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CHAN 0791
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CHAN 0791

Fasch: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2012

Originally recorded in 2010


Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra

Gwyn Roberts


Richard Stone


Tempesta di Mare


Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA (live)


Lani Spahr

Gwyn Roberts

Richard Stone

Ralph Couzens



David Walters

Dustin Ford


Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 65:01
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premiere recording

Ouverture, FWV K: D2

  in D major - in D-Dur - en ré majeur  
1 Ouverture 3:47
2 Andante 2:39
3 Allegro 1:42

Recorder Concerto, FWV L: F deest

  in F major - in F-Dur - en fa majeur  
  Gwyn Roberts recorder  
4 Allegro 2:55
5 Largo staccato e piano 1:49
6 Allegro 3:19
premiere recording

Concerto, FWV L: D8

  in D major - in D-Dur - en ré majeur  
7 [Allegro] 3:11
8 Andante 3:09
9 Allegro 3:34
premiere recording

Ouverture, FWV K: F1

  in F major - in F-Dur - en fa majeur  
10 Ouverture 6:27
11 Air moderato 2:05
12 Bourée 1 - Bourée 2 3:07
13 Air 1:59
14 Gavotte 1 - Gavotte 2 3:24
15 Menuet 1 - Menuet 2 3:14

Lute Concerto, FWV L: d1

  in D minor - in d-Moll - en ré mineur  
  Richard Stone lute  
16 [Allegro] 6:05
17 Andante 5:04
18 Un poco allegro 4:07
premiere recording

Concerto, FWV L: F3

  in F major - in F-Dur - en fa majeur  

This is the third and concluding volume in Tempesta di Mare’s series of orchestral works by Johann Friedrich Fasch, a contemporary of J.S. Bach and Telemann. In his day, the works of Fasch – cantatas, concertos, symphonies, and chamber music – were performed extensively across the German-speaking world, and Fasch was held in great esteem by Bach, who owned copies of six of his orchestral suites and arranged at least one of his trio sonatas for organ.

Fasch, perhaps more than any other composer of the age, marks the transition from baroque to early classical. He was an initiator, and his music broke the mould of the fugal style in favour of thematic development, which became the basis of classical and romantic writing. Richard Stone, co-director of Tempesta di Mare, describes the works of Fasch as ‘fantastic, true discoveries… they have the breadth and complexity of J.S. Bach without the austerity, and have a much more evolved sense of orchestral colour that is truly extraordinary’. The works on this disc were recorded live in concert at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

The Concerto in D major, FWV L: D8 highlights Fasch’s deep understanding of how a solo violinist can impress an audience when surrounded by the right combination of instruments, in this case pairs of woodwinds as well as strings. The Konzertsatz in F major, FWV L: F4 bears the hallmarks of the galant style, which paved the way for pre-classical composers such as C.P.E. Bach, while the Ouverture in F major, FWV K: F1 comprises an engaging collection of early eighteenth-century dance music, guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of performers and listeners alike.

Tempesta di Mare, Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra, performs baroque music on baroque instruments with what the Philadelphia City Paper describes as ‘zest and virtuosity that transcends style and instrumentation’. Under its directors, Gwyn Roberts and Richard Stone, and concertmaster, Emlyn Ngai, the ensemble performs a repertoire ranging from staged opera with full orchestra to chamber music. The group performs without a conductor, as was the practice when this music was new. Tempesta di Mare has been recording exclusively for Chandos since 2004, to worldwide popular and critical acclaim.

"...The playing on this recording is very professional. The articulation is crisp; and the overall momentum, particularly in the overtures, is brisk and engaging- just the right thing for this repertory. Gwyn Roberts’s recorder playing in the concerto is very sensitive, especially in the Largo, and magnificently virtuosic in the fast movements. Stone’s lute playing is very fine. The ndante of the lute concerto is particularly expressive..."
Peter Loewen - American Record Guide - January/February 2013

 "... If you have the two previous releases in this series, you surely will wish to aquire this third one as well; if you are new to Fasch, this is an excellent means by which to make your aquaintence, highly recommended."

James A Altena - Fanfare - January/February 2013

“...The music provides concrete evidence that Fasch was a composer of the first rank whose music has been unjustly neglected by recording companies. His confident and deft handling of resources, his ability to craft music that is melodically and harmonically interesting, and his fertile musical imagination all point in the direction of a major composer ... The excellent sound with exceptionally fine wind coloration – is true to the long-established Chandos tradition: wholly natural and with concert hall realism as well as ample room for the sound to bloom. ... The ensemble [Tempesta di Mare] has now entered its second decade and is clearly one of the finest in the world. They perform with abundant energy, immaculate ensemble, impeccable intonation, and an undeniable sense of purpose, savoring every note as they plead the case for this unjustly neglected repertoire. Other adjectives that come to mind are: animated, colourful, and flexible. This release, like its two predecessors, has been realized with commitment and enthusiasm. Few could have made the case for Fasch as elegantly and as eloquently as Tempesta di Mare. They have fulfilled the task brilliantly!”
Michael Carter – Fanfare – January/February 2013

“... Recommended.”

Michael Jameson – International Record Review – November 2012

“... I heard Tempesta di mare play some of this programme live at the Fasch Festtage in Zerbst last year, so I knew that the recording (the third and final of a series for Chandos) would be something special. I am totally delighted with the finished product – two fabulous suites and four concertos ... make up a rich and varied programme that show the wide range of the composer’s ‘orchestral’ output...”

Brian Clark – Early Music Review – October 2012

“... The programme commences splendidly with an Ouverture in D major (FWV K:D2) featuring two braying horns, three bold trumpets an thunderous timpani playing with... woodwinds and strings... Tempesta di Mare’s performances are thoughtfully convivial from start to finish...”

David Vickers – Gramophone magazine  - Awards Issue 2012 

“A splendid collection of overtures and concertos by this unjustly neglected composer. Sparkling strings, punchy horns. With four premiere recordings, this is essential listening.”  *****
George Pratt – BBC Music magazine – November 2012

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