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CHAN 3052M
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CHAN 3052
(multiple CD Set)
Opera -Ernani

Verdi: Ernani

The Classical Shop
release date: August 2001

Originally recorded in 2000


English National Opera Orchestra

David Parry

Alan Opie

baritone - Don Carlo

Peter Rose

bass - Don Ruy Gomez de Silva

Paul Hodges

bass - Jago

Susan Patterson

soprano - Elvira

Helen Williams

soprano - Giovanna

Peter Wedd

tenor - Don Riccardo

Julian Gavin

tenor - Ernani

English National Opera Chorus


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Jonathan Cooper

Richard Smoker


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 131:40
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Opera -Ernani



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  Opera in four parts  
  Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave after Victor Hugo's play Hernani  
  English translation by Antony Peattie  
  Part I: The Bandit  
1 Prelude 3:12
2 'To living . . . Let's drink!' 3:33
3 'My friends, I'm very grateful' 1:07
4 'Just as the gentle rain from Heav'n' 2:41
5 'We must save her . . .' 0:51
  Ernani, Bandits  
6 'In our exile, in our sorrow' - 3:30
  '(Elvira I adore you)'  
7 'Darkness has fallen, and Silva's not returned yet!' 2:15
8 'Ernani! Ernani, rescue me' 2:26
9 'All Spanish girls will envy you' 1:20
10 'How sweet of you to share with me' 0:12
11 '(I despise all that I'm offered)' 3:15
  Elvira, Ladies-in-waiting  
12 'I wish to see her directly' 3:07
  Carlo, Giovanna, Elvira  
13 'Since the day when first I saw you' 3:59
  Carlo, Elvira  
14 'Do not argue . . . You'll be mine . . .' 0:41
  Carlo, Elvira, Ernani  
15 'You're Ernani! At once I despise you' 3:02
  Carlo, Ernani, Elvira  
16 'How could this happen?' 0:57
17 'I've been cheated, for I believed her' 2:47
18 'My name has been dishonoured' 0:25
19 'As long as I can hold a sword' 3:06
  Silva, Knights  
20 'Outside, now!' 1:24
  Silva, Ernani, Carlo, Jago, Riccardo  
21 'Look at how that good old soldier' 3:28
  Carlo, Riccardo, Silva, Jago, Giovanna, Chorus, Ernani, Elvira  
22 'Ah! Forgive me sire, I beg you' 3:48
  Silva, Carlo, Elvira, Ernani, Riccardo, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Chorus  
  Part II: The Guest  
23 'Let's enjoy this, and give in to pleasure' 2:44
  Silva's courtiers  
24 'Jago, admit the pilgrim here directly' 2:19
  Silva, Ernani, Elvira  
25 'More gold than you could desire is yours' 2:32
  Ernani, Elvira, Silva  
26 'Within this fortress every guest' 0:25
27 'Such treachery!' 4:33
  Ernani, Elvira  
28 'You've betrayed me' 0:58
  Silva, Jago, Ernani  
29 'No, my vengeance won't be hurried' 2:02
  Silva, Elvira, Ernani  
30 'Dear Cousin, why so defensive?' 3:19
  Carlo, Silva  
31 'We'll discover, reckless gambler' 2:37
  Carlo, Silva  
32 'We've gone all over the fortress' 2:55
  Cavaliers, Carlo, Elvira, Silva  
33 'Come with me and let me spoil you' 4:03
  Carlo, Riccardo, Cavaliers, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Elvira, Silva  
34 'Even if Heaven watches over you' 5:04
  Silva, Ernani, Silva's men  
35 'Bring your horses and fetch all your weapons' 1:47
  Ernani, Silva, Silva's men  
  Part III: Mercy  
36 'You're sure they'll meet here?' 3:50
  Carlo, Riccardo  
37 'Great Heavens!' 1:31
38 'When I was young and trusting' 3:40
39 'Ad Augusta!' 5:06
  Conspirators, Ernani, Silva, Jago  
40 'We're brothers!' 2:14
  'Let the Lion of Castile awaken'  
41 'What is happening?' 3:49
  Conspirators, Carlo, Riccardo, Ernani, Elvira  
42 'Charlemagne inspire me' 4:30
  Carlo, Silva  
  Part IV: The Mask  
43 'How happy together are both wife and husband' 3:28
44 'Now all is quiet' 6:40
  Ernani, Elvira, Silva  
45 'I've suffered, alone in misery' 8:35
  Ernani, Silva, Elvira  
46 'Elvira! Elvira!' 1:53
  Ernani, Elvira  
 Julian Gavin tenor - Ernani
 Alan Opie baritone - Don Carlo
 Peter Wedd tenor - Don Riccardo
 Peter Rose bass - Don Ruy Gomez de Silva
 Susan Patterson soprano - Elvira
 Helen Williams soprano - Giovanna
 Paul Hodges bass - Jago
  Chorus of bandits, ladies-in-waiting, knights, retainers, conspirators, noblemen and noblewomen  
 David Parry
  12-16 July 2000  
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[Susan Patterson]… is in rich, firm voice, soaring over the big ensembles and approaching high notes fearlessly.

American soprano Susan Patterson… proves a feisty Elvira, spirited and accomplished in delivery.
BBC Music Magazine

‘The recording is outstandingly good; no-one who wants a spirited rendering in English is Verdi’s first international success need hesitate for a moment.’

‘Each new encounter with this increases not simply respect (that was high from the start) but affection…’
Gramophone on CHAN 3023(2) (La traviata)

‘Chandos’ outstanding sound allows listeners to hear every note of this recording… Anyone who wants a Rigoletto in English will be happy with this worthy effort.’
American Record Guide on CHAN 3030(2) (Rigoletto)

‘The high standard of the Chandos Opera in English series is well maintained in this performance of one of the most quintessentially Italianate of all Verdi’s operas.’
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 3036(2) (Il trovatore)

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