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CHAN 10144M
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CHAN 10144
(multiple CD Set)
Complete Works for Orchestra

Debussy: Complete Works for Orchestra

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2003

Originally recorded in 2003


Ulster Orchestra

Yan Pascal Tortelier


Ulster Hall, Belfast


Ralph Couzens

(La Mer, Jeux, Khamma, L'Isle joyeuse, La plus que lente))

Brian Couzens

(Nocturnes, Prélude, Images, La Boîte à joujoux, Children's Corner, Petite suite)

Tim Oldham

(other works)


Ralph Couzens

(Nocturnes, Prélude, Images, Jeux, Khamma, La Boîte à joujoux, Children's Corner, Petite suite)

Richard Lee

(other works)

Record Label
Chandos Classics


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 288:20
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Complete Works for Orchestra

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La Mer

  The Sea - Das Meer  
  Three symphonnic sketches  
1 I De l'aube à midi sur la mer 8:22
  Très lent - Modéré, sans lenteur (Dans un rythme très souple)  
2 II Jeux de vagues 6:23
  Allegro (Dans un rythme très souple)  
3 III Dialogue du vent de la mer 7:16
  Animé et tumultueux  


4 1 Nuages 7:24
5 2 Fêtes 6:32
6 3 Sirènes 10:47
  The Renaissance Singers  
  Grosvenor High School Choir (female voices)  
  Ronnie Lee chorus master  


  Spring - Frühling  
  Symphonic suite  
  Orchestrated by Henri Büsser  
7 I Très modéré 9:36
8 II Modéré 6:29

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune

  After S. Malarmé  
  Colin Fleming flute solo  


10 I Gigues 7:20
  Rachel Ingleton oboe d'amore solo  
11 III Par les rues et par les chemins 6:44
12 IV Les parfums de la nuit 7:22
13 V Le matin d'un jour de fête 4:31
14 VI Rondes de printemps 7:34


  Poème dansé  


  Légende dansée  

La Boîte à joujoux

  The Toybox - Die Speilzeugkiste  
17 Prélude 2:18
  Très modéré  
18 Premier tableau: Le Magasin de jouets 10:20
  The Toyshop - Der Spielzeugladen  
  Modéré (d'abord hesitant, puis en animant beaucoup)  
19 Deuxième tableau: Le Champ de bataille 8:55
  The Battlefield - Das Schlachtfeld  
  Modérément animé  
20 Troisième tableau: La Bergerie à vendre 5:51
  The Sheep-fold for sale - Der Schafspferch zum Verkauf  
  Très modéré  
21 Quatrième tableau: Après fortune faite 1:37
  Fortune made - Das Glück ist gemacht  
  Même mouvement  
22 Epilogue 1:19
  Christopher Blake oboe - Colin Stark cor anglais  
  Michael McGuffin piano - Louis Martin harp  

Children's Corner

  Orchestrated by André Caplet  
23 I Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum. Modérément animé 2:50
24 II Jimbo's Lullaby. Assez modéré 3:08
25 III Serenade for the Doll. Allegretto ma non troppo 2:44
26 IV The Snow is dancing. Modérément animé 3:05
27 V The Little Shepherd. Très modéré 2:23
28 VI Golliwog's Cake-Walk. Allegro giusto 2:48

Petite suite

  Orchestrated by Henri Büsser  
29 I En bateau. Andantino 3:33
30 II Cortège. Moderato 3:19
31 III Menuet. Moderato 3:01
32 IV Ballet. Allegro giusto 2:55

Marche écossaise sur un thème populaire

  Allegretto scherzando  


  Orchestrated by Maurice Ravel  


  For piano and orchestra  
35 I Andante ma non troppo - Allegro giusto 8:31
36 II Lento e molto espressivo - 8:11
37 Allegro molto 8:10
  Anne Queffélec piano  

Première rapsodie

  For orchestra with principal clarinet  
  Rêveusement lent  
  Christopher King clarinet  


  For harp and string orchestra  
39 Danse sacrée. Très modéré 4:50
40 Danse profane. Modéré 4:59
  Rachel Masters harp  

Rapsodie for alto saxophone and orchestra

  Orchestrated by Jean Roger-Ducasse  
  Très modéré  
  Gerard McChrystal saxophone  


  Orchestrated by Maurice Ravel  
  Avec une élégance grave et lente  

L'Isle joyeuse

  Orchestrated by Bernardino Molinari  
  Quasi una cadenza - Tempo: modéré et très souple  

La plus que lente

  Derek Bell cimbalom solo  

Clair de lune

  Orchestrated by André Caplet  
  Andante, très expressif  
 Yan Pascal Tortelier
  30 & 31 October 1988 (La boîte à joujoux): 19 & 20 February 1989 (Children's Corner, Petite suite), 1 & 2 October 1989 (Prélude, Nocturnes), 5-8 December 1989 (Images): 29 & 30 May 1990 (Jeux, Khamma),  
  16 August 1990 (Danses, Première rapsodie): 19 & 20 February 1991 (La Mer, L'Isle joyeuse, La plus que lente), 28 & 29 May 1991 (Fantaisie, La Clair de lune):  
  3 & 4 June 1992 (Printemps, Marche écossaise, Danse, Rapsodie for saxophone, Sarabande)  
Claude Achille Debussy
France 1862-1918

Chandos’ esteemed recordings of the complete orchestral works of Debussy are now available on its mid-price Classics label.

Yan Pascal Tortelier is one of the most famous French conductors and interpreters of French music today, and his recording of Debussy are amongst the best of the digital age.

Chandos recordings made with the Ulster Orchestra are noted for both their brilliance and richness of sound.

Chandos’ long and fruitful association with Yan Pascal Tortelier began in 1989 when he was appointed Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the Ulster Orchestra. Son of the late, great Paul Tortelier, Yan Pascal was already being hailed as one of the most exciting conductors to emerge from France in recent years. His work with the Ulster Orchestra consolidated his reputation, for during his four year tenure he significantly raised the orchestra’s profile. His contribution to the musical life of Northern Ireland was acknowledged by the presentation of an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Ulster.
‘Apart from the fact that they are a wonderful orchestra’ said Tortelier, ‘there just seems to be this chemistry between us.’
Tortelier’s passion for his native French repertoire, and for Debussy in particular, is evident in an interview of the time:
‘There is more of a mystery about Debussy than there is about Ravel… Ravel communicates directly, but the mature Debussy demands a greater level of concentration and thought… Debussy evokes the mystery of Spain in Iberia, whereas in Rhapsodie espagnol, Ravel is more the magician…’
Tortelier’s major project during his tenure was a survey of Debussy’s and Ravel’s complete orchestral works. ‘For someone of my age’ Tortelier said afterwards (he was, at the time, in his forties) ‘this was truly extraordinary – many of my older French colleagues hardly have the chance to do half this repertoire’. The recordings constituted the summit of his achievement with the Ulster Orchestra, as is evident from the reviews they received. Chandos is proud to make them available once more on its Chandos Classics label.

…recordings which generally represent the state of the art. There are excellent soloists in the concertante works. The subtlety and atmosphere of La boîte à joujoux are captured splendidly, and the concertante works are equally sensitive… very desirable indeed.
The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

…the best Debussy cycle to appear in the CD era… Playing combines flair, care and great musical enjoyment.
BBC Music Magazine

What a glorious instrument the Ulster Orchestra is in Torteliers hands – eloquent principals in every section and supple consummate ensemble in this most subtle and flexible of repertoire…
American Record Guide

An amazing collection to put on your mp3 player - if you love Debussy's rich tapestry of sound this collection delights the ears. Hit play and close your eyes for almost 5 hours of bliss!
k feldmesser

An amazing collection to put on your mp3 player - if you love Debussy's rich tapestry of sound this collection delights the ears. Hit play and close your eyes for almost 5 hours of bliss!
k feldmesser