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CHAN 241-50
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Troilus and Cressida

Walton: Troilus And Cressida

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2014

Originally recorded in 1995


English Northern Philharmonia

Richard Hickox

James Thornton


Alan Opie


Bruce Budd


Clive Bayley


David Owen-Lewis


Stephen Dowson


Yvonne Howard


Judith Howarth


Arthur Davies


Keith Mills


Nigel Robson


Brian Cookson


Opera North Chorus


Leeds Town Hall


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Record Label



Total Time - 132:32
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Opera - Troilus and Cressida

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Troilus and Cressida (original version)

  ACT ONE - The Citadel of troy, before the Temple of Pallas  
1 Calkas, Priests & Priestesses, Worshippers : Virgin of Troas 6:36
2 Troilus: Back to your hovels… 2:27
3 Troilus: Is Cressida a slave… 5:01
4 Cressida: Morning and evening I have felt your glance… 6:17
5 Pandarus: Forgive me… 2:17
6 Troilus: I haunt her beauty like a naked soul… 1:29
7 Calkas: 'Ask me no more!' - 2:00
8 Cressida: My father! Evadne, follow him! 0:38
9 Cressida: 'Slowly it all comes back' - 2:33
10 Cressida: 'Slowly it all comes back' - 3:46
11 Pandarus: 'Why, niece… in tears?' - 1:59
12 Cressida: 'Sweet sir, there's something on you mind' - 2:26
13 Pandarus: Dear child, you need a little comfort 3:28
  ACT TWO (beginning) - Scene One - Evening of the following day. A room at the upper floor of Pandarus' house.  
14 Pandarus: Does talking put you off? 6:14
15 Cressida: How can I sleep? 2:13
16 Cressida: At the haunted end of the day 2:58
17 Pandarus: Hush! Don't be so alarmed! 4:06
18 Troilus: If one last doubt, one lurking fear remains… 4:27
19 Cressida: 'New life, new love! I am born' - 4:22
20 Cressida: 'Now hold me close and let me lie there curled' - 1:30
21 Orchestral interlude. The Storm 3:01
  ACT TWO (conclusion) - Scene Two - Next morning  
22 Cressida: From isle to isle… 3:25
23 Pandarus: Who would go drumming… . . . 1:58
24 Diomede: My name is Diomede … 5:16
25 Troilus: This thing shall be revok'd… 5:43
  ACT THREE - The Greek encampment. Early evening. Ten weeks later. 46:28      
26 Watchman: All's well! 7:25
27 Cressida: Troilus! No answering sign… 5:43
28 Calkas: Cressid, daughter… 2:25
29 Cressida: You gods, o deathless gods… 2:04
30 Diomede: Proud, wondrous Cressida 3:30
31 Cressida: Take it, take it 1:25
32 Evadne: 'So here's an end of it all' - 1:27
33 Troilus: Evadne! 2:32
34 Cressida: Troilus! 3:29
35 Troilus: What is this sudden alarm? 4:44
36 Sextet: Diomede, Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Calkas and Evadne 3:15
37 Calkas: She has brought shame upon her father! 3:33
38 Crssida: 'Diomede!.… Father!…' 4:50
 Alan Opie baritone
 Arthur Davies tenor
 Brian Cookson tenor
 Bruce Budd bass
 Clive Bayley bass
 David Owen-Lewis bass
 James Thornton baritone
 Judith Howarth soprano
 Keith Mills tenor
 Nigel Robson tenor
 Stephen Dowson bass
 Yvonne Howard mezzo-soprano
 Richard Hickox
  19-25 January 1995  

Released as a part of the Richard Hickox Legacy series, this essential recording of Walton’s Troilus and Cressida is widely recognised as the finest available. Edward Greenfield wrote in Gramophone that ‘[e]ven among Chandos’ many bold achievements over the years, this magnificent set of Troilus and Cressida stands out... Hickox relishes the romanticism to the full. His expressive warmth is matched by his understanding of Walton’s fiery side, with magnificent performances form the entire cast’.

Troilus and Cressida was William Walton’s first opera, commissioned by the BBC in 1947, not long after the enormous success of Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes. Composing the opera proved a difficult task for Walton and only after seven years, in 1954, did the premiere take place, in Covent Garden. For a revival in 1976, Walton removed about thirty minutes of music and adapted the soprano part of Cressida to bring it within the range of the mezzo-soprano Dame Janet Baker. The version recorded here follows Walton’s more concise, shortened score whilst returning the part of Cressida to its original soprano register.

Based on Chaucer’s classic love-tale Troilus and Criseyde, the opera represents Walton’s desire to engage with traditional operatic themes. Walton wanted to write a romantic, ‘Pucciniesque’ opera and the rich scoring and many memorable melodies certainly invite comparison.

“… It has not only bowled me over but has raised my appreciation of Sir William and his noble masterpiece.”   – James H North

“… if you are interested in the complete opera, general consensus seems to be that Hickox is the one to get.” –    Phillip Scott

Fanfare – January/February 2015


 “…Arthur Davies’s free-ranging tenor has brilliant clarity, yet he sings sensitively. His English diction is of extraordinary clarity. Judith Howarth has the voice and temperament for Cressida, encompassing the high tessitura with ease … Richard Hickox seems the ideal interpreter, stressing the sheer beauty of the score but never dragging the pace. If you have despaired that 20th Century opera was all ugly and dissonant, think again. Walton’s opera is as beautiful as one could wish and has a plot and characters we can care about.”

Charles H Parsons – American Record Guide – January/February 2015

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