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CHAN 10586
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CHAN 10586

Haydn: Piano Sonatas, Volume 1

The Classical Shop
release date: March 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2009


Jean-Efflam Bavouzet



Potton Hall Studio, Westleton, Suffolk


Rachel Smith


Jonathan Cooper

Record Label



Total Time - 67:24
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Sonata No. 39 (Hob. XVI: 24)

  in D major - in D-Dur - en ré majeur  
1 I Allegro 7:11
2 II Adagio. Larghetto - 3:26
3 III Finale: Presto 2:22

Sonata No. 47 (Hob. XVI: 32)

  in B minor - in h-Moll - en si mineur  
4 I Allegro moderato 6:32
5 II Menuet. Tempo di Menuetto - Trio. Minore 3:55
6 III Finale. Presto 4:23

Sonata No. 31 (Hob. XVI: 46)

  in A flat major - in As-Dur - en la bémol majeur  
7 I Allegro moderato 11:05
8 II Adagio 9:15
  Cadenza by Jean-Efflam Bavouzet  
9 III Finale. Presto 3:51

Sonata No. 49 (Hob. XVI: 36)

  in C sharp minor - in cis-Moll - en ut dièse mineur  
10 I Moderato 7:30
11 II Scherzando. Allegro con brio 3:05
12 III Menuetto. Moderato - Trio 4:49

Jean-Efflam Bavouzet’s complete Debussy cycle has been a big hit across the world, picking up numerous awards on the way. He has now decided to embark upon a Haydn cycle highlighting the fact that he should in no way be pigeon-holed as a ‘French’ specialist. Many leading pianists have tackled these virtuosic classical Sonatas but Bavouzet really feels he has something new to say. The programme for Volume 1 includes the experimental and ambitious Sonata in A flat No.31, the elegantly virtuosic Sonata in D major No.391, the expressive Sonata in B minor, No.47 and the almost Schubertian Sonata in C sharp minor op.49. Bavouzet shipped in a specially selected Yamaha piano for the recording which he feels give the sort of tonal quality he is looking for. He will play the Sonatas at concerts across Europe and Volume 2 will be released this Autumn.

                          Interpretation ******      Sound *****      Repertoire *****

Marco Frei

Piano News - Germany - July/August 2010


Riccardo Risaliti


Musica - May 2010

               International Piano Choice
“Every second of this CD is a delight, with Bavouzet’s artistry carrying anything that might sound routine.”

Michael Church

International Piano Magazine - May/June 2010

                      Artistic Quality – 10        Sound Quality – 10
“We badly need a great Haydn sonata cycle on a modern instrument, and on evidence here Jean-Efflam Bavouzet’s promises to be just the ticket. It’s fabulous, as wonderful in its own way as was his Debussy cycle for this same label. His approach couldn’t be more intelligent …”
“Interpretively, this is as good as it gets.”  “The sonics are totally at one with the performances: brilliantly vivid, but never hard. I can’t wait for Volume 2.”

David Huwitz

                    ‘Editor’s Choice’
“Bavouzet turns from Debussy to Haydn with vivid results.” “Clarity and control from Bavouzet.”
“… the first disc in what I hope will be a long and comprehensive series.”

David Threasher

Gramophone - May 2010

“The French pianist renowned for Debussy has now turned his attention to Haydn, and the results are effervescent and dazzling.”

Nicholas Kenyon

The Observer - 4 April 2010

                          CD of the Week

“Unadulterated bliss.”     *****

Hugh Canning

The Sunday Times - 28 March 2010

“The first volume of a projected collection of the complete sonatas, this delightful disc contains four pieces across a 15-year period when the fortepiano was supplanting the harpsichord. Unlike Mozart’s sonatas, they still have a Baroque feel which Bavouzet doesn’t seek to play down, and he conveys Haydn’s impish spirit with the utmost clarity.”  ****

Paul Gent

The Telegraph - 26 March 2010

"...this first disc [Haydn series] suggests that however extensive his survey turns out to be, the results should be well worth hearing."
"...Though he exploits all the tonal possibilities of the modern concert grand, Bavouzet also makes full use of the latest ideas on performance practice...It’s the best kind of historically alert piano playing."  ****

Andrew Clements

The Guardian - 26 March 2010

“…This first release is a long-term series offers four sonatas, dispatched with scintillating brightness and many ornamental trills. Bavouzet’s fingers are so spiky and sprightly that you might yearn for some flowing legato. It’s impossible not too be impressed, though, by the grand carnival of the relatively lengthy No 31 in A flat.”

Geoff Brown

The Times - 13 March 2010

Performance ****        Recording ****

Bayan Northcott

BBC Music Magazine - April 2010

“…Bavouzet seems completely in his element throughout this fine disc, the recorded sound is close but natural, and the booklet notes by Marc Vigal are as elegant and insightful as the playing. I look forward to the next volume in this series.”

Charles Timbrell

International Record Review - March 2010

“…Altogether, this beautifully  recorded disc promises well for another classic Bavouzet set to compliment his prize-winning Debussy recordings.”  *****

Jeremy Nicholas

Classic FM Magazine - April 2010

               Album of the Week’
“…Bavouzet shines brilliantly in Haydn’s first ‘great concert sonata’, but he is just as good with the intimate moments: roll on the rest CD in this complete cycle.”

Michael Church

The Independent - 27 February 2010

J Hornby

M Milone