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CHAN 10323
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CHAN 10323
The Film Music of Francis Chagrin

Chagrin: The Film Music of Francis Chagrin

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2005

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2004


BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba


Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester


Ralph Couzens

Brian Pidgeon


Stephen Rinker

Sharon Hughes


Paul Smith


Record Label
Chandos Movies


Orchestral & Concertos

Film & TV Music

Total Time - 76:28
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The Film Music of Francis Chagrin



Select Complete Single Disc for
  premiere recordings (except track 1)  

Overture from 'Helter Skelter'


Portrait of Eva from 'An Inspector Calls'

  (arranged and orchestrated by Philip Lane)  

From 'The Colditz Story'

  (arranged by Philip Lane)  
3 Prelude 2:00
4 Finale 1:31

Suite from 'Greyfriars Bobby'

  (arranged by Philip Lane)  
5 Main Titles and Opening Scene 3:50
6 Bobby escapes to Edinburgh 5:22
7 Finale 2:30

From 'The Four Just Men'

  (edited by Philip Lane)  
8 Theme 1:28
9 Main Titles 1:37

'The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra'

  (arranged by Philip Lane)  

Four Orchestral Episodes from 'The Intruder'

  (edited by Philip Lane)  
11 Preamble 1:48
12 Conflagration 3:21
13 Pursuit at night 3:58
14 Vindication 2:04

from 'Easy Money'

  (edited by Philip Lane)  
  Il basso ostinato  

Suite from 'Last Holiday'

  (arranged by Philip Lane)  
16 Main Titles 1:50
17 Romance 3:51
18 Nocturne 4:01
19 Samba 1:44
20 Epilogue 2:53

Yugoslav Sketches from 'The Bridge'

21 Village Feast 3:07
22 Omlandina (Childhood) 2:35
23 Dusk 2:05
24 The New Bridge 2:55
The sheer volume of Francis Chagrin’s commercial work is staggering: it includes 200 films, television (including a Dr Who in 1964) and many commercials.This hugely entertaining disc includes music from the Disney film, Greyfriars Bobby, and the unforgettable Colditz Story.A consummate professional, his friends remember him as incredibly industrious, but also selfless, resourceful, urbane and with a great generosity of heart. Most of the composers in the Chandos Movies series made little effort to concertise their film music. Chagrin was very much the exception. He prepared no fewer than four of the titles here for the concert hall.The rest of this music has been arranged for concert performance by Philip Lane, who is much acclaimed for his arrangements for the Chandos Movies series.

This is the latest disc in Chandos’ best-selling Film Music series.

All of these suites except Helter Skelter here receive their premiere recordings.

Chagrin arranged much of the music from Helter Skelter, a scatty comedy with an endless parade of guest stars, into the popular overture featured here. Philip Lane arranged the theme for the main female character, Eva Smith, from An Inspector Calls, into a musical portrait which reflects her emotional journey through the film. Chagrin’s music for The Colditz Story takes the form of pieces in a variety of ‘easy listening’ styles which, contrasting with the action, create a distinctly unsettling feel. Chagrin’s music catches the drama and atmosphere perfectly in the Disney film Greyfriars Bobby, which tells the story of a faithful Skye terrier who kept a vigil over his master’s grave for years after his death. Philip Lane has labelled the music from the television series The Four Just Men Theme and Main Titles – the former being the weekly introductory signature tune, utilising the Morse code rhythm for SOS as its germ idea, and the latter perhaps an earlier proposal subsequently incorporated into the library of cues throughout the series. The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra is one of six ‘Tales of Hoffnung’, produced for the BBC in the 1960s, based on characters by Gerard Hoffnung. Chagrin cleverly composed, re-composed, arranged and re-arranged music by many of the great composers to produce a witty musical montage. Chagrin obviously saw potential in the music he wrote for The Intruder for he compiled the Four Orchestral Episodes from the music, which is striking in its meticulous attention to detail. Last Holiday, JB Priestly’s story of a man diagnosed as having weeks to live, gave Chagrin a wide range of emotions to work on. The opening and closing titles feature ‘The Beggar’s Theme’ which was published at the time for violin and piano. Although only forty minutes long, the documentary The Bridge provided Chagrin with enough material for two orchestral suites entitled Yugoslav Sketches and Yugoslav Suite.

This is a wonderful introduction to a sadly neglected composer, whose spectacular music has depth and passion.
Music from the Movies

The Highlight is the music for ‘Last Holiday’ of which ‘The Beggar’s Theme’ was initially published as a violin/piano score. Palm court music and a rumbustious Samba bring to life the setting on the English south coast. Philip Lane once again has edited and arranged much of the music and written the accompanying booklet. This is an unexpected and most worthwhile issue.

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