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CHAN 3004
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CHAN 3004
Opera - Cavalleria Rusticana

Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana

The Classical Shop
release date: March 1998

Originally recorded in 1997


London Philharmonic Orchestra

David Parry

Phillip Joll

baritone - Alfio

Elizabeth Bainbridge

contralto - Lucia

Diana Montague

soprano - Lola

Nelly Miricioiu

soprano - Santuzza

Dennis O'Neill

tenor - Turiddu

Peter Kay Children's Choir

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ben Connellan

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 79:29
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Opera - Cavalleria Rusticana



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Cavalleria Rusticana

  Country Manners, (1890-Rome)  
  Melodrama in one act by G. Targioni-Tozzetti and G Menasci  
  English translation by Edmund Tracey  
1 Prelude - 2:40
2 Turiddu 'O Lola with your skin white as the lily' - 1:56
3 Prelude (conclusion) - 3:30
4 Chorus 'Ah! Ah!' - 2:46
5 'Spring has returned' - 5:29
  Scena and Alfio's Song  
6 Santuzza 'Tell me, mamma Lucia' 5:06
7 Alfio 'Horses champing at the bit' 2:54
  Scena and Prayer  
8 Lucia 'Good for you mister Alfio' 0:33
  Easter Hymn  
9 Alfio 'I must be going!' 7:41
  Romance and Scena  
10 Santuzza 'You know your son, Turiddu' 6:34
11 Turiddu 'What do you want Santuzza' 3:52
  Lola's Song  
12 Lola 'Sweet flow'rs I bring you' 3:55
13 Santuzza 'No, no, Turiddu' 5:56
14 Santuzza 'Oh! So my prayer has been answered' 3:58
15 Alfio 'I'd like to thank you' 2:05
16 Intermezzo 3:59
  Scena Chorus and Brindisi  
17 Chorus 'The service is over this Easter' 2:52
18 Turiddu 'Neighbours, with a glass I meet you' 2:33
19 Alfio 'All the blessings of Easter!' 2:25
20 Turiddu 'Alfio, listen' 2:45
21 Turiddu 'The wine is making me talk nonsense' 6:00
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Turiddu
 Nelly Miricioiu soprano - Santuzza
 Phillip Joll baritone - Alfio
 Diana Montague soprano - Lola
 Elizabeth Bainbridge contralto - Lucia
 David Parry
  3-5 August 1997  

This is one of the five most popular operas in the repertoire; its combination of striking melodic material and taut, exciting drama has ensured the work’s longevity in the opera house and on record.

The cast of Cavalleria rusticana is a strong one, with each soloist a distinguished singer: Nelly Miricioiu, Diana Montague, Elizabeth Bainbridge, Dennis O’Neill and Phillip Joll. The conductor, David Parry, is equally distinguished in his field and has made dozens of opera recordings, many of which are staples of the catalogue.

Mascagni was born in Livorno, Italy, in 1863. His parents opposed his choice of a musical career, but he was determined to pursue his own path. Though he was dismissed from the Milan Conservatory for not completing his assignments, he supported himself by playing the double bass at the Teatro dal Verne in Milan and conducting in Cromola. he then moved to Cerignola where he saw Sonzogno’s second competition for one-act operas. His imagination fired, he quickly wrote Cavalleria rusticana, but almost immediately had doubts about the score and submitted Guglielmo Ratcliff instead. Luckily for him, his wife had dispatched the score of Cavalleria rusticana and it won first prize. Its success was immediate and lasting, and Mascagni never again quite achieved the same success he had with this opera. In fact, the spread of its popularity has not been matched by any other opera and its greatest compliment  - it spawned a host of imitations. The concise, pasionate tale of Sicilliam peasants - ordinary people in believable situations - struck a chord with audiences, and Mascagni’s simple but effective dramatic devices still pack a punch.

"...He [David Parry] holds the score together quite admirably, with a real sense of theatre. First class recording ..."

Bill Newman - Hi-Fi News - October 1998

For those collecting Chandos’ Opera in English series this is certainly not one to miss. The drama keeps its hold, the grand old melodies surge, the score reveals more of its inspired detail, and the English translation… does itself credit.

Chandos continues its admirable Opera in English series with a suitably earthy account of Mascagni’s raw tale of love, jealousy and death in a Sicilian village.
BBC Music Magazine

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