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CHAN 0801
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CHAN 0801

Mancini: Solos for a Flute

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Tempesta di Mare


Leith Symington Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Loren Stata

Ralph Couzens



Joel Nygren

Record Label




Total Time - 66:37
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  Solos for a Flute with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord or for the Bass Violin (1724)  

Sonata VI

  in B flat major - in B-Dur - en si bémol majeur  
  alto recorder, theorbo, harpsichord, and cello  
1 Largo 2:01
2 Allegro 2:23
3 Largo 2:07
4 Allegro 1:37

Sonata IV

  in A minor - in a-Moll - en la mineur  
  alto recorder, archlute, and cello  
5 Spiritoso - Largo 2:01
6 Allegro 2:35
7 Largo 2:07
8 Allegro spiccato 1:48

Sonata X

  in B minor - in h-Moll - en si mineur  
  voice flute and harpsichord  
9 Largo 1:54
10 Allegro 2:19
11 Largo 2:01
12 Allegro 1:43

Sonata XII

  in G major - in G-Dur -n en sol majeur  
  flauto traverso, theorbo, harpsichord, and cello  
13 Allegro - Largo 2:09
14 Allegro 2:56
15 Andante 1:53
16 Allegro 1:23

Sonata XI

  in G minor - in g-Moll - en sol mineur  
  alto recorder, theorbo, and organ  
17 Un poco andante 2:42
18 Allegro 2:07
19 Largo 2:22
20 Allegro 2:18

Sonata I

  in D minor - in d-Moll - en ré mineur  
  alto recorder and archlute  
21 Amoroso 2:03
22 Allegro 2:15
23 Largo 2:04
24 Allegro 2:18

Sonata II

  in E minor - in e-Moll - en mi mineur  
  flauto traverso, harpsichord, and cello  
25 Andante 1:29
26 Allegro 2:29
27 Largo 1:45
28 Allegro 2:25

Sonata V

  in D major - in D-Dur - en ré majeur  
  voice flute, guitar, harpsichord, and cello  
29 Allegro - Largo 1:59
30 Allegro 2:16
31 Largo 1:33
32 Allegro 1:35
  Total Time 68:01      
  Gwyn Roberts alto recorder - voice flute - flauto traverso  
  Richard Stone archlute - theorbo - guitar  
  Adam Pearl harpsichord - organ  
  Lisa Terry cello  
  18-20 June 2013  

Born in 1672 in Naples where he trained as an organist and composer, Francesco Mancini became one of the most prominent composers of Neapolitan opera in the eighteenth century. The Solos for a Flute, published in 1724, were a collection of Sonatas dedicated to John Fleetwood, the English consul to Naples and himself an amateur flautist. Hoping to gain himself a steady remunerative position in England, Mancini designed this flattering dedication to take advantage of the popularity of Italian music in London and the rise in prominence of wind music at the time. Fleetwood died the year after the Solos were published and Mancini never moved from his native Italy. The quality of these works was nevertheless recognised in England and the Solos for a Flute achieved great success. The Sonatas, as the individual Solos are called, follow the usual four- or five-movement structure established by Corelli, wildly popular in England at the time. Clear Neapolitan influences are present, however, in elements such as the minor tonalities and almost operatic melodies employed in the slow movements.

This collection of substantial excerpts from the set is performed by the Tempesta di Mare Chamber Players, the Philadelphia-based early music ensemble, which has been recording exclusively for Chandos since 2004. Gwyn Roberts, co-director of the ensemble, playing a variety of period flutes and recorders, is the soloist.
“… I particularly enjoyed the group’s arrangement of Sonata 1: the alto recorder and archlute form pleasing, well-balanced and satisfying pairing … but the whole collection is an enjoyable introduction to the work of a composer whose music deserves to be better known.  Tempesta di Mare is to be congratulated on bringing these fine sonatas to a wider audience, and I shall look forward to their further explorations…”
Margaret Rees – The Consort  (The Journal of the Dolmetsch Foundation, Summer 2015, Vol 71) 

“…this disc immediately takes pride of place among the few releases devoted to Mancini’s recorder sonatas; enthusiastically recommended.”

James A Altena – Fanfare – September/October 2014 


"If you add this disc to your collection you certainly won’t regret it. This is first-class entertainment, and, considering the theatrical aspects of these sonatas, often more than that."

Johan van Veen - - 13 October 2014


"If you add this disc to your collection you certainly won’t regret it. This is first-class entertainment, and, considering the theatrical aspects of these sonatas, often more than that."

Johan van Veen - - 13 October 2014


 "...The Chandos recording is up to the usual very high standard, with masses of detail and a nice sense of space and atmosphere...This selection from Tempesta di Mare is a very nice way to fill a gap in anyone’s collection."

Dominy Clements - - 20 June 2014

 "Neglected music which charms as much today as when composed in 1724."   ****

George Pratt - BBC Music magazine (Brief Notes Section) - June 2014

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