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CHAN 10664
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CHAN 10664

Halvorsen: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Neeme Jarvi

Ragnhild Hemsing

Hardanger fiddle

Marianne Thorsen



Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway


Brian Pidgeon


Ralph Couzens

Gunnar Herleif Nilsen

(Assistant, NRK)

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 79:51
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Symphony No. 3

  in C major - in C-Dur - en ut majeur  
  Edited by Jørn Fossheim  
1 I Poco andante - Allegro moderato - Tranquillo - Poco più mosso - A tempo. 10:01
2 II Andante - Allegro moderato - Tranquillo - Allegro molto - Andante. 7:58
3 III Finale. Allegro impetuoso - Poco meno mosso - Tranquillo - Stretto - Animando - 8:46
premiere recording

Sorte Svaner

  (Black Swans)  
  Andante - Più mosso - Un poco animato  

Bryllupsmarsch, Op. 32 No. 1

  (Wedding March)  
  for Violin Solo and Orchestra  
  Til Arve Arvesen  
  Allegretto marziale - Coda  
 Marianne Thorsen violin
premiere recording

Rabnabryllaup uti Kraakjalund

  (Wedding of Ravens in the Grove of the Crows)  
  Norwegian Folk Melody Arranged for String Orchestra  

Fossegrimen, Op. 21

  Dramatic Suite for Orchestra  
  Deres Majestæter Kong Håkon VII. og Dronning Maud i dybeste ærbødighed tilegnet  
  Melina Mandozzi, violin  
7 I Fossegrimen. Allegro moderato - Meno allegro - Più lento - Più vivo - 6:29
8 II Huldremøyarnes Dans. Allegretto grazioso 3:01
9 III Bruremarsch. Allegretto marciale - Coda 5:51
10 Danse visionaire (Måneskinsmøyarne). À sa femme Annie. Andante - Allegretto molto moderato - 7:15
11 IV Melodrame og Auds Sang. Allegro - Andante - Andante con moto 4:32
12 V Fanitullen. Allegro con fuoco - Coda - Andante 2:35
 Ragnhild Hemsing Hardanger fiddle


  Rococo Variations on an Old Melody from Bergen Københavns filharmoniske Orkester tilegnet  
  Moderaro (Tempo di Menuetto) -  
  Tema -  
  Variation I. Stesso tempo -  
  Variation II. Un poco più mosso -  
  Variation III. Allegretto -  
  Variation IV. Allegro con brio -  
  Variation V. Andante religioso e molto cantabile -  
  Variation VI. Allegro giocoso -  
  Moderato (Tempo di Menuetto) -  
  Tema -  
  Pesante - Sostenuto  

Neeme Järvi is back conducting the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in the third volume in Chandos’ series devoted to the orchestral works of the Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen. They are joined on this recording by Ragnhild Hemsing on Norway’s national instrument, the Hardanger fiddle, and by Marianne Thorsen on violin. Johan Halvorsen was a highly prominent figure in Norway’s musical life during the first decades of the twentieth century, and the works on this CD are all performed by the orchestra that he himself conducted in the 1890s.

Volumes 1 and 2 have both been CD of the Week on Classic FM radio, and of the latter, Classic FM said: ‘[Halvorsen’s] music is distinctive, expertly written, endlessly tuneful and thoroughly engaging… every phrase pulsates with charm and energy, making even the simplest of gestures feel like musical gold.’

Halvorsen wrote substantial amounts of music for dramas, but most of it was overshadowed by the success of Fossegrimen, which is one of the most performed dramas ever on the Norwegian stage. Described as a ‘troll-play in four parts’, Fossegrimen, by Sigurd Eldegard, had its premiere in January 1905. On this occasion, Halvorsen was not just the composer and conductor, but also the soloist on the Hardanger fiddle, which for the first time in history was used as a solo instrument with symphony orchestra. Due to tight schedules, Halvorsen often reused earlier compositions when writing music for the stage. ‘Danse visionnaire’ – inspired by a poem by Arne Garborg and describing a dream vision of girls dancing in the moonlight – was one of these ‘recycled works’. The piece was originally included in Fossegrimen, but later abandoned when Halvorsen realised that this would over time be regarded as one of his main works and as such demanded exclusively original music. ‘Danse visionnaire’, here recorded with the Suite from Fossegrimen for the first time, later gained great success in its own right, not least as ballet music for Norway’s most celebrated ballerina in the 1910s, Lillebil Ibsen.

Symphony No. 3 was described by Halvorsen himself as a ‘lyrical symphony’. It includes the strong Grieg-motif in the first movement, and later scattered references to the First Symphony by Sibelius, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, and Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto. Particularly unusual is Halvorsen’s original use of glockenspiel (campanelli) in the Finale, which creates a striking effect. Eventually he reconsidered and crossed out this entire part from the score, perhaps for fear of the critics’ reaction. However, for this recording, Neeme Järvi has chosen to restore the glockenspiel to the orchestra to recreate the sound of Halvorsen’s original idea.


"...Strongly recommended."

Barry Brenesal - Fanfare - September/October 2012

         **** Excellent

Paolo Bertoli – Musica magazine – September 2011

           Recording of the Month

"Utterly beguiling"

Nick Barnard - - June 2011

“… this third volume in the Halvorsen series maintains the high standards and rewards of its companions … Järvi, predictably, inspires splendidly alive and vibrant playing from the Bergen Philharmonic, and the Chandos team … produce a first-class balance and lifelike sound to delight us. The booklet is highly informative and well produced.”

Robert Layton – International Record Review – July/August 2011

“…The Bergen Philharmonic under Jarvi respond with commitment throughout, relishing the challenges of the music as much as the opportunity to showcase it, nowhere more so
than in Bergensiana (1924) …Top-notch Chandos sound completes a splendid, jam-packed disc.”

Guy Rickards – Gramophone Magazine  - June 2011


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