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CHAN 10760
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CHAN 10760

d'Indy: Orchestral Works, Volume 5

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Rumon Gamba

Louis Lortie



Eldborg, Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland


Ralph Couzens


Georg Magnusson

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 72:37
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Symphonie sur un Chant montagnard francais, Op. 25

  (Symphony on a French Mountain Air)  
  (Symphonie cévenole)  
  for Orchestra and Piano  
1 I Assez lent - Modérément animé - Un peu plus vite - 11:55
  Premier Mouvement (Modéré) -  
  Premier Mouvement (Modérément animé) - Un peu plus  
  vite -  
  Premier Mouvement (Modérément animé) - Assez lent  
2 II Assez modéré, mais sans lenteur - Un peu plus vite - Modéré- 7:16
  Premier Mouvement - Modéré - Un peu plus vite  
3 III Animé - Plus modéré - Un peu plus agité - 7:07
  Premier Mouvement (Animé) - Plus modéré - Un peu plus agité -  
  Premier Mouvement (Animé) -  
  Mouvement du No II (Assez modéré) - Animé  
  Mouvement du No II - Animé - Très animé -  
  Même mouvement - Plus modéré, mais très intense d'expression - Un peu plus agité - Très vite  
 Louis Lortie piano

Prelude to Act I of 'Fervaal', Op. 40

  Lent et calme - Plus lent - En animant un peu -  
  Premier Mouvement, très calme - Très retenu  

Saugefleurie, Op. 21

  Legend after Robert de Bonnières (1850-1905)  
5 Assez lent et calme - Plus vite - 4:32
6 Gaîment, mais modéré - 2:48
7 Assez lent et calme - Un peu plus vite - Plus animé - Vif et agité - Un peu moins vite - 3:42
8 Tempo I (un peu plus vite) - Gaîment, mais modéré - Plus lent - Lent et calme 4:50

Medee, Op. 47

  Orchestral Suite after the Tragedy by Catulle Mendès (1841-1909)  
9 1 Prélude. Très lent - Vif - Un peu retenu - 8:48
  Premier Mouvement (Vif) - Lent et calme  
10 2 Pantomime. Assez lent - Danse. Un peu plus vite 3:11
11 3 L'Attente de Médée. Très lent - Très animé - 5:04
  Premier Mouvement (Très lent)  
12 4 Médée et Jason. Modérément animé - Animé - Beaucoup plus modéré - Animé - Plus modéré - Assez lent - Plus lent 3:51
13 5 Le Triomphe Auroral. Très lent - Plus vite - 4:20
  Premier Mouvement - Solennel  

Chandos CHAN 10760

D’Indy: Orchestral Works, Vol. 5 – Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Rumon Gamba

This is the latest volume in the Chandos series exploring the orchestral output of Vincent d’Indy, nicknamed ‘The Samson of Music’ by Fauré for his work as a composer, conductor, and teacher. His style was essentially eclectic, strongly influenced by Beethoven and Wagner, into which he frequently incorporated folk melodies.

Based on a folk tune from the Tourtous, the Symphonie sur un Chant montagnard français has become one of the composer’s best-loved works. The highly atmospheric work is scored for piano and orchestra; however, far from engaging in conflict with the orchestra, the soloist operates on equal terms. The part is here performed by the internationally acclaimed Louis Lortie.

The symphonic poem Saugefleurie tells the story of the tragic love between Saugefleurie, a lonely yet charming little fairy, and the King’s son, based on a poem from the Contes de fées by Robert de Bonnières, a friend of the composer’s. The Wagnerian influence is apparent throughout; however, in terms of orchestration and sonority the work remains characteristically French.

Among the now forgotten works of the French poet, novelist, and dramatist Catulle Mendès is the play Medée, based on the Greek myth of Medea, who murdered her two sons to avenge her rejection by her lover, Jason, the leader of the Argonauts. D’Indy wrote incidental music to the play in 1898, and later preserved much of it in the form of an orchestral suite in five movements, recorded here.

Also on the theme of doomed love is d’Indy’s first opera, Fervaal, a work of Wagnerian scale and proportions, and clearly displaying the influence of Parsifal in the complex network of leitmotivs. At the same time, in its historical setting at the time of the Saracen invasion, and in its musical evocation of local colour, it reflects the earlier Parisian Grand Opéra of Meyerbeer and Halévy.

                    **** (Excellent)

Ricardo Risaliti – Musica magazine (Italy) – February 2014  


 "... one hopes this excellently recorded CD will help to reassert the qualities of this fine composer ... the recording  ... is superb." *****

Robert Matthew-Walker - Musical Opinion - November/December 2013

 "... a fine compendium..."

Steven J Haller - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

 Music ***** (Excellent)                Sound ****(Very Good)

Clemens Haustein – Fono Forum magazine – August 2013

"...Rumon Gambas interpretations are sensual and full of tension. His orchestra boasts a technically talented and particularly in the textures packed game..." ****
Rémy Franck - Pizzicato magazine - July 2013

                      Performance ****      Recording ***

“... throughout, the playing is warm and unfussy.”

Roger Nichols – BBC Music magazine – August 2013   


               Choc de Classica

Michel Fleury - Classica magazine - June 2013

 "... This beautifully crafted - and impeccably interpreted - music knows how to weave a magical spell."

John Terauds - - 23 April 2013

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