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CHAN 3023M
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CHAN 3023
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - La Traviata

Verdi: La Traviata

The Classical Shop
release date: June 1999

Originally recorded in 1998


English National Opera Orchestra

Sir Charles Mackerras

John Kitchiner

baritone - A Passer-by

John Gibbs

baritone - Baron Douphol

Christian du Plessis

baritone - Giorgio Germont

Dennis Dowling

baritone - Marquis d'Obigny

Roderick Earle

bass - Doctor Grenvil

Shelagh Squires

mezzo-soprano - Annina

Della Jones

mezzo-soprano - Flora Bervoix

Valerie Masterson

soprano - Violetta Valéry

John Brecknock

tenor - Alfredo Germont

Edward Byles

tenor - Joseph

Geoffrey Pogson

tenor - Viscount Gaston de Letorières

English National Opera Chorus


Abbey Road Studios, London


John Fraser


Stuart Eltham

Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 118:24
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Opera - La Traviata

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La traviata

  The Fallen Woman  
  Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave after Alexandre Dumas's La dame aux camélias  
  English translation by Edmund Tracey  
1 Prelude 4:03
  Act I  
2 'What a time to arrive at a party!' 4:53
  Chorus, Violetta, Flora, Marquis, Gaston, Alfredo, Baron  
3 'Be happy, be happy and raise your glass with me' 3:02
  Alfredo, Chorus, Violetta  
4 'What's that?' 2:18
5 'I saw a vision ethereal' 3:10
  Alfredo, Violetta  
6 'Ha, ha! What are you doing?' 1:19
  Gaston, Violetta, Alfredo  
7 'We present ourselves before you' 1:43
8 'I wonder! I wonder!' 1:05
9 'Is he the one I dream about?' 2:48
10 'It can't be! It can't be!' 0:57
11 'Give me freedom to be happy' 3:30
  Violeta, Alfredo  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
12 'I'm never happy if she is not beside me' 1:53
13 'My life was too impetuous' 2:02
14 'Annina, where have you been?' 0:45
  Alfredo, Annina  
15 'I hate myself! I'm so ashamed!' 1:38
16 'Alfredo?' 'He has just set out for Paris' 3:46
  Violetta, Annina, Joseph, Germont  
17 'I have a daughter sent from Heav'n' 1:42
  Germont, Violetta  
18 'Do you realise I adore him' 2:15
19 'A day will come when making love . . .' 2:52
20 'Ah! Comfort your daughter so pure and lovely' 4:23
21 'Then command me!' 1:20
22 'I'll die! But you must promise me . . .' 3:43
23 'God give me strength to bear it!' 1:46
  Violetta, Annina  
24 'What's that?' 'Nothing' 2:17
  Alfredo, Violetta  
25 'Ah, she is mine forever' 2:18
  Alfredo, Joseph, A Passer-by, Germont  
26 'In Provence, your native land' 4:03
27 'Won't you answer your father, Alfredo?' 0:47
  Germont, Alfredo  
28 'No, no, I cannot preach at you' 1:54
  Scene 2  
29 'The surprise is a band of dancing gipsies' 1:04
  Flora, Marquis, Doctor, Chorus  
30 'We're gipsy fortune tellers' 2:51
  Gipsies, Flora, Marquis, Chorus  
31 'We are heroes, in Spain they adore us' 2:40
  Gaston, Matadors, Chorus  
32 'Alfredo! You!' 4:08
  Chorus, Alfredo, Flora, Violetta, Baron, Gaston, Servant  
33 'I have asked him here to meet me' 2:29
  Violetta, Alfredo, Chorus  
34 'All that she had she spent on me' 1:31
  Alfredo, Chorus  
35 'Disgraceful conduct! How I despise you!' 1:49
  Germont, Alfredo, Baron, Chorus  
36 'Alfredo, Alfredo, you hate and scorn me' 4:10
  Violetta, Alfredo, Germont, Baron, Chorus  
  Act III  
37 Prelude 3:41
38 'Annina?' 'Did you call me?' 5:04
  Violetta, Annina, Doctor  
39 'You have kept your promise . . .' 1:50
40 'Forever I must leave thee . . .' 2:53
41 'Hail to the carnival's four-footed master!' 0:51
  Chorus of Revellers  
42 'Dear Madam -' 1:45
  Annina, Violetta, Alfredo  
43 'Come, bid farewell to Paris forever' 4:12
  Alfredo, Violetta  
44 'Ah, no more, Alfredo, let's go to church now' 1:21
45 'But if my loved one cannot revive me' 2:18
46 'Ah, Violetta!' 1:38
  Germont, Violetta, Alfredo  
47 'Listen! I have a picture here' 0:51
48 'I see a pure and lovely girl' 3:06
  Violetta, Germont, Doctor, Annina, Alfredo  
 Valerie Masterson soprano - Violetta Valéry
 John Brecknock tenor - Alfredo Germont
 Christian du Plessis baritone - Giorgio Germont
 Della Jones mezzo-soprano - Flora Bervoix
 John Gibbs baritone - Baron Douphol
 Roderick Earle bass - Doctor Grenvil
 Dennis Dowling baritone - Marquis d'Obigny
 Geoffrey Pogson tenor - Viscount Gaston de Letorières
 Shelagh Squires mezzo-soprano - Annina
 Edward Byles tenor - Joseph
 John Kitchiner baritone - A Passer-by
 Sir Charles Mackerras
  August, September and November 1980  
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…a splendid English language performance… the orchestral playing and choral singing are first-rate.
BBC Music Magazine

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