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CHAN 10541M
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CHAN 10541
(multiple CD Set)

Prokofiev: Eugene Onegin

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2009

Originally recorded in 2008


Sinfonia 21

Sir Edward Downes

Andrew Rutt


Julian Walker


Katherine Fuge


Samuel West

speaker (Eugene Onegin)

Dominic Mafham

speaker (Lensky)

Timothy West

speaker (Narrator)

Helena McCarthy

speaker (Nurse - Larina - Anisia)

Niamh Cusack

speaker (Tatyana)

Terrence Hardiman

speaker (Zaretsky - Prince - Neighbour)

The New Company


St Jude's Church, Central Square, London NW11


Ralph Couzens


Ben Connellan

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Chandos Classics


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 123:58
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Eugene Onegin, Op. 71

  Melodrama in Sixteen Scenes  
  Text by Alexander Pushkin in Sir Charles Johnson's English translation  
  Directed by Timothy West  
1 Scene 1. Lensky at Larin's grave - 6:13
2 Scene 2. Onegin and Lensky at Lensky's country house - 9:10
3 Scene 3. At the sister's home - 3:40
4 Scene 4. Having taken a short cut, they're on their way home as fast as possible - 3:50
5 Scene 5. Tatyana in the park - 1:53
6 Scene 6. Tatyana and Nurse - 3:35
7 Scene 7. Tatyans's letter - 10:14
8 Scene 8. Onegin receives Tatyana's letter - 4:33
9 Scene 9. Onegin scolds Tatyana in Larin's garden - 6:04
10 Scene 10. Lensky and Onegin together in Lensky's house - 2:41
11 Scene 11. Tatyana's dream - 7:36
12 Scene 12. Larin's ball 14:29
13 Scene 12 (cont/d). /Zaretsky left without discussion…' - 3:22
14 Scene 13. Duel - 3:22
15 Scene 14. Tatyana visits Onegin's house - 5:19
16 Scene 15. They say goodbye to peaceful valleys - 7:55
17 Waltz - 13:23
  Scene 15 (cont'd). 'There came a murmur…'  
18 Scene 16. Onegin's letter to Tatyana - 7:50
19 Scene 16 (cont'd). 'The days flew past' 8:49
 Timothy West speaker (Narrator)
 Samuel West speaker (Eugene Onegin)
 Niamh Cusack speaker (Tatyana)
 Dominic Mafham speaker (Lensky)
 Helena McCarthy speaker (Nurse - Larina - Anisia)
 Terrence Hardiman speaker (Zaretsky - Prince - Neighbour)
 Katherine Fuge soprano
 Andrew Rutt bass
 Julian Walker bass
 Sir Edward Downes
  22 and 23 March and 25 July 1994  
With an eminent cast of actors including Niamh Cusack, Samuel West and Timothy West (who directed the production) this was the first complete recording of Eugene Onegin.

This continues to be one of the only available recordings, and now the most competitively priced.

The whole presentation gives enormous pleasure… this set belongs in every Prokofiev admirer’s collection. .
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Giuseppe Rossi

Musica - March 2010

"The music has the breath and pulse of romance indeed it races and strolls with delight, musing in ecstasy or threaded with bitterness for tragedy. Echoes of other scores including Romeo & Juliet are interleaved with other inspirations.  They [orchestra] play under  the voices but there is no sense of balance twiddling. The two components – narration and music are achieved with equipoise. Rewards are yielded ceaselessly in this melodrama in sixteen scenes. If you love emotionalism and melodic profile of Romeo and Juliet this is a score you must hear"

Rob Barnett

MusicWeb International

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