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CHAN 10585
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CHAN 10585

d'Indy: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2009


Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Rumon Gamba

Sigurdur Flosason



Haskolabio University Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland


Ralph Couzens


Georg Magnusson

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 70:19
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Istar, Op. 42

  Variations symphoniques  
  À la Société symphonique des concerts Ysaye  
  Très lent - Un peu plus animé - Plus vite - Mouvement initial -  

Choral varie, Op. 55

  pour Saxophone solo et Orchestre  
  À Madame Elise Hall, Présidente de l'Orchestral Club de Boston  
  Mouvement de Passacaille - Un peu plus animé -  
 Sigurdur Flosason saxophone

Symphony No. 3, Op. 70

  Sinfonia brevis de Bello Gallico  
  Au Commandant E. de Pampelonne  
3 I Lent et calme - Animé (Premier Mouvement) - Moins vite - 10:15
4 II Assez vite - Un peu moins vite (très peu) 4:33
5 III Lent - Plus animé - Mouvement initial (un peu animé) - 8:43
6 IV Très animé - Animé, mais un peu plus calme (Premier Mouvement) - 8:23

Diptyque mediterraneen, Op. 87

  À René et Claire de Castéra  
7 I Soleil matinal. Modéré - Un peu animé - Au Mouvement - Calme 7:27
8 II Soleil vespéral. Modéré et solennel - Avec un peu plus d'animation - 8:06

Rumon Gamba and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra follow their Grammy-nominated volume 1 and Editor’s Choice winning Volume 2 with four rare orchestral works from Vincent D’Indy’s legacy. The previous volumes have obtained such comments as ‘…superbly realised by the excellent Iceland Symphony Orchestra under Rumon Gamba and the state-of-the-art Chandos recording; definitely a key record of d’Indy’s orchestra output’ (Gramophone) and ‘this series is going to be virtually definitive’ Musical Opinion
Composed in 1916-18 at the climax of the Great War, d’Indy’s last symphony is a valid reflection of his intense patriotism. In its dramatic theatric and tonal conflicts it well portrays the heightened emotions of exaltation and terror experienced by the French nation. D’Indy’s seven-variation programmatic work, Istar, Op.42 is a beautiful, flowing work set in the underworld and inspired by the sixth canto of an ancient Assyrian epic poem called Izdubar that was probably written around 2000 B.C.
The unconventionally conceived yet well integrated work Choral Varie for Saxophone Solo ans orchestra, Op.55 employs an eclectic variety of styles. Like certain other French composers such as Bizet, D’Indy well understood the saxophone’s expressive potential. The solo role is taken by one of Iceland’s most prominent musicians, Sigurður Flosason, who has twice been nominated for the Nordic Music Prize, and four time winner of the Icelandic Music Awards.
Volume 3 is completed by D’Indy’s last orchestral work, Diptyque Mediterraneen, Op.87. It reflects the Indian summer which his happy second marriage brought him in his final decade. There is a certain similarity with the earlier Ardeche-inspired Jour d’ete a la montagne in its illustration of the sacred rhythms of nature during the course of the day, but here the influence of Debussy is clearly apparent in its superb Mediterranean-like clarity of texture.

"...The Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Rumon Gamba are thoroughly at home in all this music, and Sigurdur Flosason is a splendid soloist, phrasing with a rich, expansive tone. All four performances have striking sponteneity and the Chandos recording is very much in the demonstration bracket. if you are unfamiliar with D’Indy’s music, this CD will make an admirable introduction to a very rewarding composer."

The Penguin Guide - 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

             Artistic Quality 9      Sound Quality 9
“…this third volume in Chandos’ ongoing series deserves a spot on your shelf.”

David Hurwitz – – May 2011

"In addition to the revelation that this disc is in terms of lesser known wonderful orchestral repertoire, this is a first class introduction to the talent of the Iceland Symphony and its gifted director, maestro Gamba. I had never heard this ensemble before and they play very well indeed! It is often a good strategy for a lesser known orchestra to showcase music that is not previously recorded and given great audio treatment, as Chandos does!  The overall sound of this group is on a par with any of the top orchestras in the world and I would look forward to hearing what they can with some of the “big beasts” in the repertory. I was amply impressed and recommend that you do as I intend to – go get the first two discs in this rewarding trilogy."  ****

Daniel Coombs

Audiophile Audition - 21 December 2010

Performance *****    Recording *****

Roger Nichols

BBC Music Magazine - May 2010

"Following their first two much-praised discs, Rumon Gamba and the Iceland Symphony further champion the lushly colourful and impressionistic orchestral music of Vincent d’Indy. The core of this programme is a clearly argued and well-paced performance of the composer’s Third Symphony. It’s a fascinating work that mixes straighforward militaristic passages with a high-Romantic, 20th century language that’s part Expressionist, part Impressionist. It’s framed by three delicious tone-poems."

Emma Baker

Classic FM Magazine - May 2010

“… Vincent d’Indy wrote gorgeously expressive music that is scarcely played today. The Iceland SO and Rumon Gamba’s excellent advocacy reminds us that he was a sensual orchestral colourist, at once French and Teutonic in style. This volume  includes the erotic Istar, the eccentric but appealing Choral varie Op 55 with solo saxophone and the highly charged heroic Symphony No 3, quasi-militaristic and full of big “nobilmente” tunes…” “ Bizarrely addictive.

Fiona Maddocks

The Observer - 4 April 2010

A Tyler

M Easton

Because of his activities as a teacher, Vincent d'Indy has always been considered a dull and severe "petit maître". If, to a point, the Choral varié can match this description, such is not the case of the other works recorded here, from the lush exotic tone poem Istar, which reminds us of Dukas' La Péri, to the perfectly orchestrated Diptyque méditerranéen, full of sun and poetry. The Sinfonia Brevis manages the exploit to reflect on the Great War without ever sounding too gloomy nor too jingoistic (even the final sparkling fanfare seems serene, then joyful, more than bellicose) and can be seen in my humble opinion as the opposite of, let's say, Shostakovich's Leningrad Symphony. It also proves that d'Indy's style is less classical and outdated than its reputation and far more hedonistic. Colorful, enthusiastic, masterly orchestrated, these works are beautifully played by the Iceland Symphony under Mr Gamba, and the recording shines (especially in the Studio Master download that I strongly recommend if your gear supports it).