of things that Scarlatti does with one voice and a small complement of instruments’, says Gwyn Roberts, artistic co-director of Tempesta di Mare. The cantatas are complemented by a concerto. Scarlatti’s instrumental music, like the vocal music, is much more concerned with the intricate interweaving of voices and the subtle detail of line than it is with raw virtuosity. Concerto IX, which appears in a manuscript collection dated 1725 (the year of Scarlatti’s death) certainly bears this out. Scarlatti’s use of the recorder, both here and in the rest of the programme, reflects the recorder’s great popularity throughout most of Scarlatti’s career.

“…These works are very well done by these musicians; Clara Rottsolk sings with clarity and expression” “…very good sound.”


American Record Guide - September/October 2010

"Lovely" - 4 May 2010

“…The playing and singing here is charming and the intonation accurate.”

Catherine Groom

Classical Music Magazine - 1 June - August 2010

“…the performances are unflaggingly attractive and reveal one beautifully crafted aria after another.”

David Vickers

Gramophone - July 2010

“… a tantalizing taste of an area of repertoire largely denied to non-specialist record collectors and provides a splendid showcase for these eloquent and committed musicians.”  “…an interesting disc.”

Marc Rochester

International Record Review - May 2010

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