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CHAN 10753
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CHAN 10753

Turina: Orchestral Works

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


BBC Philharmonic

Juanjo Mena

Clara Mouriz



MediaCity UK, Salford


Brian Pidgeon

Mike George

Ralph Couzens



Stephen Rinker

Celia Hutchison

(Assistant: 21 June 2012)

Denise Else

(Assistant: 9 December 2011 & 27 January 2012)

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 70:17
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Danzas fantasticas, Op. 22

  For Orchestra  
  A mi mujer  
1 I Exaltación. Lento - Vivo - Poco meno - Vivo - Poco meno - Vivo - Lento- 5:37
2 II Ensueño. Cadencia ad libitum - Moderato - Allegretto casi Andantino - Tempo I. Moderato - 5:34
3 III Orgía. Allegretto mosso quasi allegro - Più vivo - 4:27

Poema en forma de canciones, Op. 19

4 I Dedicatoria. Allegro - Allegretto - Tempo I - Cediendo - 2:37
5 II Nunca olvida…. Andante 1:51
6 III Cantares. Allegro vivo - Allegretto - Allegro vivo 2:05
7 IV Los dos miedos. Andantino casi andante - Allegretto - Andantino casi andante - Mas lento 2:55
8 V Las locas por amor. Allegro con brio 1:20
 Clara Mouriz mezzo-soprano

Saeta en forma de Salve a la Virgen de la Esperanza, Op. 60

 Clara Mouriz mezzo-soprano

Farruca from 'Triptico', Op. 45

  For voice and orchestra  
  Allegretto mosso - Poco più lento  
 Clara Mouriz mezzo-soprano

Ritmos, Op. 43

  Fantasia coreográfica  
11 Preludio. Lento 2:08
12 Danza lenta. Andantino - 1:54
13 Vals trágicao. Allegretto - Moderato - Vivo - 2:58
14 Garrotín. Allegretto ritmico - Più mosso - Tempo I. Allegretto ritmico - 3:34
15 Intermedio. Lento 1:30
16 Danza exótica. Moderato - Allegro 2:57

Sinfonia sevillana, Op. 23

  A José Mas  
17 I Panorama. Andante - Allegretto - Andante - Allegro molto moderato - 7:24
18 II Por el río Guadalquivir. Andante - Allegretto - Andantino mosso - Tempo I. Andante - 7:07
19 III Fiesta en San Juan de Aznalfarache. Allegro vivo - Siempre vivo - Andante - Tempo I. Vivo - Andante - 7:44

Chandos CHAN 10753

Turina: Orchestral Works – Clara Mouriz (mezzo-soprano), BBC Philharmonic, Juanjo Mena

This download forms part of Chandos’ ongoing Spanish Music series, performed by the BBC Philharmonic and its Chief Conductor, Juanjo Mena. Here the focus is on the orchestral works of the composer Joaquín Turina, one of the two leading Spanish composers of the twentieth century, the other being Manuel de Falla. Turina was a prolific composer, who in his sixty-seven years wrote more than one hundred works, in which he explored a wide range of classical genres, from symphonic music, solo piano pieces, and vocal works to ballet scores and chamber music. Most of these show the influences of traditional Andalusian music – often conveying feelings of rapture and immense exaltation – while also owing a debt to a range of French composers.

 "... there are the excellent programming choices. The Danzas fantásticas are probably Turina’s most famous work, as exciting and colourfully scored as overtly Spanish music gets. The Sinfonía sevillana is substantial, totally attractive, evocative, and fairly concise. It knows how to win you over, but also not to overstay its welcome. Why it’s not a repertoire staple is beyond me. Then fill out the rest of the disc with the exciting Ritmos and a series of gorgeous songs for mezzo-soprano. There can hardly be a better Intro to Turina..."

Brian Reinhart - - 11 September 2013

“... a must purchase for admirers of this composer...”

Roger Hecht – American Record Guide – July/August 2013

“...In all the music on this well-filled disc you will hear a style of Impressionism that is not cool and misty but ablaze with heat and light. The BBC Philharmonic relish Turina’s textures under Mena’s idiomatic direction, and typically rich Chandos sound is everything one could wish. This is well worth collecting alongside Mena’s previous discs of music by Falla and Montsalvatge...”

Phillip Scott – – 30 May 2013

                                **** - Excellent disc 

Stéphanie Friderich - Classical magazine - May 2013

 "...With the exception of the moderately paced Saeta the remaining works generally inhabit a similar sound-world. Turina’s highly rhythmic and vivid coloration combined with his passionate approach invariably produce steamy evocations of baking Spanish sunshine. With infectious enjoyment Mena and the BBC Phil ideally capture the expressive mood of these joyous scores. Produced at MediaCity UK, in Salford this open and clear recording ticks all the right boxes."

Michael Cookson - - May 2013

“...The three vocal items here are novelties ... They are sung with ravishing sweetness of tone by Clara Mouriz, who sounds born to sing them... The orchestra’s playing and Chandos’s sumptuous sound place this new disc in the front rank ...”
Guy Rickards – Gramophone magazine – April 2013

"... As an introduction to an unfairly neglected composer, this disc couldn’t be bettered. It’s also very nicely recorded."
Graham Rickson - - 9 March 2013

                 Recording of the Week
"...  An early contender for one of my discs of the year and if this does not feature in other similar lists and awards I will be surprised. Simply magnificent and a must-hear for all those with a penchant for all things Spanish and ripely orchestrated."
Nick Barnard - - March 2013

"... Warmly recommended."
Nigel Simeone - International Record Review - February 2013

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