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CHAN 3005M
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CHAN 3005
(multiple CD Set)
Operas - Cav & Pag

Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana · Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci

The Classical Shop
release date: October 1999

Originally recorded in 1999


London Philharmonic Orchestra

David Parry

Phillip Joll

baritone - Alfio

William Dazeley

baritone - Silvio

Alan Opie

baritone - Tonio

Elizabeth Bainbridge

contralto - Lucia

Diana Montague

soprano - Lola

Rosa Mannion

soprano - Nedda

Nelly Miricioiu

soprano - Santuzza

Peter Bronder

tenor - Beppe

Dennis O'Neill

tenor - Canio

Dennis O'Neill

tenor - Turiddu

Peter Kay Children's Choir

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Richard Smoker

Ben Connellan

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 159:08
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Operas - Cav & Pag

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Cavalleria Rusticana

  Country Manners, (1890-Rome)  
  Melodrama in one act by G. Targioni-Tozzetti and G Menasci  
  English translation by Edmund Tracey  
1 Prelude - 2:40
2 Turiddu 'O Lola with your skin white as the lily' - 1:56
3 Prelude (conclusion) - 3:30
4 Chorus 'Ah! Ah!' - 2:46
5 'Spring has returned' - 5:29
  Scena and Alfio's Song  
6 Santuzza 'Tell me, mamma Lucia' 5:06
7 Alfio 'Horses champing at the bit' 2:54
  Scena and Prayer  
8 Lucia 'Good for you mister Alfio' 0:33
  Easter Hymn  
9 Alfio 'I must be going!' 7:41
  Romance and Scena  
10 Santuzza 'You know your son, Turiddu' 6:34
11 Turiddu 'What do you want Santuzza' 3:52
  Lola's Song  
12 Lola 'Sweet flow'rs I bring you' 3:55
13 Santuzza 'No, no, Turiddu' 5:56
14 Santuzza 'Oh! So my prayer has been answered' 3:58
15 Alfio 'I'd like to thank you' 2:05
16 Intermezzo 3:59
  Scena Chorus and Brindisi  
17 Chorus 'The service is over this Easter' 2:52
18 Turiddu 'Neighbours, with a glass I meet you' 2:33
19 Alfio 'All the blessings of Easter!' 2:25
20 Turiddu 'Alfio, listen' 2:45
21 Turiddu 'The wine is making me talk nonsense' 6:00
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Turiddu
 Nelly Miricioiu soprano - Santuzza
 Phillip Joll baritone - Alfio
 Diana Montague soprano - Lola
 Elizabeth Bainbridge contralto - Lucia
 David Parry
  3-5 August 1997  




  The Touring Company  
  Opera in a prologue and two acts  
  Libretto by Leoncavallo  
  English translation by Edmund Tracey  
22 'Hello . . . Hello' . . . 8:12
  Act I  
23 Chorus: 'Hey! They're back! They're Back!' 2:58
  Chorus, Canio, Beppe  
24 Aria: 'Your most humble servant' 2:48
  Canio, Chorus, Beppe, Tonio  
25 Cantabile: 'If he tried it I promise you' 3:09
  Canio, Nedda, Chorus  
26 Chorus: 'You hear them playing?' 4:10
  Chorus, Canio  
27 Introduction: 'The ugly look he gave me' 2:44
28 Aria: 'Swallow, fly away' 2:23
29 Duet: 'It's you! I thought that you had gone with Canio' 5:02
  Nedda, Tonio  
30 Duet: 'Nedda!' . . . 1:28
  Silvio, Nedda  
31 'Why do you go on with this tormented life?' 2:44
  Silvio, Nedda  
32 'I must be strong' 3:19
  Nedda, Silvio, Tonio  
33 'How can you tell me you ever loved me' 4:18
  Silvio, Nedda  
34 'Be very careful, and then we can surprise them' 5:00
  Tonio, Silvio, Nedda, Canio, Beppe  
35 Introduction: 'Go on stage . . .' 0:46
36 Aria: 'Put on your costume' 2:59
37 Interrmezzo 3:45
  Act II  
38 'Ohe! Ohe! Quickly! Hurry!' 4:07
  Chorus, Tonio, Beppe, Silvio, Nedda  
  The Play  
39 'Paggliaccio. That's my husband' 1:40
  Nedda (Columbina)  
40 Serenade: 'O Columbina' 2:45
  Beppe (Harlequin), Columbina  
41 'She's waiting. She is a goddess!' 3:50
  Tonio (Taddeo), Columbina  
42 'Arlecchin!' 'Columbina' 1:57
  Columbina, Harlequin, Taddeo  
43 'Pour the potion in his glass at midnight' 3:04
  Harlequin, Columbina (Nedda), Pagliaccio (Canio), Tonio  
44 Aria: 'No, we're not in a play!' 6:31
  Canio, Chorus, Silvio, Nedda, Beppe, Tonio  
 Alan Opie baritone - Tonio
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Canio
 Peter Bronder tenor - Beppe
 Rosa Mannion soprano - Nedda
 William Dazeley baritone - Silvio
 David Parry
  Brad Cohen (assistant conductor)  
  7-10 August 1997  
Dennis O’Neill stars in this two-disc set of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci in English.

As with all Opera in English recordings, this two-disc set is available at mid-price

Following the success of both operas when released individually, this attractive two-disc box set features a strong cast of distinguished soloists. Conductor David Parry is equally distinguished in his field and has made dozens of opera recordings, many of which are regarded as a staple of the catalogue.

Chandos has a strong commitment to Opera in English through its association with the Peter Moores Foundation. This is the nineteenth release in the series to date – the most comprehensive collection of opera in English recording undertaken by a record company, and a major addition to the catalogue.

Cavalleria rusticana won first prize in a competition for one-act operas. Its success was immediate and lasting, and Mascagni never again quite achieved the same success he had with this opera. In fact, the spread of its popularity has not been matched by any other opera and – its greatest compliment – it spawned a host of imitations. The concise, passionate tale of Sicilian peasants – struck a chord with audiences, and Mascagni’s simple but effective dramatic devices still pack a punch.

The plot of Pagliacci was broadly based on what Leoncavallo remembered of one of his father’s law cases – a middle-aged actor who murders his unfaithful young wife. Leoncavallo was an accomplished librettist; his scenario is at once credible and swift-moving. The characterisation may not run very deep, but it is convincing enough to make us believe that the characters are real people.

The music is touching, immediately accessible and attractive, tuneful without being tawdry. For his score, Leoncavallo took as much as he needed from Wagnerian methods. There is rudimentary use of leitmotiv, and neither the harmony nor the orchestration could have been as it is had Wagner not existed. However, the score is recognisably Italian in flavour, and the various set-pieces are fully integrated into the structure in the manner of late Verdi.

Chandos continues its admirable Opera in English series with a suitably earthy account of Mascagni’s raw tale of love, jealousy and death in a Sicilian village.
BBC Music Magazine

The performance works well… I commend it to anyone who wants to hear Pagliacci in English
American Record Guide

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