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CHAN 10516M
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CHAN 10516
(multiple CD Set)

Mendelssohn: Paulus

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2009

Originally recorded in 2008


BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Richard Hickox

Peter Coleman-Wright


Jean Rigby


Susan Gritton


Barry Banks


BBC National Chorus of Wales


St Davids Hall, Cardiff


Ralph Couzens

Tim Thorne



Ralph Couzens

Jonathan Cooper


Paul Jenkins


Record Label
Chandos Classics



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 115:15
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  An oratorio  
  Words after the Holy Writ  
1 1 Overture 6:15
2 2 Chorus: 'Herr! Der Du bist der Gott' 4:11
3 3 Chorale: 'Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr' 1:04
4 4 Recitative: 'Die Menge der Gläubigen' 1:56
  Solo soprano, Basses I & II  
5 5 Chorus: 'Dieser Mensch hört nicht auf zu reden' 3:01
6 6 Recitative and Chorus: 'Und sie sahen auf ihn Alle' 4:20
  Solo soprano, Stephen, Chorus  
7 7 Aria: 'Jerusalem! Jerusalem, die du tödtest die Propheten' 3:08
  Solo soprano  
8 8 Recitative and Chorus: 'Sie aber stürmten auf ihn ein' 1:44
  Solo tenor, Chorus  
9 9 Recitative and Chorale: 'Und sie steinigten ihn' 2:04
  Solo tenor, Chorus  
10 10 Recitative: 'Und die Zeugen legten ab' 0:49
  Solo soprano  
11 11 Chorus: 'Siehe, wir preisen selig' 3:40
12 12 Recitative and Aria: 'Saulus aber zerstörte die Gemeinde' 2:13
  Solo tenor, Saul  
13 13 Recitative and Arioso: 'Und zog mit einer Schaar gen Damaskus' 2:40
  Solo tenor, Chorus, Saul  
14 14 Recitative with Chorus: 'Und als er auf dem Wege war' 2:07
  Solo tenor, Chorus, Saul  
15 15 Chorus: 'Mache dich auf, werde Licht!' 4:28
16 16 Chorale: 'Wachet auf! ruft uns die Stimme' 1:59
17 17 Recitative: 'Die Männer aber die seine Gefährten waren' 1:08
  Solo tenor  
18 18 Aria: 'Gott sei mir gnädig' 5:06
19 19 Recitative: 'Es war aber ein Jünger zu Damaskus' 1:36
  Solo tenor, Solo soprano  
20 20 Aria with Chorus: 'Ich danke Dir, Herr mein Gott' 4:29
  Paul, Chorus  
21 21 Recitative: 'Und Ananias ging hin' 1:44
  Solo soprano, Solo tenor  
22 22 Chorus: 'O welch' eine Tiefe des Reichthums' 4:42
  Part II  
23 23 Chorus: 'Der Erdkreis ist nun des Herrn' 4:10
24 24 Recitative: 'Und Paulus kam zu der Gemeinde' 0:48
  Solo soprano  
25 25 Duettino: 'So sind wir nun Botschafter' 1:37
  Barnabas, Paul  
26 26 Chorus: 'Wie lieblich sind die Boten' 3:00
27 27 Recitative and Arioso: 'Und sie sie ausgesandt' 2:13
  Solo soprano  
28 28 Recitative with Chorus: 'Da aber die Juden das Volk sah'n' 1:29
  Solo tenor, Chorus  
29 29 Chorus and Chorale: 'Ist das nicht, der zu Jerusalem' 5:12
  Chorus, Quartet  
30 30 Recitative: 'Paulus aber und Barnabas sprachen' 0:39
  Solo tenor, Paul  
31 31 Duet: 'Denn also hat uns der Herr geboten' 2:21
  Paul, Barnabas  
32 32 Recitative: 'Und es war ein Mann zu Lystra' 0:55
  Solo soprano  
33 33 Chorus: 'Die Götter sind den Menschen gleich geworden' 1:09
34 34 Recitative: 'Und nannten Barnabas Jupiter' 0:33
  Solo soprano  
35 35 Chorus: 'Seid uns gnädig, hohe Götter!' 2:27
36 36 Recitative, Air and Chorus: 'Da das die Apostel hörten' 6:40
  Solo tenor, Paul, Chorus, Second soprano  
37 37 Recitative: 'Da ward das Volk erreget wider sie' 0:15
  Solo soprano  
38 38 Chorus: 'Hier ist des Herren Tempel!' 1:44
39 39 Recitative: 'Und sie alle verfolgten Paulus' 0:32
  Solo soprano  
40 40 Cavatina: 'Sei getreu bis in den Tod' 3:15
  Solo tenor  
41 41 Recitative: 'Paulus sandte hin, und ließ fordern' 1:27
  Solo soprano, Paul  
42 42 Chorus and Recitative: 'Schone doch deiner selbst!' 3:04
  Quartet, Chorus, Paul, Solo tenor  
43 43 Chorus: 'Sehet, welch' eine Liebe' 2:34
44 44 Recitative: 'Und wenn er gleich geopfert wird' 0:58
  Solo soprano  
45 45 Chorus: 'Nicht aber ihn allein' 3:49
 Susan Gritton soprano
 Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano
 Barry Banks tenor
 Peter Coleman-Wright bass
 Richard Hickox
  5 May 2000 (live recording)  

Chandos is very pleased to announce the return of Mendelssohn’s St Paulus (sung in German) to the Chandos catalogue.  Its re-issue to Chandos Classics places this acclaimed recording at a highly competitive price, and timed to coincide with the composer’s anniversary celebrations.    

On the original release, the recording acquired such comments as ‘Not only is the musicianship impressive throughout, the approach is brisk and businesslike, with no hint of the sentimentality which can all too easily dog Mendelssohn.’  (The Organ)  ‘Another superb performance from Hickox, who gets a quartet of tremendous soloists and a first-rate orchestra and chorus… One of this year’s musts.’  (Cathedral Music)

"Richard Hickox’s version, recorded live in Cardiff with BBC Welsh forces, completely avoids sentimentality, finding freshness which effectively echoes the Bach Passions in punctuating the story of St Paul with chorales and the occasional ’turba’ or crowd chorus. In brushing any Victorian cobwebs away, Hickox tends to favour speeds on the fast side, never sounding hurried but, more importantly, never sound heavyor pompous as other German versions often do. Choral singing is excellent and among the soloists , Susan Gritton and Jean Rigby are first rate... The warmth and clarity of the recording add to the freshness..."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

“from the opening Overture, which is exceptionally well-played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales under the lamented Richard Hickox, one instinctively knows that all will be well with this performance – and we are not mistaken. A ‘live’ performance this may be, but the audience sit as quiet as church mice, and one would never guess that there must be a couple of thousand other people in the auditorium as well as the musicians; in any regards, that almost indefinable but essential frisson that comes from a live performance (as opposed to a dead one) can be discerned here. The soloists are very well matched and are uniformly first-class; the choir is also fine, and Richard Hickox’s conducting is quite masterly. The recording is excellent.. A welcome and timely reissue for the Mendelssohn bi-centenary.”  ****(*)

Musical Opinion - May-June 2009

Composed in the wake of (and influenced by Mendelssohn’s epoch-making performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion, Paulus is an impressive work whose punchy choruses bring out the best in Hickox.
BBC Music Magazine

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