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CHAN 3017M
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CHAN 3017
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Mary Stuart

Donizetti: Mary Stuart

The Classical Shop
release date: April 1999

Originally recorded in 1998


English National Opera Orchestra

Sir Charles Mackerras

Alan Opie

baritone - Sir William Cecil

John Tomlinson

bass - George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury

Dame Janet Baker

mezzo-soprano - Mary Stuart

Angela Bostock

soprano - Hannah Kennedy

Rosalind Plowright

soprano - Queen Elizabeth I

David Rendall

tenor - Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

English National Opera Chorus


Live from the London Coliseum


John Fraser


Michael Sheady

Stuart Eltham

Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 136:05
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Opera - Mary Stuart

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Mary Stuart

  Libretto by Giuseppe Bardari after Schiller  
  English Translation by Tom Hammond  
1 Prelude 1:36
  Act I  
2 'Let us wait here' 2:35
  Chorus, Voice  
3 'Yes, but the French Prince is seeking . . .' 1:13
4 'If fortune one day should send to me . . .' 3:16
5 'In this moment of rejoicing' 1:49
  Talbot, Chorus, Elizabeth, Cecil  
6 'May the light of wisdom and justice' 4:24
  Elizabeth, Chorus, Cecil  
7 'But, where is the Earl of Leicester?' 2:11
  Elizabeth, Cecil, Leicester  
8 'Did you not ask to see me, earlier today?' 2:15
  Leicester, Talbot  
9 'I remember these lovely features' 3:37
10 'If she dare trust in me' 1:47
11 'Do I disturb you?' 2:09
  Elizabeth, Leicester  
12 'How affecting . . .' 'Is she relenting?' 1:47
13 'When I first looked upon her face' 4:36
14 'My arrogant rival has long sought to rob me' 2:15
  Act II  
15 'Why run so fast, my lady?' 3:00
  Hannah, Mary  
16 'You murmuring breezes . . .' 3:45
17 'What tumult! Those voices!' 0:56
  Mary, Chorus, Hannah  
18 'In the peace of my gloomy seclusion' 3:36
  Mary, Hannah, Ladies  
19 'Ah! May this joy not deceive me' 1:47
  Mary, Leicester  
20 'Long by the world forsaken' 4:34
21 'All too well I surely know her!' 3:37
  'Ah! Though my spirit never faltered'  
22 'What place is this then?' 2:24
  Elizabeth, Leicester, Cecil, Talbot, Mary  
23 'Report has not failed me' 2:38
  Elizabeth, Mary, Talbot, Hannah, Leicester, Cecil  
24 'Bid her welcome!' 0:41
  Leicester, Elizabeth, Talbot, Mary  
25 'Dead to justice, throne and kingdom' 7:18
  Mary, Cecil, Elizabeth, Leicester, Talbot  
26 'Go, prepare yourself for sentence' 2:03
  Elizabeth, Cecil, Mary, Hannah, Leicester, Talbot, Chorus  
  Act III  
  Scene 1  
27 'Still pensive? Still delaying?' 4:00
  Cecil, Elizabeth  
28 'While she's living I'm still in danger' 3:40
29 'Your Highness!' 'You do but speed her execution' 4:51
  Leicester, Elizabeth, Cecil  
30 'You have conspired a sister's death' 3:44
  Scene 2  
31 'Elizabeth will continue to mock and insult me' 4:53
  Mary, Cecil  
32 'Oh faithful Talbot!' 5:05
  Mary, Talbot  
33 'Once all the radiant joys of youth' 4:18
34 'There still remains another charge' 0:58
35 'No, I never turned from my Saviour' 1:25
36 'Go leave this world of grief behind' 3:03
  Scene 3  
37 'You saw them?' 6:28
38 'Hannah!' 'Do not disturb her' 4:42
  Chorus, Hannah, Mary  
39 'Oh, deign to hear our prayer, merciful Saviour!' 4:04
40 'The signal' 1:27
  All, Cecil, Mary  
41 'Death hovers near me, so take my pardon' 4:03
  Mary, Hannah, Talbot, Chorus, Cecil  
42 'Leicester approaches' 2:21
  Talbot, Mary, Leicester, Cecil  
43 'Though you once made a vow to protect me' 5:14
  Mary, Leicester, Talbot, Hannah, Chorus, Cecil  
 Dame Janet Baker mezzo-soprano - Mary Stuart
 Rosalind Plowright soprano - Queen Elizabeth I
 David Rendall tenor - Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
 Alan Opie baritone - Sir William Cecil
 John Tomlinson bass - George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury
 Angela Bostock soprano - Hannah Kennedy
 Sir Charles Mackerras
  1, 10, 14 & 22 April 1982  
Mary Stuart. CHAN 3017

'Dame Janet Baker chose this opera as her farewell to the operatic stage in London in 1982, understandably when the role of the tragic queen was one of her most powerful assumptions. Her deeply moving performance, with her voice ringing gloriously, is well known the joyful mood of her opening aria is powerfully transformed into anger as she confronts queen Elizabeth. That leads to resigned dedication as she sings her prayer in the last scene. Rosalind Plowright in her prime makes an excellent, statuesque foil as Elizabeth . And the other principals are first rate too the young John Tomlinson as Talbot, David Rendall a ringing tenor as Leicester and Alan Opie characterful as Cecil. Sir Charles Mackerras as conductor strongly underlines the drama of the piece.'

Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

How fortunate we are to have this live recording…
BBC Music Magazine

‘Dame Janet Baker’s mastery of acting with vocal colour and intensity, not histrionics, ensure that … Queen Mary is both moving victim and formidable rival.’
Classic FM Magazine on CHAN 3017

‘This was a role which suited her vocal timbre and personality admirably, and that warm, unique voice was in superb condition. How fortunate we are to have this live recording made at one of the performances.’
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 3017

That the performance is so satisfying is due on large part to the way Charles Mackerras conducts Donizetti’s score, pacing dramatic action nicely, and handling the large choruses with authority. English National Opera’s Chorus and Orchestra are on to form. This is a highly enjoyable English-language performance…
BBC Music Magazine

Baker is unquestionably the star… and the orchestra responds well to the versatile Mackerras
Classic CD

‘Here are Janet Baker and Rosalind Plowright firing on all cylinders as the rival queens of Scotland and England … Charles Mackerras is the superb conductor; would that he had given us more Donizetti while at the Coliseum.’
The Times on CHAN 3017

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