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CHAN 241-32M
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CHAN 241-32
(multiple CD Set)

Dukas:The Essential

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2006

Originally recorded in 2005


BBC Philharmonic

Ulster Orchestra

Ulster Orchestra


Yan Pascal Tortelier

Margaret Fingerhut



Ulster Hall, Belfast

Studio 7, New Broadcasting House, Manchester

St Bartholemews Church, Orford, Suffolk


Brian Couzens

(Fanfare, La Péri, L'Apprenti sorcier, Sonate, Prélude élégiaque, La Plainte, au loin, du faune. . .)

Brian Pidgeon

(Executive: Symphony in C major, Polyeucte)

Ralph Couzens

(Symphony in C major, Polyeucte)


Ralph Couzens

(Fanfare, La Péri, L'Apprenti sorcier)

Brian Couzens

(Sonate, Prélude élégiaque, La Plainte, au loin du faune. . .)

Richard Lee

(Assistant: Fanfare, La Péri, L'Apprenti sorcier)

Ben Connellan

(Assistant: Fanfare, La Péri, L'Apprenti sorcier)

Janet Middlebrook

(Assistant: Sonate, Prélude élégiaque, La Plainte, au loin, du faune. . .)

Don Hartridge

(Symphony in C major, Polyeucte)

Record Label
2 for 1


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 143:10
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The Essential Dukas
For the first time Dukas best orchestral works including L’Apprenti sorcier, put together in this two disc set for the price of one. Played by the Ulster Orchestra and BBC Philharmonic, all conducted by Yan Pascal Tortelier.
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Fanfare pour précéder 'La Péri'*

 Yan Pascal Tortelier

La Péri*

  Poème dansé en un tableau  
 Yan Pascal Tortelier

L'Apprenti sorcier*

  Scherzo d'après une ballade de Goethe  
 Yan Pascal Tortelier

Symphony in C major†

  in C-Dur - en ut majeur  
4 I Allegro non troppo vivace, ma con fuoco 14:41
5 II Andante espressivo e sostenuto 14:51
6 III Allegro spiritoso 11:18
 Yan Pascal Tortelier


  Overture after Corneille  
  Andante sostenuto - Allegro non troppo vivace -  
 Yan Pascal Tortelier


  in E minor - in e-Moll - en mi mineur  
8 I Modérément vif - expressif et marqué 12:04
9 II Calme - un peu lent - très soutenu 12:49
10 III Vivement, avec légèreté 8:38
11 IV Très lent 14:01
 Margaret Fingerhut piano

Prélude élégiaque

  Lent et recueilli  
 Margaret Fingerhut piano

La Plainte, au loin, du faune. . .

 Margaret Fingerhut piano
  22 & 23 May 1988 (Sonate, Prélude élégiaque, La Plainte, au loin, du faune. . .)  
  23 February, 26 June and 7 August 1989 (Fanfare, La Péri, L'Apprenti sorcier)  
  16 & 17 May 1993 (Symphony in C major, Polyeucte)  
This is the first time that these recordings have been made available at budget price.

There are several works on this pair of discs that are not available anywhere else.

These recordings continue to demonstrate Yan Pascal Tortelier’s mastery of the French orchestral repertoire.

Paul Dukas is almost entirely known for his popular tone poem The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This work is, of course, included in this release; however, these discs also offer several larger scale works, including his impressive Symphony in C major and the Overture Polyeucte as well as the delightful ballet La Péri. Three examples of his rarely performed but no less impressive piano music are performed powerfully by Margaret Fingerhut who received lustrous reviews on the original release.

The music of Dukas is highly colourful and atmospheric, demonstrating his somewhat eclectic inspirations, which included Wagner and Franck, as well as the beauty of classical form. There have been relatively few recordings of the Symphony in C major and it is not commonly performed outside France. ‘The rumbustious end to the first movement, with some superb brass and vigorous percussion, is a moment to be savoured’, wrote Gramophone. The rarely recorded Polyeucte overture is a powerful work in five sections. In the work of Dukas, the Orient was the most seductive foreign influence, as demonstrated in La Péri, his last major work, written for Diaghilev in 1912. Yan Pascal Tortelier is famous for his interpretations of French music and plays this music with idiomaticflair.

This bargain two-CD set, which includes the main orchestral and piano masterpieces of Dukas, is an ideal summation of the achievement of this wonderful composer.

"...An inexpensive and excellent survey of this fastidious composer’s output..."

The Pengiun Guide – 1000 Greatest Classical Recordings 2011-12

Margaret Fingerhut plays it all with an imperious technique and displays tremendous involvement throughout – a magnificent achievement, in fact.
Hi-Fi News

Certainly Tortelier can more than hold his own even against such stiff competition bringing a welcome white-hot intensity to what came become in lesser hands rather turgid fare – as with the Franck D minor that clearly served Dukas as model.
American Record Guide

I cannot praise Tortelier’s mastery here enough.
American Record Guide

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