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CHAN 3036
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Il Trovatore (The Troubadour)

Verdi: Il Trovatore (The Troubadour)

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2000

Originally recorded in 1999


London Philharmonic Orchestra

David Parry

Alan Opie

baritone - Count di Luna

Clive Bayley

bass - Ferrando

Anne Mason

mezzo-soprano - Azucena

Sharon Sweet

soprano - Doña Leonora

Helen Williams

soprano - Inez

Dennis O'Neill

tenor - Manrico (The Troubadour)

Mark Le Brocq

tenor - Ruiz

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 134:31
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Opera - Il Trovatore (The Troubadour)

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Il Trovatore

  Opera in four acts  
  Text by Salvatore Cammarano, from the drama El trovador by Antonio Garcia Gutiérrez  
  English Translation by Tom Hammond  
  Part I  
  Scene 1  
1 'Wake up, there, wake up, there!' 3:06
  Ferrando, Servants and Soldiers  
2 'Heav'n had giv'n my old master' 7:45
  Ferrando, Servants and Soldiers  
  Scene 2  
3 'Come, wait no longer' 2:13
  Inez and Leonora  
4 'The stars shone in the heav'ns above' 4:58
  Leonora and Inez  
5 'No words can tell the measure' 1:42
  Leonora and Inez  
6 'How still the night is' 2:08
  Count di Luna  
7 'The Troubadour! The madman!' - 2:23
  'Though naught on earth is left me'  
  Count di Luna, Manrico and Leonora  
8 'Who's speaking?' 1:37
  Leonora, Count di Luna and Manrico  
9 'Jealous fury and slighted passion' 2:34
  Count di Luna, Leonora and Manrico  
  Part II  
  Scene 1  
10 'See how the shadowy clouds are flying' ('Anvil Chorus') 2:42
11 'Fierce flames are raging' 5:57
  Azucena, Gipsies and Manrico  
12 'They brought her, fettered and pow'rless' 7:59
  Azucena and Manrico  
13 'As we struggled he stumbled before me' 4:37
  Manrico, Azucena and a Messenger  
14 'You are still too weak to venture' 2:19
  Azucena and Manrico  
  Scene 2  
15 'All is deserted' 1:54
  Count di Luna and Ferrando  
16 'In the stars that shine above me' 4:19
  Count di Luna and Ferrando  
17 'The hour has come, no more delay' 3:03
  Ferrando, Retainers and Count di Luna  
18 'Here in this world of sorrow' 5:07
  Nuns, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Retainers, Leonora and Inez  
19 'Oh, can it be, can I believe' 4:46
  Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico, Inez, Ferrando, Nuns, Retainers, Ruiz and Followers  
  Part III  
  Scene 1  
20 'Though today we take our leisure' ('Soldiers' Chorus') 4:34
  Soldiers and Ferrando  
21 'She's in my rival's arms!' 2:29
  Count di Luna, Ferrando, Guards and Azucena  
22 'Though my life was poor and lowly' 3:12
  Azucena, Ferrando, Count di Luna and Guards  
23 'Ah! Release me from these cruel bonds' 2:09
  Azucena, Count di Luna, Ferrando and Guards  
  Scene 2  
24 'But what mean all these sounds of war around us?' 2:14
  Leonora and Manrico  
25 'When holy church has blessed our love' 5:06
  Manrico, Leonora and Ruiz  
26 'That fierce inferno, her cruel sentence' 3:17
  Manrico, Leonora, Ruiz and Soldiers  
  Part IV  
  Scene 1  
27 'We're there now' 3:00
  Ruiz and Leonora  
28 'Breeze of night, go seek him' 4:06
29 'Lord, have mercy upon a soul departing' ('Miserere') 5:13
  Chorus, Leonora and Manrico  
30 'You will see that my devotion' 2:10
31 'Now hear me!' 1:54
  Count di Luna and Leonora  
32 'See all these bitter tears of mine' 3:25
  Leonora and Count di Luna  
33 'The man shall live' - 2:22
  'He lives! I cannot speak for joy'  
  Count di Luna and Leonora  
  Scene 2  
34 'Mother, not sleeping?' 5:26
  Manrico and Azucena  
35 'Yes, let me sleep for my limbss are weary . . .' 4:46
  Azucena, Manrico and Leonora  
36 'You will not say?' 3:01
  Manrico, Leonora and Azucena  
37 'Now leave me!' 4:58
  Manrico, Leonora, Count di Luna and Azucena  
 Alan Opie baritone - Count di Luna
 Clive Bayley bass - Ferrando
 Sharon Sweet soprano - Doña Leonora
 Helen Williams soprano - Inez
 Anne Mason mezzo-soprano - Azucena
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Manrico (The Troubadour)
 Mark Le Brocq tenor - Ruiz
 David Parry
  16-20 December 1999  
The highly acclaimed Opera in English series continues with the premiere recording in English of Il Trovatore

The American soprano Sharon Sweet heads as star-studded cast which includes Anne Mason with her debut in the role of the Gipsy woman Azucena

Post-recording feedback from the recording team, cast, conductor and sponsor was fantastic, and comments such as Alan Opie’s ‘probably the best thing I have done’ were typical.

The two-disc set is available at mid-price.

Verdi seems to have been immediately captured by the opportunities that Gutiérrez’s drama ‘El trovador’ would give him as a libretto. It offered in abundance the strong situations in which his sombre genius revelled. What particularly appealed to him was the character of the gipsy woman Azucena, the perpetual conflict in her mind between maternal and filial love. No wonder he thought of naming the opera after her; no wonder all her music is so original and inspired.

Verdi was also attracted to her because, like Rigoletto, she was an outcast, an outsider; so he demanded from his librettist, the poet Salvatore Cammarano, a book that would allow him the freedom of expression already encountered in ‘Rigoletto’. Indeed he declared that when he was given verses to set, the more novel and bizarre they were the more he liked them.

In ‘Trovatore’ Verdi had tightened his forms, improved his orchestral textures, and refined and carried his vocal lines so that, as is not the case in ‘Ernani’, no bar could be removed without damaging its carefully crafted structure. In purely musical terms, matters such as key relationships, recurring motifs, and vocal lines that precisely match the characters who sing them unconsciously focus the mind and ear of the listener as he experiences this enthralling opera.

‘…I cannot think of a performance I have enjoyed more than this one… It is one of the series’ best.’
Gramophone on CHAN 3027(2) (‘The Elixir of Love’)

‘A further valuable addition to the Chandos Opera in English series’.
Opera Now

‘…one of the finest issues in the Peter Moores Foundation’s Opera in English series… the cast can hardly be faulted.’
The Guardian on CHAN 3033(2) (‘Werther’)

‘I enjoyed the performance twice through and would heartily recommend it to anyone searching for an alternative version of the opera…’

‘Another jewel in the Chandos Moores crown.’
Classic CD on CHAN 3030(2) (‘Rigoletto’)

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