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CHAN 3070M
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CHAN 3070
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Madam Butterfly

Puccini: Madam Butterfly

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2001

Originally recorded in 2001


Philharmonia Orchestra

Yves Abel

D'Arcy Bleiker

baritone - Prince Yamadori

Gregory Yurisich

baritone - Sharpless

Clive Bayley

bass - The Bonze

Roland Wood

bass - The Imperial Commissioner

Frances Brett

bass - The Official Registrar

Simon Birchall

bass - Yakuside

Ann Taylor

mezzo-soprano - Kate Pinkerton

Jean Rigby

mezzo-soprano - Suzuki

Cheryl Barker

soprano - Cio-Cio-San (Madam Butterfly)

Anne Sheridan Jinks

soprano - Cio-Cio-San's mother

Paula Bott

soprano - The Aunt

Paul Charles Clarke

tenor - B.F. Pinkerton

Stuart Kale

tenor - Goro

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Christopher Brooke


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 138:28
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Opera - Madam Butterfly



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Madam Butterfly

  Opera in two acts  
  Libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica after the book by John Luther Long and the play by David Belasco  
  English version based on that of R.H. Elkin  
  Act I  
1 Introduction 1:05
2 'So the walls and the ceiling . . .' 2:06
  Pinkerton, Goro  
3 'I think Your Honour's smiling' 2:17
  Suzuki, Pinkerton, Goro  
4 'It can't be much further now!' 1:20
  Sharpless, Goro, Pinkerton  
5 'The whole world over' 2:22
6 'Fate can't crush him' 1:13
  Pinkerton, Sharpless  
7 'Is the bride very pretty?' 1:06
  Sharpless, Goro, Pinkerton  
8 'True love or fancy' 3:23
  Pinkerton, Sharpless  
9 'See them! They're climbing the summit of the hill!' 3:30
  Goro, Butterfly's Girl Friends, Butterfly, Sharpless  
10 'We are honoured' 3:34
  Butterfly, Girl Friends, Pinkerton, Sharpless, Goro  
11 'The Imperial Commissioner' 1:48
  Goro, Pinkerton, Relations and Friends, Butterfly, Yakuside  
12 'Oh, indeed, my friend, you're lucky!' 1:16
  Sharpless, Butterfly  
13 'Come, my beloved' 3:25
  Pinkerton, Butterfly, Goro  
14 'My fate I have to follow' 1:17
15 'Silence! Silence!' 1:52
  Goro, Commissioner, Girl Friends, Butterfly  
16 'Congratulations' 4:33
  Commissioner, Pinkerton, Sharless, Registrar, Relatives, the Bonze, Goro  
17 'Dearest, my dearest, weep no more' 2:06
  Pinkerton, Butterfly, Suzuki  
18 'Evening is falling . . .' 3:31
  Pinkerton, Butterfly, Suzuki  
19 'Child, from whose eyes the witchery is shining' 3:52
  Pinkerton, Butterfly  
20 'Ah, love me a little' 7:28
  Butterfly, Pinkerton  
  Act II  
  Part 1  
21 'Izaghi Izanami' 6:47
  Suzuki, Butterfly  
22 'One fine day' 4:35
23 'Come, let's enter' 4:22
  Goro, Sharpless, Butterfly  
24 'Yamadori, and has your unrequitted love not yet released you?' 4:53
  Butterfly, Yamadori, Sharpless, Goro  
25 'Now, at last!' 3:01
  Sharpless, Butterfly  
26 'Just two things I could do' 2:07
27 'This child! This child, then!' 3:24
  Butterfly, Sharpless  
28 'Do you know, my darling' 3:24
29 'I must be going' 1:43
  Sharpless, Butterfly, Suzuki  
30 'Ah! Ah!' 1:52
  Goro, Suzuki, Butterfly  
31 'Look, it's a man-of-war!' 2:33
  Suzuki, Butterfly  
32 Flower duet: 'Shake the cherry tree' 9:55
  Butterfly, Suzuki  
33 Humming Chorus 2:55
  Act II  
  Part 2  
34 Prelude 4:29
35 Daybreak over Nagasaki 2:52
36 'It's morning' 2:01
  Suzuki, Butterfly  
37 'Who is it? . . .' 2:42
  Suzuki, Pinkerton, Sharples  
38 'I know for such misfortune there is no consolation' 3:59
  Sharpless, Suzuki, Pinkerton  
39 'Farewell, oh happy home!' 1:51
  Pinkerton, Sharpless  
40 'Then will you tell her?' 1:19
  Kate, Suzuki  
41 'Suzuki, where are you?' 1:47
42 'You, Suzuki, you're always so faithful' 1:14
  Butterfly, Suzuki  
43 'Viper! I want you to answer' 3:40
  Butterfly, Suzuki, Sharpless, Kate  
44 'Your little fluttering heart is beating' 2:55
  Suzuki, Butterfly  
45 'Death with honour is better than life with dishonour' 5:04
 Cheryl Barker soprano - Cio-Cio-San (Madam Butterfly)
 Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano - Suzuki
 Paul Charles Clarke tenor - B.F. Pinkerton
 Gregory Yurisich baritone - Sharpless
 Stuart Kale tenor - Goro
 D'Arcy Bleiker baritone - Prince Yamadori
 Clive Bayley bass - The Bonze
 Simon Birchall bass - Yakuside
 Roland Wood bass - The Imperial Commissioner
 Frances Brett bass - The Official Registrar
 Anne Sheridan Jinks soprano - Cio-Cio-San's mother
 Paula Bott soprano - The Aunt
 Ann Taylor mezzo-soprano - Kate Pinkerton
  Cio-Cio-San's relations and friends and servants  
 Yves Abel
  13-17 December 2000  

Chandos presents a sparkling new account in English of one of Puccini’s greatest operas.

This release is performed by a cast of world-renowned singers. Paul Charles Clarke, who takes the role of Pinkerton in this recording, received great critical acclaim for his portrayal of the title role in Chandos’ release of Gounod’s Faust.

The libretto translation is based on that used in the US tour of 1906 which was supervised by Puccini.


'…another in Chandos' splendid Opera in English series…'
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 3011(2) (Don Pasquale)

'The high standard of the Chandos Opera in English series is well maintained in this performance.'
BBC Music Magazine on CHAN 3036(2) (Il trovatore)

'…this issue should convince doubters of the merits of such a series.'
Opera Now on CHAN 3000(2) (Tosca)

'A clear recommendation for those wanting Butterfly in English; even those who don't will find Abel's handling of the score absorbing from first to last.'

'This is an issue to delight far more than devotees of opera in English… I look forward to more in the series.'
Gramophone on CHAN 3000(2) (Tosca)

'…this is a performance that will undoubtedly give much pleasure and merit repeated hearings.'
BBC Music Magazine Pick of the month

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