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CHAN 10738
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CHAN 10738

Rozsa: Orchestral Works, Volume 3

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


BBC Philharmonic

Rumon Gamba

Jennifer Pike



MediaCity UK, Salford


Brian Pidgeon

Mike George

Jonathan Cooper

(Concerto for String Orchestra, Finale)

Ralph Couzens


Brian Pidgeon

(Violin Concerto)


Stephen Rinker

Denise Else


Mike Smith

(Assistant: Concerto for String Orchestra)

Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 74:22
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Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 24

  For Jascha Heifetz  
1 I Allegro non troppo ma passionato. - Poco animato - 13:09
2 II Lento cantabile - Poco animato - Tempo I - Poco animato - Più largamente - 9:35
3 III Allegro vivace - Tempo I - Poco meno allegro - 8:29
  Meno mosso  
 Jennifer Pike violin

Concerto for String Orchestra, Op. 17

4 I Moderato, ma risoluto ed energico - Un poco mosso - Ancora più mosso - Meno mosso - 8:34
5 II Lento con gran espressione - Un poco più largamente - 7:18
6 III Allegro giusto - Un poco più mosso - Più vivo - Ancora più vivo - Meno mosso ma non troppo adagio - 7:54

Theme, Variations and Finale, Op. 3

  For Orchestra  
7 Theme. Andante rubato 0:36
8 Variation I. Poco animato ed al rigore di tempo - L'istesso tempo 1:30
9 Variation II. Allegro scherzando 1:10
10 Variation III. Un poco meno allegro ma sempre molto energico - Più allegro 1:13
11 Variation IV. Moderato con gran espressione 3:37
12 Variation V. Vivo con spirito - Vivace 1:14
13 Variation VI. Andante quasi pastorale - Tranquillo 2:58
14 Variation VII. Allegro molto agitato e tumultuoso 1:17
15 Variation VIII. Moderato e molto giusto - Largamente e molto pesante - Più mosso 1:32
16 Finale. Vivace - Più animato - Tempo di Vivace - Più mosso e sempre agitato - Meno mosso e molto largamente - Vivacissimo 4:16

This is Volume 3 in our series of orchestral works by Miklós Rózsa. The composer’s unique musical voice was highly influenced by his Hungarian roots, and his works often dazzle with virtuosity. The BBC Philharmonic and Rumon Gamba here pull out all the stops to play these works with the precision and passion they require. Jennifer Pike, an exclusive Chandos artist, joins them in the Violin Concerto.

The Theme, Variations and Finale was completed in Paris during 1933. The initial idea, a melancholy oboe theme, came to Rózsa as he was leaving Budapest to settle in Paris. He had made his farewells to his family – it was the last time he would ever see his father – and the somber occasion no doubt left its mark on this work. Premiered by Charles Munch in Duisburg in 1934, the work proved so successful that it was quickly taken up by Bruno Walter, Eugene Ormandy, and Leonard Bernstein.

The Concerto for String Orchestra was composed in New York during 1943. Rózsa had just completed his score for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and felt the need to write something non-cinematic; this Concerto was the result. The underlying theme is muscular, brutal, and aggressive: no doubt a reflection of a world in the midst of war. 

Every year Rózsa would take a three-month holiday from the film studios in order to compose music for the concert hall. The Violin Concerto was written in 1953, during one such break, for the violinist Jascha Heifetz, who collaborated with the composer on details of it. About seventeen years later, Rózsa adapted the work for his soundtrack to the film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

 “Here’s a superbly played and recorded programme of three rich, vibrant, romantic mid-20th Century scores ... “

Lawrence Hansen – American Record Guide – March/April 2013 

             ***** - Exceptional

Ricardo Cassani - Musica magazine - March 2013

"...This generously filled release will be a must for all Rózsa enthusiasts. Others with a liking for well crafted and attractive music will also find much to enjoy here. I cannot wait too long for the forthcoming volumes." 
Hubert Culot - - 7 January 2013

 “... on this spacious new recording I was particularly impressed by the wide landscapes of the slow movement [Violin Concerto] and the dream-like episode in the middle of the finale. Comparing Jennifer Pike’s performance with the original Heifetz recording, hers appears cooler and more contemplative. Though she plays the brilliant passages extremely well, she lacks something of Heifetz’s manic energy and his ability to make of each movement a single passionate utterance. There’s much to be said for this calmer performance, highlighting the beauty of Rozsa’s intricate interplay between violin and orchestra.”

Duncan Druce – Gramophone magazine – January 2013


                        **** - Excellent Album

Maxime Lawrence - Classica magazine - December 2012 - January 2013

                     Performance *****        Recording *****

“...her [ Jennifer Pike] finest recording yet. The BBC Philharmonic and Rumon Gamba are on excellent form both here and in the stunning Concerto for String Orchestra... “

Julian Haylock – BBC Music magazine – Christmas 2012

"...Excellent notes by Andrew Knowles provide a helpful guide to all three works; and the sound is spacious and rich. This is a most attractive recording - best of all in the Violin Concerto - that deserves to be snapped up by any admirer of Rózsa’a music."

Nigel Simeone - International Record Review magazine - November 2012

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