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CHAN 3027
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - The Elixir of Love

Donizetti: The Elixir Of Love

The Classical Shop
release date: August 1999

Originally recorded in 1998


Philharmonia Orchestra

David Parry

Ashley Holland

baritone - Belcore

Andrew Shore

baritone - Dr Dulcamara

Mary Plazas

soprano - Adina

Helen Williams

soprano - Giannetta

Barry Banks

tenor - Nemorino

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 132:21
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Opera - The Elixir of Love

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The Elixir of Love

  Opera in two acts  
  Libretto by Felice Romani after Eugène Scribe's Le Philtre  
  English version by Arthur Jacobs  
  Act I  
  No. 1: Prelude and Introduction  
1 Prelude 2:39
2 'After long and heavy labour' 2:09
  Giannetta, Harvesters  
3 'How delightful, how enchanting!' 3:37
  Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters  
4 'That's a really happy ending' 0:31
  Adina, Giannetta, Harvesters, Nemorino  
5 '''Lovely was Queen Isolda''' 3:53
  Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters  
6 Marziale 1:24
7 'To the one who shines in beauty' 3:38
  Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Harvesters, Nemorino  
8 'If you love me as I love you' 4:30
  Belcore, Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters  
9 'Too soon, my lovely creature' 0:44
  Belcore, Adina  
  No. 2: Scene and Duet  
10 'The same old tedious passion!' 1:29
  Adina, Nemorino  
11 'For example, ask the breezes' 3:33
  Adina, Nemorino  
12 'Such affection is but folly' 3:25
  Adina, Nemorino  
  No. 3: Chorus and Cavatina  
13 'What's the meaning of that kind of fanfare?' 1:46
14 'Attention! Attention!' 7:53
  Dulcamara, Villagers  
15 'Have courage!' 0:44
  Nemorino, Dulcamara  
  No. 4: Duet  
16 'It was Tristan who employed it' 7:37
  Nemorino, Dulcamara  
  No. 5: Finale I  
17 'Magical potion! I have you!' 1:36
18 'Who is that madman?' 0:59
  Adina, Nemorino  
19 'Trallarallara' 1:04
  Nemorino, Adina  
20 'Oh, let her laugh and mock at me' 5:34
  Nemorino, Adina  
21 'Tran, tran, tran, tran' 2:00
  Belcore, Adina, Nemorino  
22 'Ha, ha! Of course, that's quite all right' 1:24
  Nemorino, Belcore, Adina  
23 'One moment, sergeant!' 3:04
  Giannetta, Belcore, Soldiers, Villagers, Nemorino, Adina  
24 'Adina, think again' 4:52
  Nemorino, Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Villagers, Soldiers  
25 'Today's our wedding' 3:11
  Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Belcore, Villagers, Soldiers  
  Act II  
  No. 6: Introductory Chorus  
26 'Sing up, then.' 2:27
  Belcore, Dulcamara, Giannetta, Villagers, Adina  
27 'Since singing is your pleasure' 1:10
  Dulcamara, Belcore, Giannetta, Villagers  
28 'I am rich and you are pretty' 2:27
  Dulcamara, Adina, Villagers  
29 'Pray silence!' 1:57
  Belcore, Villagers, Dulcamara, Adina, Giannetta  
30 'I always like a wedding' 1:52
  Dulcamara, Nemorino  
  No. 7: Scene and Duet  
31 'Is that not like a woman' 1:13
  Belcore, Nemorino  
32 'Twenty florins!' 4:42
  Nemorino, Belcore  
33 'Shake my hand, then, my young shaver' 3:29
  Belcore, Nemorino  
  No. 8: Chorus  
34 'Can it be possible?' 4:20
  Village Women, Giannetta  
  No. 9: Quartet  
35 'I've polished off two bottles now' 1:39
  Nemorino, Village Women, Giannetta, Adina, Dulcamara  
36 'It's magnificent!' 2:27
  Nemorino, Adina, Dulcamara, Giannetta, Villagers  
37 'I see it perfectly' 3:11
  Nemorino, Adina, Dulcamara, Giannetta, Villagers  
38 'Why should he seem so happy?' 1:31
  Adina, Dulcamara  
  No. 10: Duet  
39 'How he loved me!' 4:20
  Adina, Dulcamara  
40 'With a look of love and laughter' 2:49
  Adina, Dulcamara  
  No. 11: Romance  
41 'Only one teardrop glistened there' 5:13
  No. 12: Recitative  
42 'Here she is.' 1:36
  Nemorino, Adina  
43 'Take it!' 3:46
  Adina, Nemorino  
44 'All right. Take this, then!' 4:20
  Nemorino, Adina  
  No. 13: Finale II  
45 'Halt! Right turn!' 1:58
  Belcore, Adina, Dulcamara, Nemorino, Villagers, Giannetta  
46 'It will give you cheeks like peaches' 2:38
  Dulcamara, Villagers, Adina, Nemorino, Belcore  
 Barry Banks tenor - Nemorino
 Mary Plazas soprano - Adina
 Ashley Holland baritone - Belcore
 Andrew Shore baritone - Dr Dulcamara
 Helen Williams soprano - Giannetta
 David Parry
  7-11 February 1999  
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Barry Banks Nemorino could hardly be better: flexible, secure in intonation and silken in tone… he was an inspired choice for the part.
The Observer

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