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CHAN 10197
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Flight

Dove: Flight

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2004

Originally recorded in 2003


London Philharmonic Orchestra

David Parry

Garry Magee

baritone - Steward

Richard van Allan

bass-baritone - Immigration Officer

Steven Page

bass-baritone - Minskman

Christopher Robson

countertenor - Refugee

Anne Mason

mezzo-soprano - Minskwoman

Nuala Willis

mezzo-soprano - Older Woman

Ann Taylor

mezzo-soprano - Stewardess

Claron McFadden

soprano - Controller

Mary Plazas

soprano - Tina

Richard Coxon

tenor - Bill

Glyndebourne Festival Opera


Glyndebourne Opera House, Lewes


Channel 4 Television


NVC Arts

Record Label



Total Time - 128:47
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Opera - Flight

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(b. 1958)


  An opera in three acts  
  Libretto by April De Angelis  
  live recording  
  Act I  
1 'Look! Up there' 4:25
  Refugee, Controller  
2 'Darling!' 2:49
  Bill, Tina, Refugee  
3 'Excuse me. Have you any English money?' 1:10
  Refugee, Bill, Tina  
4 'Welcome travellers. Thank you for travelling Tri-Star' 0:55
5 'Do I look conspicuous?' 2:27
  Older Woman, Refugee, Controller  
6 'Welcome. We're always smiling as you can see' 3:02
  Steward, Stewardess, Refugee, Older Woman  
7 'Down you go. Scurry down' 3:04
8 'That's us.' 'Is that us?' 3:49
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Controller, Older Woman  
9 'No! I don't seem able to go' 3:28
  Minkswoman, Minskman, Controller, Refugee  
10 'What have I done?' 2:16
  Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman  
11 'What have I just done? Why couldn't I go?' 1:14
12 'Excuse me. Have you a hat or a scarf?' 3:07
  Refugee, Older Woman, Stewardess, Steward, Tina, Bill, Controller  
13 'Look who's coming!' 3:05
  Controller, Refugee, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess  
14 'Gone.' 'Time to be gone' 4:02
  Refugee, Tina, Controller, Bill, Minskwoman, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess  
15 'Disgusting.' 'Record lusting' 3:20
  Controller, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman  
16 'Due to circumstances beyond our control' 1:47
  Controller, Refugee  
  Act II  
17 'The storm is getting worse' 2:30
18 'It's quiet' 7:00
  Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman  
19 'I know. We could do the business with our trolleys' 1:44
  Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward, Tina, Bill  
20 Orchestral interlude 1:10
21 'Fierce night. Jagged light' 1:34
22 'I bought this suitcase in New York' 5:36
  Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Refugee, Older Woman, Tina  
23 'The thing about people is' 1:08
24 'About this stone. Is it true?' 5:59
  Older Woman, Refugee, Tina, Bill, Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Controller  
25 'A wish for me. I'm wishing for my brother' 1:33
  Refugee, Bill, Steward  
26 'Excuse me, can I trouble you for some advice?' 1:49
  Older Woman, Tina, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Bill  
27 'What's this for?' 'Let's see . . .' 1:09
  Bill, Steward, Older Woman, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman  
28 'He's lucky' 1:39
  Women, Refugee, Older Woman, Controller, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman  
29 'You have a stone?' 1:13
  Women, Refugee  
30 'I believed in miracles' 3:36
  Older Woman, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Tina, Refugee, Controller, Bill, Steward  
  Act II  
31 'What a dreadful night' 1:16
  Women, Controller  
32 'A plane is coming!' 2:08
  Controller, Older Woman  
33 'I flew back immediately. I'm not angry' 2:53
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Tina, Bill, Steward  
34 'Oh my goodness!' 4:36
  Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess  
35 'Oh look, he isn't moving' 0:42
  Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward  
36 'Ow!' 'What is it?' 3:06
  Minskwoman, All  
37 'It's so small' 1:05
  All, Minskwoman  
38 'New, wondrous, nothing so new as you' 7:14
  Refugee, Tina, Stewardess, Older Woman, Controller, Minskwoman, Bill, Minskman  
39 'He's coming back! Get in the trunk!' 2:52
  Controller, Refugee, Immigration Officer, Women, Men  
40 'Surely you can be magnanimous on such a day as this' 2:11
  Minskman, Minskwoman, Immigration Officer, Tina, Steward, Stewardess  
41 'You can't fool rules' 1:40
  Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Bill, Steward, Tina, Refugee, Controller  
42 'Dawn, still darkness . . .' 6:13
43 'But look at me now' 2:35
  Refugee, Immigration Officer, Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Minskman  
44 ' . . .I can't do much for you . . .' 1:11
  'Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Steward, Bill, Tina, Stewardess  
45 ' . . .Flights to Minsk and places smarter . . .' 3:04
  Controller, Older Woman, Minskman, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess, Refugee  
46 'A frozen man falling like a frozen star' 4:21
  Refugee, Controller  
 Christopher Robson countertenor - Refugee
 Claron McFadden soprano - Controller
 Richard Coxon tenor - Bill
 Mary Plazas soprano - Tina
 Nuala Willis mezzo-soprano - Older Woman
 Ann Taylor mezzo-soprano - Stewardess
 Garry Magee baritone - Steward
 Steven Page bass-baritone - Minskman
 Anne Mason mezzo-soprano - Minskwoman
 Richard van Allan bass-baritone - Immigration Officer
 David Parry
Chandos is proud to present a recording of Flight, an opera by Jonathan Dove, one of the UK’s most sought-after composers.

This is the first release of Dove’s airport comedy, which was premiered with enormous success by the Glyndebourne Touring Company in 1998.

The work was subsequently performed at the Glyndebourne Festival and since then it has toured internationally, meeting with an enthusiastic response from audiences and music critics alike.

This recording with the cast of the original production features some of the world’s most admired singers.

Flight was filmed by NVC for Channel 4 and was broadcast on Channel 4 in 1998.

Flight’s librettist, April de Angelis, says that Flight was inspired by the true story of a refugee who was living at Charles de Gaulle airport. It takes as its premise the notion that an airport is a theatre of sorts, where people are at the extreme edges of their lives, parting from loved ones or coming home. The opera acknowledges the strangeness of flight, and the central character of the Refugee becomes a catalyst for each of the other characters’ self-examination.

This three-act opera can be seen as a compelling modern day parable of messy human lives becoming grounded by emotional turbulence. The characters who join the Refugee and the airport staff in the bleak and transitory world of the airport lounge are the married couple Bill and Tina, who are going on holiday in an attempt to rekindle romance, an Older Woman who is meeting her fiancé – a younger man she met in Mallorca – and a married couple who are emigrating to Minsk (the woman is heavily pregnant). There are no minor characters, each has an essential part to play. In a brilliant coup de théâtre all the travellers, including the jilted Older Woman, fly off with new hope, a bitter-sweet resolution in as equivocal an ending as that of Così fan tutte.

Dove’s daring and deceptively simple score provides a perfect counterpoint to the precise and witty libretto. Flight, with its subtlety, pathos and humour, bids fair to becoming an enduring classic of late twentieth-century opera.

'Flight is an assured, confident and effective opera whose characters are striving to expand their horizons…'
International Record Review

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in 1999, Jonathan Dove and April de Angeliss brilliant comic opera about travellers stranded in an airport is as angaging on disc as it was in the thatre (and I write having seen it at least five times.
Sunday Times

'anyone who cares about opera as a living art form will rejoice in Chandos decision to issue the BBCs recording of Flight from Glyndebourne with the original cast.
Sunday Times

''anyone who cares about opera as a living art form will rejoice in Chandos' decision to issue the BBC's recording of Flight from Glyndebourne with the original cast.'
Sunday Times

'You don't need to have encountered Flight in the theatre to get a thrill from listening to it at home.'
Financial Times magazine

'The music is immensely appealing, the characters are sharply etched and the situations are audacious…The singing is first-rate, and the audience reaction - plenty of laughter - helps it all go with a bang.'
Classic FM Magazine

'Chandos has done it proud.'
Opera Now

'New operas as splendid as this one are not exactly thick on the ground. In truth they never have been, but this is a major event.'
Fanfare (USA)

'The Glyndebourne company's performance is precise and vivid… The orchestration is highly effective, the score well played, the sound well recorded. David Parry and the whole musical team must feel pleased; so too, let's hope, the composer.'

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