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CHAN 10574
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CHAN 10574

Tansman: Orchestral Works, Volume 4 - Chamber Symphonies

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Originally recorded in 2009


Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana

Oleg Caetani


Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano, Switzerland


Christian Gilardi



Michael Rast

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 60:08
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premiere recording

Symphonie de chambre (1960)

  for oboe, horn, string orchestra, piano and percussion  
1 I Toccata. Allegro con moto - Un poco più lento - A tempo 4:57
2 II Élégie. Grave - Più lento - Tempo I 5:29
3 III Final (Fuga). Vivace - Allegro risoluto 3:47

Sinfonietta No. 1 (1924)

  for chamber orchestra  
  À mon amie Louis Gruenberg  
4 I Allegro assai - Uno poco più lento - Tempo I 3:46
5 II Mazurka. Allegretto 3:08
6 III Notturno. Lento - [Più mosso] - [Più mosso] - Più lento - 4:40
7 IV Fuga e Toccata. Allegro giusto - Presto (Toccata) 3:19

Sinfonietta No. 2 (1978)

  for chamber orchestra  
  À Renard Czajkowski  
8 I Introduzione e 'L'estro armonico'. Lento - 4:45
9 II Scherzetto popolaresco. Allegro vivace - Meno mosso - 4:13
10 III Adagio quasi intermezzo. Molto sostenuto - 1:58
11 IV Finale romantico. Allegro giocoso - Un poco meno mosso - 2:48

Sinfonia piccola (1951-52)

  Au Docteur Jean-Louis Lortat-Jacob  
12 I Introduction et Allegro. Lento - Allegro molto deciso 6:09
13 II Aria. Andante cantabile 2:38
14 III Scherzo. Molto vivace - Un poco meno mosso - Molto vivace 4:01
15 IV Finale. Allegro con moto - Molto più lento, cantabile - 4:30
  Tempo I  
Through his quest to revive the work of this previously much-maligned Neo-classicist composer, Oleg Caetani has become synonymous with Tansman. He once again provides us with defining interpretations in this, the fourth and final volume. The interest in this series has won Tansman many new admirers and led to more recordings of his music.

Oleg Caetani conducts Orchestra della Svizzera italiana, an orchestra devoted to promoting international and contemporary music.

International Record Review wrote of Volume 1, ‘After hearing this spectacularly engineered new SA-CD, I really do believe that Alexandre Tansman’s time has come… there’s no need to hesitate over Oleg Caetani’s performances’, while Fanfare wrote of Volume 2, ‘Oleg Caetani and his down-under musicians give this hair-raisingly impetuous but always disciplined music the strongest possible advocacy… This CD is the best possible introduction to a composer who deserves far wider exposure’. The previous volumes have all been awarded the prestigious Diapason d’or in France.

With this latest instalment we are impressed to find again, a great unity of style although they were written at very different periods of his life. Sinfonietta No.1 dates back to 1924 and reveals an influence of Stravinsky, while featuring stylizations of Polish folklore. Polish writer Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz reported from the Paris premiere that the work includes ‘the most beautiful mazurka, an excellent scherzo, and a bravura fugue and toccata at the end.’ Scored for orchestra with single woodwinds, brass, and piano, it is dedicated to an American composer, Louis Gruenberg, who shared Tansman’s East-European roots and interests in jazz. Sinfonietta No.2 was commissioned by the Polish Radio and composed in 1978. It received its premiere as part of his 80th birthday celebrations in Poland, during the composer’s triumphant return to his homeland. The celebrations were extensive with Poland making amends for having disowned Tansman for three decades.

The two Sinfoniettas are coupled by Sinfonia piccolo (1951-1952), a title which belies the scale of the composition. The Sinfonia was commissioned by the French Ministry of Education and dedicated to a famous surgeon, Dr Jean-Louis Lortat-Jacob. It adheres to a standard four-part outline of a classical symphony, and is recognised as ‘one of the most enjoyable orchestral works in Tansman’s oeuvre and the entire symphonic repertoire of the period’. The symphony’s secret may lie in the youthful exuberance of jazz, and the sonorous sheen of the Balinese gamelan.

Sinfonia de chambre completes the programme in this its premiere recording. Written in 1960, the work comes from a period of stability in Tansman’s life after the war, but still reflects the turmoil of those years. The dense textures and distant echoes of Bach’s Kunst Der Fuge are among the work’s most prominent neo-Baroque features.

“ …for the premiere recording of the terrific Chamber Symphony alone, this Chandos CD is an indispensable acquisition for all dedicated Tansmanians.”

Paul A Snook

Fanfare - May/June 2010

“…The music is enthusiastically played, and the sound is up to Chandos’s standards. The notes are helpful too…”

Roger Hecht

American Record Guide - March/April 2010

…”The orchestra della Svizzera Italiana clearly knows Tansman’s style inside our and relishes it…”
“…this concluding volume of Tansman’s symphonic works is definitive…”

Ivan Moody

International Record Review - February 2010

“First-rate recording quality and authoritative documentation support a more than worthwhile issue.”

David Fanning


Gramophone - March 2010

A Dziembaj