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CHAN 10368
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CHAN 10368
The Film Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Volume 3

Vaughan Williams: The Film Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2006

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2005


BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba

Ladies of Manchester Chamber Choir



Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester


Brian Pidgeon

Mike George


Stephen Rinker

Celia Hutchison


Record Label
Chandos Movies


Orchestral & Concertos

Film & TV Music

Total Time - 66:16
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The Film Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, Volume 3



Select Complete Single Disc for

The Story of a Flemish Farm

  Suite from the film The Flemish Farm  
1 1 The Flag Flutters in the Wind 2:39
2 2 Night by the Sea - Farewell to the Flag - 2:25
3 3 Dawn in the Old Barn - The Parting of the Lovers 5:45
4 4 In the Café 2:22
5 5 The Major Goes to Face his Fate - 3:12
6 6 The Dead Man's Kit - 4:23
7 7 The Wanderings of the Flag 4:21
premiere recording

The Loves of Joanna Godden*

  Music to the film  
  Edited by Stephen Hogger  
  Lento - Andante moderato - Allegro tranquillo -  

Bitter Springs

  Music to the film  
  Composed by Vaughan Williams and Ernest Irving (1878-1953)  
  Edited by Stephen Hogger  
9 1&2 Main Titles and Opening Music 4:30
10 3 Rocks 2:20
11 4 First Desert 1:34
12 5 Waterhole 2:12
13 6 End of the Trek 2:45
14 7 Axes 0:29
15 8 Kangaroos 2:00
16 9 Boomerang 1:37
17 10 Housewarming 1:37
18 11 Hunters 0:39
19 12 Fire 1:46
20 13 Abos Retreat 1:16
21 14 Warragani Boy 0:40
22 15 Ma and Abos 0:55
23 16 Round Up 1:36
This is the final volume in the Vaughan Williams’s film music series.

It features the premiere recordings of Bitter Springs and The Loves of Joanna Godden.

Both volumes 1 and 2 received tremendous critical acclaim.

Chandos Movies is one of the best-known film-music labels in the industry, and has received tremendous critical acclaim. The series is especially associated with the conductor Rumon Gamba, whose understanding of and enthusiasm for the genre is famous.

Story of a Flemish Farm, dating from 1943, was a Second World War propaganda feature film based on a true story. It has a rich and vivid score and there is the added interest that two themes (not used in the film) became the principal themes of the second and fourth movements of the composer’s Sixth Symphony. Vaughan Williams wrote the music for The Loves of Joanna Godden between March and December 1946. Ernest Irving, who conducted the Philharmonia Orchestra for the film, wrote: on hearing the score: ‘I am carefully concealing it from the directors…it is the best music we have ever had here…’

Vaughan Williams’ film music ranks amongst the very finest ever written, and this CD includes some of his best examples. This disc is especially important as some of the material has never been recorded before. The result is a hugely important release which will be of interest to both film music buffs and fans of Vaughan Williams.

The contribution being made by Chandos to the preservation and reassessment of British film music has to be one of the most important projects undertaken by the classical recording industry in the past decade… as with Volume 1, this CD is a must for any Vaughan Williams enthusiast
Music from the Movies on Volume 2 (CHAN 10244)

As on previous instalments these are handsomely groomed performances from the BBC Philharmonic under Rumon Gamba in superbly natural and vivid sound. Michael Kennedy’s notes carry the requisite authority. All in all, a CD well worth snapping up by VW fans and film-music buffs alike.

Rumon Gamba secures exemplary results from his assembled forces…and the recording is spectacularly truthful to match. I’m already impatiently awaiting Volume 2.
Gramophone on Volume 1 (CHAN 10007)

…as with all of his [Gamba] British film music recordings, a model of how this sort of material should be put across. Of course sonics are state-of-the-art, and as with two previous instalments this is music-making and tone painting of the highest order.
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