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CHAN 10484
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CHAN 10484

Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf/ Cinderella/Pushkiniana

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2008

Originally recorded in 2007


Scottish National Orchestra

Neeme Jarvi


SNO Centre, Glasgow


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Philip Couzens


Record Label
Chandos Classics


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 76:36
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Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67

  A Musical Tale for Children  
  Narrated by Lina Prokofiev  
1 'I'm going to tell you a story about Peter and the Wolf' 2:18
2 'Early one morning Peter opened the gate' 5:13
3 'Suddenly, something caught Peter's attention' 2:05
4 'Just then, Grandfather came out' 2:25
5 'No sooner had Peter gone than a big grey wolf came out of the forest' 3:16
6 'And now, this is how things stood' 1:47
7 'In the meantime, Peter, without the slightest fear' 5:14
8 'Just then, the hunters came out of the woods' 2:25
9 'Now, just imagine the triumphant procession' 4:29
  Richard Chester solo flute  
  John Digney solo oboe  
  John Cushing solo clarinet  
  Lesley Wilson solo bassoon  
  Laurence Rogers principal horn  
  Martin Gibson timpani  

Suite from 'Cinderella', Op. 87

  Music from the Ballet  
10 1 Introduction 2:57
11 2 Quarrel 3:13
12 3 Pavane 3:58
13 4 Cinderella and the Prince 4:41
14 5 Three Oranges 1:27
15 6 Southern Countries 4:09
16 7 Orientalia 2:30
17 8 Amoroso 3:33

Two Pushkin Waltzes, Op. 120

18 I Allegro espressivo 4:14
19 II Allegro meditativo 4:03

From 'Eugene Onegin', Op. 71

20 I Minuet - 1:28
21 II Dance (Polka) - 2:07
22 III Mazurka 2:04

From 'Boris Godunov', Op. 70 bis

  Fountain Scene and Polonaise  
No Prokofiev recorded anthology would be complete without a performance of Peter and the Wolf, and here the narrator comes in the person of Lina Prokofiev, the composer’s widow. Recorded for Chandos when she was nearly ninety, Music magazine deemed this recording ‘first choice’ and it offers a most delightful and magnetic performance.

Peter and the Wolf is complemented here with a suite from the ballet Cinderella, Gramophone described the recorded performance as ‘warmly persuasive, bringing out the sensuousness… As in earlier records of the series, the playing is rich and brilliant’. The disc is completed with a number of shorter pieces, all associated with poetical works by Alexander Pushkin.

Prokofiev wrote the music for Peter and the Wolf in four weeks to his own text, and spent another week orchestrating it. The idea was to interweave the story-telling with music of easily recognisable colours and contours, each character having its own motif played every time by the same instrument, and each identified by the story-teller in the introduction. In some ways it was an extension of a much earlier idea he had when, in 1914 he set The Ugly Duckling for singer and piano.

Following the success of Romeo and Juliet, Prokofiev was quickly asked to compose another, Cinderella based on the traditional fairy tale. He had sketched a draft of two acts when war broke out between the USSR and Germany, and he returned to it only in 1943. The music was finished the following year, but production delayed until the war had ended. It was premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow on 21 November 1945.

The composer’s widow contributes a spirited narration of Peter and the Wolf, whose delicious score is played and conducted in roistering, colourful style – so is the Cinderella Suite
Classic FM Magazine

For many, the most popular reissue in the series will be the utterly delightful performance of Peter and the Wolf, the narration of which is both authentically and beautifully delivered by Prokofiev’s widow Lina, then in her late eighties. As the music is outstandingly well played and then recording is magnificent, this has to be the finest version ever of this perennial masterpiece
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