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CHAN 10457
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CHAN 10457
Orchestral Works, Volume 9

Bax: Orchestral Works, Volume 9

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2008

Originally recorded in 2007


London Philharmonic Orchestra

Bryden Thomson


St Jude's Church, Central Square, London NW11


Tim Oldham


Ralph Couzens

Peter Newble


Record Label
Chandos Classics


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 66:41
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Orchestral Works, Volume 9

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The Truth About the Russian Dancers

  Titles of sections taken from the full score and the text of J.M. Barrie's play  
  Part One 23:04      
1 1. Overture. Vivace - 4:10
2 2. Entry of Karissima - 1:15
  Moderato: violin solo - Rather fast valse tempo  
3 3. Karissima plays golf - 3:02
  Moderato delicato  
4 4. Karissima and Lady Vere - 1:36
  Moderato - Lento  
5 5. The Walking Lesson - 1:12
  Valse tempo (with great swing)  
6 6. Lord Vere tells his mother of his love for Karissima - 0:18
7 7. Karissima appeals for love - 0:28
  Andante: violin solo  
8 8. Karissima droops pathetically - 1:02
  Tempo moderato - Piangendo: clarinet solo  
9 9. Karissima's dance of joy - 0:42
  Vivo - Allegretto scherzando  
10 10. The Wedding Ceremony - 1:37
11 11. Dance: corps de Ballet - 1:18
12 12. The Wedding Service - 2:52
13 13. A Wild Night - The Maestro - 1:54
  Allegro molto  
14 14. The Clock strikes Twelve - 0:17
15 15. Lord Vere pleads for a child - 0:40
  Molto moderato expressivo  
16 16. Karissima and Lord Vere go off in gay delight 0:36
  Rather fast valse tempo  
  Part Two 23:28      
17 17. Dance of Motherhood - 6:16
  Lento expressivo  
18 18. The Funeral of Karissima - 5:34
19 19. Child's Dance - 2:16
  Allegretto vivace  
20 20. Karissima's Farewell - 5:57
  Poco lento - Plaintivo - Lento - Andante  
21 21. Finale. Allegro vivace 3:23

From Dusk till Dawn

22 1. Prelude: Summer Night at the Window - 2:07
  Slow and quiet  
23 2. The Wind Dances in the Garden - 1:47
24 3. Molto più lento: Midnight Strikes - 0:38
25 4. The Awakening - 1:35
26 5. The Flower's Dance - 1:27
  Gay and Lively  
27 6. The Dancer and the Clown - 1:32
28 7. The Wind Dances through the Room - 1:11
29 8. Più lento: The Clock strikes One - 0:16
30 9. The Flowers Dance Again - 3:11
  Valse tempo (rather languorous)  
31 10. Più lento: The Clock strikes Two - 0:16
32 11. The Dancer falls weeping into the Clown's arms - 0:12
  Moderate pace: passionately  
33 12. The Clown thrusts her aside and scolds her - 0:09
34 13. They quarrel - 0:37
  Tempo of the dance  
35 14. The Wind - 1:15
  Violent and boisterous  
36 15. The Dancer humbly draws the Clown's attention to the sad fate of his rival - 0:59
  Quite slowly: cello solo  
37 16. The Dancer turns back to the Clown - 0:50
  Andante con moto: oboe solo  
38 17. Dawn - 0:27
39 18. The Clock strikes Three - 0:16
40 19. Everything is still, a sad silence reigns - 0:52
41 20. The Wind blows the Dancer into the Clown's stiff arms 0:39
  Allegro vivace  
Available from Chandos’ unrivalled Bax discography, these recordings are available for the first time at Classics price

The latest re-issue in the Bax Orchestral Works series is music he composed for theatre. Bax may seem an unlikely composer of ballet music, but these works demonstrate that he was in fact richly qualified, and the results are products of a composer who had a long-standing ambition to compose for the ballet. ‘Above all, this is almost unadulteratedly happy Bax, unshadowed, often gorgeously opulent; sometimes gorgeously stage-struck and vociferous. Bax, you get the distinct impression, was blissfully stage-struck and ballet-daft, and enjoyed every minute of his brief career in the theatre’ wrote Gramophone on the original release.

Bax was commissioned to write The Truth about the Russian Dancers, a J.M Barrie extravaganza from the 1920s (originally intended for the Ballet Russes), written for a production that was half dance, half stage play and enjoyed great popularity at the time, but the complete orchestral score was not heard again until the premiere recording on Chandos. This is coupled with the shorter piece, From Dusk Till Dawn which presents a clear Ravelian influence. Highlighting the Russian elements of Bax’s style at their clearest, the two works are performed complete and prove to be ‘lively and fanciful pictorial music which makes for agreeable listening.’ (Dance and Dancers). Both scores give a flavour of a facet of British musical life in the early 1920s, and are most closely related to Bax’s Tone Poems. They ‘savour the lyrical warmth and generous orchestral colours, which reflects Bax’s self-description as ‘a brazen Romantic’ (Dance and Dancers).

Both works are performed by Bryden Thomson conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and available for the first time at Classics price.

"A really enjoyable disc, this – good to have it back."


"Bax’s orchestral virtuosity and pictorial skills were equal to anyone’s in that era and his sumptuous palette of sounds is here done the classiest possible justice by Bryden Thomson and the London Philharmonic Orchestra."

Classic FM Magazine

"Thompson’s performances are among his best, and the London Philharmonic may have exceeded its high standards. The sound of the remastering is excellent."

American Record Guide

"Bryden Thomson is obviously totally committed to Bax and conducts the music with plenty of rhythmic vitality. The sound is enequivocally Chandos, but on the top end of their game. Any Bax-lover will thoroughly enjoy this worthy presentation of some his virtually unknown ballet music."


"This recording is simply immediately appealing and quickly recieves my top tier recommendation to all, including classical newcomers. Sprightly tunes and toe tapping melodies should appeal to most everyone ... Here the brass and percussion get to really shine thanks to the fine efforts of the audio engineers and perhaps because of Chandos’ well known effort with audio quality." "...simply run out and order this delightful recording..."

Karl Lozier - March/April 2010

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