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CHAN 10830
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CHAN 10830

David Childs / BBCNOW / Tovey- The Symphonic Euphonium

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2014


BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Bramwell Tovey

David Childs



BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales


Tim Thorne


Huw Thomas

Jonathan Cooper

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 77:59
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(b. 1926)
Select Complete Single Disc for

Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra (1972)

1 I Moderato - Allegro vivace - Meno mosso - Pochissimo meno - Un poco animando - 5:13
2 II Lento - Adagio - Poco più moto - Tranquillo - Lento - 6:39
3 III Con moto 4:05


(b. 1949)

Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra (1995)

  Original version for brass band, arranged for orchestra by the composer in 2000  
  Part One  
4 I Non troppo allegro - A tempo preciso - Poco più mosso - 7:05
5 II Dance. Zeibékikos. Tempo di Allegro barbaro - Più mosso 2:39
  Part Two  
6 III Andante - Adagio - Quasi Cadenza - Adagio - Cadenza - 4:52
7 IV Allegro vivace - Festivo - Tempo I - Presto 3:34



The Sunne Rising - The King Will Ride, Op. 182 (2002)

  Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra  
8 1 Andante - 2:34
9 2 Presto - 4:32
10 3 Andante - 4:38
11 4 Allegretto - 3:56
12 5 Andante - Cadenza - 2:57
13 6 Vivo 3:48


(b. 1944)

Concerto for Euphonium and Orchestra (2009)

  For David Childs  
14 1 The Juggler. With a sense of fun 5:56
15 2 Romanza. Romantically 4:41
16 3 'It takes two...'. Seductively 5:00
17 4 A Troika? Tidy. With energy - Adagio - Tempo I - [Cadenza] - Tempo I 5:50
  TT 78:44      
 David Childs euphonium
 Bramwell Tovey
  8-10 January 2014  

The Symphonic Euphonium – David Childs, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Bramwell Tovey

For many years since its invention in 1843 the euphonium was only to be heard in ensembles, but recent decades have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of the euphonium as a solo instrument. Today David Childs leads the way as the world’s foremost euphonium soloist, making the case for this once neglected instrument to growing audiences worldwide with his stunning virtuosity and extrovert musicality. Here, with Bramwell Tovey and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, he performs four important concertos by British composers.

Joseph Horovitz’s Concerto for Euphonium and Chamber Orchestra, commissioned by the National Brass Band Festival in 1972, was among the first euphonium concertos ever written and set the benchmark for future generations of soloists and composers. Philip Wilby’s Concerto was composed in 1995 and has remained immensely popular ever since, especially for its fast and furious second movement, entitled ‘Zeibékikos’ after the plate-smashing Greek dance. The other two works on the disc were commissioned by David Childs and represent a small part of his enormous contribution to the euphonium repertoire. Alun Hoddinott’s The Sunne Rising – The King Will Ride is full of the Welsh composer’s characteristic orchestral colour, while the solo part is dazzling in its virtuosity. Perhaps the most popular of Childs’s commissions has been Karl Jenkins’s Euphonium Concerto from 2009. In its four character movements it encapsulates the essence of the solo instrument.

 "...Childs’s playing is wonderful, the extended range and physical agility defying credibility...  Exemplary presentation, good notes and rich sound, all accompanied with skill and sympathy by Bramwell Tovey’s BBC National Orchestra of Wales."

Graham Rickson - - 10 January 2015

“It’s easy to enjoy David Child’s warm honeyed tones as his euphonium dances through this enjoyable selection of British concertos …”   ***


Geoff Brown – BBC Music magazine (Brief News Section) – January 2015

“… I believe this CD to be groundbreaking in as far as it is the first time, in y knowledge, that a supreme artist from a brass band instrument has performed and recorded such a CD containing four concertos with orchestral accompaniment, two of which were written for him. Everyone participating in this recording deserves our congratulations: the soloist David Childs, the conductor Bramwell Tovey, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, BBC Radio 3 and Chandos.”

David Read – The Brass Herald – December 2014-January 2015 

                      Solo CD of the Year

"...It’s a disc that will appeal not only to brass players, but to music lovers throughout the world."

Brass Band World magazine - November 2014

                CD of the Month

Programme *****      Performance *****      Recording *****      Presentation *****

“Superlatives are much over-used in modern journalistic parlance, but this is a recording that, in every possible way, deserves the adage of ‘milestone’.  In promoting the euphonium beyond the realms of the brass band world, David Childs has done more for his instrument and its repertoire than perhaps any other player before him, but with this latest release that accolade is taken to a whole new level. .. showcasing four substantial, yet greatly contrasting concertos with the accompaniment of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, David Childs emerges not only as a player of formidable technique, but also as an all-round performer of consummate musicality…”
Christopher Thomas – Brass Band World magazine – October 2014

An extraordinary performance, superb repertoire but unfortunately a recording that sounds unnatural and very odd. The euphonium plays as if it is some where else no in the typical left of center position giving it a highly unnatural position and highly reverberant sound. It is as if the euphonium is another room far to the right of the orchestral performers. This is too bad since otherwise the mix of concertos and playing are fist rate.
S Bruce