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CHAN 10322
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CHAN 10322
Chamber Music: Dedication in Time

Hubicki: Dedication in Time

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2005

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2004


Robert Max


Daniel Pailthorpe


Annemarie Sand


James Kirby


Frederick Stocken


Bochmann Quartet


Henry Wood Hall, London


Rachel Smith


Jonathan Cooper

Michael Common


Record Label



Total Time - 73:01
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Chamber Music: Dedication in Time



(b. 1915)
Select Complete Single Disc for
  premiere recordings (except tracks 11 & 12)  

From the Isles of the Sea

  for flute and piano  
  Tempo comodo  

Piano Sonata

2 I Allegro risoluto 8:12
3 II Pastarole. Tranquillo, ma non troppo lento 5:43
4 III Allegro moderato 5:47

Full Fathom Five

  for mezzo-soprano and piano  
  For C.M.M.  
  Moderato e deciso  

Theme and Variations

  for string quartet  
  Theme. Andante -  

Irish Fantasy

  Four Sketches for Piano  
  To C.M.M.  
7 1 The Lonely Piper 2:36
8 2 The Banshee's Dance 2:03
9 3 The Sorrow of Etaine 2:53
10 4 Reel 1:34

Lonely Mere and Rigaudon

  for cello and piano  
  To M.J.M.  
11 Lonely Mere 5:16
12 Rigaudon 3:19


  for violin† and piano  
  For Bohdan (June, 1940)  
  Allegro vigoroso - Poco meno mosso -  

Goladon Suite

  for piano duet*  
  For Gola and Mary  
14 1 Serenade 1:32
15 2 Easter Chorale 2:05
16 3 Summer's Eve 2:02
17 4 The Spindle Song 1:56
Chandos expands its considerable discography of works by women composers with this CD of music by the distinguished composer and teacher, Margaret Hubicki (or Peggy, as she is more widely known). Some of the pieces on this disc were written whilst she was still a student under Benjamin Dale at the Royal Academy of Music in the 1930s. Indeed, both Sir Malcolm Sargent and Sir Henry Wood conducted her Irish Fantasy whilst she was still under the guidance of Dale. Peggy spent much of her life as a harmony professor at the Royal Academy of Music and worked there for forty years until her retirement in 1985. She was also a governor and founding teacher of the Yehudi Menuhin School. Besides her work as a composer, Peggy has taught, in one capacity or another, generations of successful musicians such as Sir John Tavener, Sir James Galway and Jeremy Menuhin, amongst many others.

This CD is released in time for Margaret Hubicki’s 90th birthday in July 2005.

All the performers on this CD are former pupils and the recording took place in the presence of the composer.

This disc consists almost entirely of premiererecordings.

Written in the 1950s, From the Isles of the Sea was inspired by Scotland’s Western Isles, a favourite holiday destination for Margaret, which has provided much musical inspiration over many decades. This work beautifully portrays the ebb and flow of tides and the call of seagulls in the wind. The substantial Piano Sonata was composed in 1934 and until this recording had not been played for nearly seventy years. Full Fathom Five is a short setting from 1934 of the song from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The vocal line is intense and the piano part richly expressive. The left-hand bell effects evoke the depth and mystery of the ocean whilst the right-hand semiquavers portray the ceaseless motion of the sea. Lonely Mere was inspired by the Malvern Hills and the music captures the beauty and vastness of the countryside. Rigaudon provides a lively contrast. Composed in 1939, the Theme and Variations were first performed at the Royal Academy of music by a quartet in which her future husband was the first violinist. Written in 1957, the title of the Goladon Suite combines the names of two of Margeret’s greatest friends, the piano teacher Gola Martin-Smith and her husband Don. The four pieces which make up the Irish Fantasy were written in 1935.The work, in arrangement for full orchestra, was conducted by both Sir Malcolm Sargent and Sir Henry Wood.Written in 1939, Svolgimento, from the Italian, ‘unfolding’, reflects the ominous atmosphere of Britain on the brink of war. The piece was originally conceived as the first movement of a Sonata for the composer to play with her beloved husband, Bohdan Hubicki, but Bohdan was killed during a London air-raid in October 1940, just three months after the couple’s wedding. Understandably, the work was never completed and the Svolgimento now stands alone as a work of great poignancy.

Performances, production and engineering do Hubicki absolutely proud – and I’d wager that the Piano Sonata in particular will win its nonagenarian creator many new admirers.

This is a release, then, of very likeable music. I regret not previously knowing Margaret Hubicki’s work and that a ’late’ anniversary should only now trigger interest in it. Chandos is to be congratulated for its initiative and for securing excellent performances, recording and presentation.
International Record Review

J Cenza

S Recroft