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CHAN 10762
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CHAN 10762

Schumann & Brahms: Violin Sonatas

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Tom Poster


Jennifer Pike



Potton Hall, Dunwich, Suffolk


Rachel Smith


Jonathan Cooper

Record Label




Total Time - 54:20
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Sonata No. 1, Op. 78

  in G major - in G-Dur - en sol majeur  
  for Piano and Violin  
1 Vivace ma non troppo - Più sostenuto - Tempo I 10:24
2 Adagio - Più andante - Adagio come prima 7:33
3 Allegro molto moderato - Più moderato 8:16



Sonata No. 1, Op. 105

  in A minor - in a-Moll - en la mineur  
  for Piano and Violin  
4 Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck 7:34
5 Allegretto 4:13
6 Lebhaft 5:09



Three Romances, Op. 22

  for Violin and Piano  
  Joseph Joachim freundschaftlichst gewidmet  
7 I Andante molto 3:19
  in D flat major - in Des-Dur - en ré bémol majeur  
8 II Allegretto 3:03
  in G minor - in g-Moll - en sol mineur  
9 III Leidenschaftlich schnell 4:49
  in B flat major - in B-Dur - en si bémol majeur  



Jennifer Pike was the youngest-ever winner of the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2002. She has given performances throughout the UK and around the world and, now aged twenty-three, is widely regarded as one of the finest violinists in Britain. The pianist Tom Poster who performs alongside her is well known for his artistry and versatility, equally in demand as a soloist and as a chamber musician. This recital features violin sonatas by Brahms and Robert Schumann as well as Three Romances by Clara Schumann. Robert Schumann’s Violin Sonata No. 1 is very much a ‘Duo’, the two instrumentalists performing in equal partnership. It was written in 1851 at quite a stressful time in Schumann’s life. There is certainly an air of robustness, even roughness, in the baroque-style finale. By contrast, in Brahms’s Violin Sonata No. 1, the violin is always the principal voice, the piano never a competitor but rather a subtle accompanist. Brahms wrote the work in memory of his godson Felix Schumann who had died of tuberculosis at the tragically young age of twenty-four. Clara Schumann’s Three Romances was her only work for violin and piano, but whilst the violin is allowed to sing throughout, the complexity of the piano part testifies to its having been composed by a pianist of the first rank.


"...The most interesting part of this program is the Three Romances by Clara Schumann, dedicated to her frequent sonata partner, Joeseph Joachim... they are engaging and heartfelt ... Excellent booklet notes by Callum MacDonald and good sound as usual by Chandos."

Joseph Magil - American Record Guide - November/December 2013

"... this is a rewarding program and I can recommend this disc especially for the Schumann sonata."

Alan Swanson - Fanfare - September/October 2013

“...Pike’s 1708 Goffriller instrument sings sweetly on this beautiful and intimate program. From the hauntingly lovely opening bars of the Brahms Sonata the listener knows they are in for special treat. Pike’s phrasing throughout is full and mature – never hurried, never over the top – but with beautiful lines and pitch-perfect intonation. She and Poster enjoy a warm symbiosis which is entirely apt for the works of three composers who were locked together by fate... This album, superbly recorded by the Chandos team, is not to be missed.” ****

Steve Moffatt – Limelight magazine – 22 August 2013


 "... Her [Pike] phrasing beautifully shadowed by painist Tom Poster, Pike delivers a performance of strident purity..."

Anna Picard - The Independent - 23 March 2013

“...Pike’s timbre throughout is warmly appealing, and she shares Poster’s sensitive response to each work. The Chandos recording is balanced (not forwardly) in a warm acoustic, and suits the music and music-making admirably. This is well worth exploring.”

Ivan March – Gramophone magazine – June 2013 

 " ... a highly attractive aura of warmth ... beautifully played..."

Geoffrey Norris - The Telegraph - 4 May 2013

“...Pike and her accompanist Tom Poster demonstrate an unusual flair for emotional narrative... A fine release. “  ****”

Julian Haylock – – 23 April 2013

                          Performance (Brahms) ****      (R & C Schumann) *****           Recording ***** 

“...this is a refreshingly projected performance which boasts an almost ideal fluidity in terms of manipulation of tempo and nuance in the first movement [Brahms]... warm-hearted performances of the Clara Schumann Romances ... the distinction of the performances is never in doubt.”
Erik Levi – BBC Music magazine – May 2013  

A splendid recording with an excellent partnership between Pike & Poster - it is wrong in these works to describe the pianist as an "accompanist". The little known Clara Schumann works make an interesting addition to the better known repertoire. The acoustics of Potton Hall are lovely and the recorded sound (heard on CD burnt from a lossless download) is absolutely outstanding, the performers could be present in one's listening room. Glorious music making.
d coleman