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CHAN 3060M
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CHAN 3060
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Twilight of the Gods

Wagner: Twilight Of The Gods

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2001

Originally recorded in 2000


English National Opera Orchestra

Reginald Goodall

Derek Hammond-Stroud

baritone - Alberich

Norman Welsby

baritone - Gunther

Aage Haugland

bass - Hagen

Anne Collins

contralto - First Norn

Helen Attfield

contralto - Flosshilde

Gillian Knight

mezzo-soprano - Second Norn

Katherine Pring

mezzo-soprano - Waltraute

Shelagh Squires

mezzo-soprano - Wellgunde

Rita Hunter

soprano - Brünnhilde

Margaret Curphey

soprano - Gutrune

Anne Evans

soprano - Third Norn

Valerie Masterson

soprano - Woglinde

Alberto Remedios

tenor - Siegfried

English National Opera Chorus


London Coliseum


John Mordler


Stuart Eltham

Robert Gooch

Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 311:12
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Opera - Twilight of the Gods

The Reginald Goodall Ring Cycle


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Twilight of the Gods

  Third Day of the Festival Play The Ring of the Nibelung  
  Music drama in a prelude and three acts  
  Poem by Richard Wagner  
  English translation by Andrew Porter  
1 'What light shines down there?' 8:08
  Three Norns  
2 'Wotan made holy laws and treaties' 2:25
  Second Norn  
3 'That mighty hall the giants have raised' 4:47
  Three Norns  
4 'Now the gods will seize the spear that was shattered' 4:35
  Three Norns  
5 Dawn Music 7:32
  'To deeds of glory'  
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried  
6 'Ah, but to prove you love me' 2:36
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried  
7 'Love, I leave you alone' 2:48
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde  
8 'So by your daring I am fired' 1:42
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde  
9 'O heavenly rulers!' 1:42
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried  
10 Siegfried's Rhine Journey 7:38
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
11 'Now hear, Hagen' 2:37
  Gunther, Hagen  
12 'What woman should I wed . . .?' 2:39
  Gunther, Hagen, Gutrune  
13 'At Neidhöhle the Nibelung gold was guarded' 2:58
  Hagen, Gunther  
14 'You mock me, wicked Hagen!' 3:31
  Gutrune, Hagen, Gunther  
15 'Merrily seeking adventures and fame' 4:15
  Hagen, Gunther, Siegfried  
  Scene 2  
16 'Which is Gibich's son?' 2:27
  Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen  
17 'I welcome you, my friend' 2:11
  Gunther, Siegfried, Hagen  
18 'That treasure I quite forgot' 2:17
  Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther  
19 'Welcome, O guest, to Gibich's house!' 4:41
  Gutrune, Siegfried, Gunther  
20 'With your brother I promised to serve' 3:18
  Siegfried, Gunther  
21 'I fear not the flames' 1:42
  Siegfried, Gunther  
22 'Flourishing life's refreshing blood' 4:10
  Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen  
23 'Now on our way!' 2:54
  Siegfried, Gunther, Gutrune, Hagen  
24 'I sit here and wait' (Hagen's Watch) 8:42
  Scene 3  
25 'Sounds I once knew so well' 6:29
  Brünnhilde, Waltraute  
26 'You've come to me?' 4:55
  Brünnhilde, Waltraute  
27 'Fear and dread I read in your features!' 1:29
  Brünnhilde, Waltraute  
28 'Hear me with care, and I will tell you!' 4:26
29 'He sits there, speaks no word' 6:46
30 'These tales of evil fancies' 1:33
31 'Upon your hand, the ring' 3:29
  Waltraute, Brünnhilde  
32 'Go home to the sacred clan of the gods!' 2:22
  Brünnhilde, Waltraute  
33 'Borne on the wind' 3:59
34 'Brünnhild! Your husband comes' 3:31
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde  
35 'The night draws on' 3:58
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde  
36 'Now nothing can save me' 2:58
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
37 Prelude 3:40
38 'Sleep you, Hagen, my son?' 3:51
  Alberich, Hagen  
39 'The might of the gods' 3:34
  Hagen, Alberich  
40 'That ring shall be Hagen's' 4:29
  Hagen, Alberich  
  Scene 2  
41 'Hoiho! Hagen! Fast asleep?' 3:06
  Siegfried, Hagen, Gutrune  
42 'Yet my Siegfried was with Brünnhild?' 1:25
  Gutrune, Siegfried  
43 'I can see a sail in the distance' 1:05
  Hagen, Siegfried, Gutrune  
  Scene 3  
44 'Hoiho! Hoihohoho!' (Hagen summons the vassals) 2:56
  Hagen, Vassals  
45 'Come to my call, and arm yourselves!' 3:40
  Hagen, Vassals  
46 'Glad times have come' 3:04
  Vassals, Hagen  
  Scene 4  
47 'Welcome, Gunther!' 3:50
  Vassals, Gunther  
48 'I greet you, noble friend' 4:51
  Gunther, Vassals, Siegfried, Brünnhilde, Hagen  
49 'A ring I saw upon your hand' 1:40
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried, Gunther  
50 'Ha! - Siegfried stole it' 2:23
  Brünnhilde, Siegfried, Hagen, Gutrune, Vassals, Women  
51 'Here in Walhall, mighty immortals!' 3:26
  Brünnhilde, Gunther, Women, Vassals  
52 'Would you defile your name so lightly?' 4:08
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde, Vassals, Women, Gunther, Gutrune, Hagen  
53 'Shing steel! Holiest weapon!' 3:15
  Siegfried, Brünnhilde, Vassals  
54 'Gunther, look to your wife there' 6:08
  Scene 5  
55 'Dark, unholy powers lie here around me!' 3:20
56 'Have trust in me, offended wife!' 2:55
  Hagen, Brünnhilde  
57 'Can no weapon's point then pierce him?' 3:04
  Hagen, Brünnhilde, Gunther  
58 'Deceived am I - and deceiver!' 2:15
  Gunther, Hagen  
59 'He betrayed you' 3:10
  Brünnhilde, Hagen, Gunther  
60 'Since this blow must be dealt her' 3:39
  Hagen, Gunther, Brünnhilde  
  Act III  
61 Prelude 3:42
  Scene 1  
62 'Fair sunlight, shine on us in splendour' 2:23
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
63 'Fair sunlight, send to us the hero' 2:07
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
64 'A goblin led me astray' 1:45
  Siegfried, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
65 'Siegfried, if we find your bear' 2:53
  Woglinde, Siegfried, Wellgunde, Flosshilde  
66 'Why should I let them laugh and jeer?' 1:46
  Siegfried, Flosshilde, Woglinde, Wellgunde  
67 'Siegfried! . . . Evil lies in that ring' 2:32
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried  
68 'Siegfried! . . . Give heed to our words' 2:49
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried  
69 'Come, sisters! Flee from this madman!' 4:20
  Woglinde, Wellgunde, Flosshilde, Siegfried  
  Scene 2  
70 'Hoiho!' 2:14
  Hagen, Vassals, Siegfried  
71 'You drove the game away from us' 2:56
  Hagen, Siegfried  
72 'Drink, Gunther, drink' 3:03
  Siegfried, Gunther, Hagen  
73 'Mime was a hideous dwarf' (Siegfried's Narration@ 1:24
74 'Now you must hear what happened next' 1:47
  Siegfried, Hagen, Vassals  
75 'Ring and Tarnhelm - both I had found' 2:48
  Siegfried, Hagen, Vassals  
76 'In grief I watched the branches above' 6:00
  Siegfried, Hagen, Gunther, Vassals  
77 'Brünnhilde! Holiest bride!' 4:21
78 Siegfried's Funeral March 8:01
  Scene 3  
79 'Was that his horn?' 3:45
80 'Ah, if Siegfried were back!' 3:21
  Gutrune, Hagen, Gunther  
81 'Cast not the blame on me' 2:36
  Gunther, Hagen  
82 'Peace with your cries of useless lament!' 2:05
  Brünnhilde, Gutrune  
83 'Poor creature, peace!' 2:44
  Brünnhilde, Gutrune  
84 'Sturdy branches, building his pyre' 2:57
  (Brünnhilde's Immolation)  
85 'The sun in radiance shines from his eyes' 2:38
86 'O you, you guardians' 4:26
87 'My heritage I claim from the hero' 3:06
88 'Fly home, you ravens!' 1:41
89 'Grane, my horse!' 2:31
90 'Give back the ring!' 5:27
 Alberto Remedios tenor - Siegfried
 Norman Welsby baritone - Gunther
 Aage Haugland bass - Hagen
 Derek Hammond-Stroud baritone - Alberich
 Rita Hunter soprano - Brünnhilde
 Margaret Curphey soprano - Gutrune
 Katherine Pring mezzo-soprano - Waltraute
 Anne Collins contralto - First Norn
 Gillian Knight mezzo-soprano - Second Norn
 Anne Evans soprano - Third Norn
 Valerie Masterson soprano - Woglinde
 Shelagh Squires mezzo-soprano - Wellgunde
 Helen Attfield contralto - Flosshilde
  Chorus: Vassals and Women  
 Reginald Goodall
  live; 6, 13 & 27 August 1977  
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'Nowhere is the grasp of the musical architecture surer than in the vast spans of Twilight of the Gods, while orchestral textures are as ravishing as ever.'
BBC Music Magazine

‘The Ring Cycle that Reginald Goodall conducted from 1969 onwards … remains one of the company’s greatest achievements.’
(The Guardian on CHAN 3038(4) (The Valkyrie)

‘This very fine Wagner recording returns to the catalogue – a highly persuasive account in its considered approach. The singing, in an effective English translation is excellent.’
Gramophone on CHAN 3038(4) (The Valkyrie)

‘…one is transfixed by the quality of the singing… and above all by the orchestral playing and by the grandeur and insight of Sir Reginald’s conducting.’
The Sunday Telegraph on CHAN 3045(4) (Siegfried)

‘Anyone collecting the cycle in its latest incarnation won’t need any more encouragement to complete their set, for the shining virtues of the previous installments are preserved in Twilight of the Gods’.
The Guardian

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