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CHAN 10593
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CHAN 10593

Bowen: Works For Piano, Vol 4

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2010

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2009


Joop Celis



Willem Hijstek Zaal, Maastricht Conservatory, The Netherlands

18-20 Jul 2009


Joop Celis

Bert van Dijk


Bert van Dijk

Christianne Celis


Record Label



Total Time - 78:43
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  Works for Piano, Vol 4  
  premiere recordings (except *)  



Partita, Op.156 *

  To Jonathan Frank  
1 Prelude. Moderato - Allegro moderato 1:42
2 Gavotte. Allegretto grazioso 1:39
3 Sarabande. Andante tranquillo 2:48
4 Minuet. Allegretto grazioso 1:16
5 Gigue. Allegro vivace 2:08

Suite Mignonne, Op.39

  Fourth Suite  
  To My Pupil: Miss Kathleen Richards  
6 I Prelude: Moderato 3:15
7 II Valse. Un poco sostenuto 2:35
8 III Moto perpetuo (Finale). Veloce e leggiero - [ ] - Tempo i * 2:45

Third Suite, Op.38

  To Frederic Corder Esq. 1914  
9 I Allegro. Allegro con spirito - [ ] - Tempo I 3:31
10 II Intermezzo. Andante cantabile - [ ] - Tempo I 3:11
11 III Scherzo. Allegro vivo - Legato e cantabile - Tempo I - [ ] - Tempo I 3:31
12 IV Valse-rêverie. Poco lento e rubato 2:24
13 V Toccata (Finale). Allegro vivo (ma non troppo) - Più mosso - Tempo I - Tempo animato e stretto molto 3:51

Three Sketches, Op.43

14 I Andante con moto 2:52
15 II Andantino grazioso 3:15
16 III Andante semplice 3:55

Sonatina, Op.144

  To Michael Matthews  
17 I Allegro e semplice 4:06
18 II Andante espressivo 3:12
19 III Finale. Allegro assai e giocoso 2:58

Three Novelettes, Op.124

  To Marion Keyte-Perry, 1947  
20 1 Andantino grazioso 4:14
21 2 Allegro maestoso - Largamente - Animato 3:27
22 3 Andantino espressivo - Ben sostenuto - A tempo 3:38

Polonaise, Op.26 No.2

  in F sharp major  
  To Tobias Matthay  
  Allegro maestoso - Poco meno mosso - Tempo I - Poco più tranquillo - Tempo I  

A Whim, Op.19 No.2

  Moderato, ma molto scherzando e rubato - [ ] - Tempo I  

This disc is the fourth in a series devoted to Bowen’s solo piano music, and like the earlier issues it is made up of a wide range of different works, from relatively large-scale structures to quite short, almost miniature, pieces. Unlike that of any other British composer of his generation, Bowen’s music for piano was written with the most profound understanding of the capabilities of the modern concert grand piano.
The music here comes from two distinct periods in Bowen’s life: the first two decades of the new century and the period from 1949 to 1960. Despite the varying nature of their provenance, the music throughout has an impressive consistency of style.
Here are the delightful and beautifully articulate three-movement Sonatina of 1954 and the early Suite Mignonne (the Fourth Suite) and Third Suite, both composed shortly before Bowen volunteered to join the Scots Guards during World War I. Also included are the Three Novelettes, published in 1949, which exemplify much of the emotional mood of the music of this collection, besides the rare influence of Sibelius and Bax. The early Polonaise in F sharp is a very different study: clearly a thinly veiled homage to Chopin, it demonstrates Bowen’s skill in creating a large single piece within a stylised dance form. The album is completed by another early inspiration, the distinctively titled miniature ‘A Whim’.
The pianist Joop Celis has given lecture recitals on the piano works of York Bowen for the Dutch and Belgian branches of the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA), and has also published essays on the composer. In 2005 he gave master-classes, lectures and recitals both in South Korea and China, performing piano works by Bowen and others. His previous three CDs for Chandos, likewise with works by York Bowen, have received outstanding reviews in the international press.

“…A thoroughly delightful disc. I for one look forward to the continuation of Celis’s Bowen project."

Robert Marlow


Fanfare - November/December 2010

“…The recordings are excellent, the playing consistently good.”



American Record Guide - September/October 2010

“…Pianist Joop Celis is putting us in his debt by introducing us to this fine composer…” “This Chandos release has a Partita, Sketches, Novelettes, a Polonaise a Suite and a Sonatina, all of which are rewarding.”

Peter Spaull

Liverpool Daily Post - May 2010

“…Celis’s performances are scintillating. That can be said for all his playing on this recording. He dispatches the heroic and virtuosic with ease, yet his playing displays a great sensitivity to the more romantic side of Bowen’s music.”  

Peter Marchbank                           

International Record Review - May 2010

“More magic moments from York Bowen as Joop Celis reaches his fourth volume.” “…Altogether a lovely disc”

Jeremy Nicolas

Gramophone - June 2010

R Wood