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CHAN 3074M
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CHAN 3074
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - Aida

Verdi: Aida

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2002

Originally recorded in 2001


Philharmonia Orchestra

David Parry

Gregory Yurisich

baritone - Amonasro

Alastair Miles

bass - Ramfis

Peter Rose

bass - The Pharaoh

Rosalind Plowright

mezzo-soprano - Amneris

Jane Eaglen

soprano - Aida

Susan Gritton

soprano - The High Priestess

Alfred Boe

tenor - A Messenger

Dennis O'Neill

tenor - Radames

Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Blackheath Halls, London


Brian Couzens


Ralph Couzens

Christopher Brooke


Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 143:05
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Opera - Aida



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  Opera in four acts  
  Libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni, after a scenario by Auguste Mariette  
  English version by Edmund Tacey  
1 Prelude 4:04
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
2 'Yes, Ethiopia once again has dared' 1:43
  Ramfis, Radames  
3 'I pray that I be chosen' 1:04
4 'Goddess Aida, fair as a vision' 3:34
5 'Have you just heard a joyous tale' 2:37
  Amneris, Radames  
6 'Aida!' 1:32
  Radames, Amneris  
7 'Alas, I hear the cries of war' 1:59
  Aida, Amneris, Radames  
8 'Grave is the cause' 3:10
  The Pharaoh, Messenger, Aida, Radames, Amneris  
9 'Now go forward noble army' 3:06
  The Pharaoh, Ramfis, Chorus, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Messenger  
10 'As victor then return!' 3:15
11 'The sacred names of a father and lover' 0:49
12 'Hear me, ye gods, pity my cry!' 2:43
  Scene 2  
13 'Almighty, almighty Phtha' 3:10
  High Priestess, Ramfis, Priests, Priestesses  
14 Sacred Dance of the Priestesses 2:00
15 'The gods have shown you favour' 1:18
  Ramfis, Priests  
16 'Great Godhead we petition thee' 4:03
  Ramfis, Radames, Priests, Priestesses  
  Act II  
  Scene 1  
17 'We hear the hymns and cheering' 2:54
  Slave-girls, Amneris  
18 Dance of the Young Moorish Slaves 2:17
19 'No more now!' 0:48
20 'Now the battle is over your people suffer' 5:38
21 'Tremble! I know your secret . . .' 1:35
  Amneris, Aida  
22 'But, look with pity on my distress . . .' 1:58
  Aida, Amneris  
23 'Now go forward noble army' 1:24
  Chorus, Amneris, Aida  
24 'Hear me, ye gods, pity my cry!' 1:23
  Scene 2  
25 'Glory to Isis, goddess fair' 3:26
  Populace, Priests  
26 Trumpet Fanfare 1:45
27 Ballabile 1:55
28 'Glorious warrior Radames' 2:10
  Populace, Priests  
29 'Valiant pride of your country' 2:19
  The Pharaoh, Radames  
30 'Worship and glory to all the gods on high' 0:58
  Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Amneris, Amonasro, Pharaoh  
31 'As you see, I am wearing the colours of my King' 4:52
  Amonasro, Aida, Slave-girls, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, Amneris, Populace, Radames  
32 'O King, by holy Isis' 2:39
  Radames, Pharaoh, Amneris, Priests, Populace, Ramfis  
33 'Glory to Isis, goddess fair' 3:05
  Pharaoh, Populace, Slave-girls, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Amonasro  
  Act III  
34 'Thou art to great Osiris' 2:01
  Chorus, High Priestess  
35 'Come to the shrine of Isis' 2:00
  Ramfis, Amneris, Chorus  
36 'Soon Radames will come!' 2:31
37 'Oh, skies of blue' 4:00
38 'I come, full of concerm' 1:09
39 'Once again you will see our lofty forests' 3:42
  Amonasro, Aida  
40 'No more my daughter' 0:34
  Amonasro, Aida  
41 'Father . . . the Egyptians . . . have not . . . enslaved me . . .' 2:28
  Aida, Amonasro  
42 'At last I see you, my sweet Aida . . .' 1:22
43 'Your people rise again, arming for battle . . .' 1:42
  Radames, Aida  
44 'We'd leave this white oppressive heat' 3:49
  Aida, Radames  
45 'Ah no! We'll leave here!' 2:37
  Radames, Aida, Amonasro  
46 'You! Amonasro! You! The King?' 1:30
  Radames, Aida, Amonasro  
47 'We're betrayed!' 1:00
  Amneris, Aida, Amonasro, Radames, Ramfis  
  Act IV  
  Scene 1  
48 'My hated rival has escaped me' 3:01
49 'Soon all the priests will gather here' 2:18
  Amneris, Radames  
50 'Ah! You must live' 2:49
51 'Who will save you, wretched madman' 1:46
  Amneris, Radames  
52 'Alas! I feel I'm, dying . . .' 2:13
  Amneris, Ramfis, Priests  
53 'Spirit of Isis' 1:53
  Ramfis, Priests, Amneris  
54 'Radames! Radames! Radames!' 4:15
  Ramfis, Priests, Amneris  
55 'Priests of Isis, the man you condemn' 2:33
  Amneris, Ramfis, Priests  
  Scene 2  
56 'The fatal cover's now in place' 2:26
  Radames, Aida  
57 'My heart foretold this horrifying sentence' 3:01
  Aida, Radames  
58 'Almighty Phtha' 5:12
  Priestesses, Priests, Aida, Radames, Chorus, Amneris  
 Peter Rose bass - The Pharaoh
 Rosalind Plowright mezzo-soprano - Amneris
 Jane Eaglen soprano - Aida
 Gregory Yurisich baritone - Amonasro
 Dennis O'Neill tenor - Radames
 Alastair Miles bass - Ramfis
 Susan Gritton soprano - The High Priestess
 Alfred Boe tenor - A Messenger
 David Parry
  23rd April - 2nd March 2001  
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''devotees of Peter Moores's Opera in English project will not want to miss this, surely one of the best in the series to date'.
BBC Music Magazine

Chandos' award-winning release of Tosca with Jane Eaglen in the title role has been enthusiastically received:

'Jane Eaglen's Tosca is a high-voltage performance. Her ability to judge all the subtle nuances of sound and phrasing in this role is acutely displayed in Act II.'
BBC Music Magazine

'Jane Eaglen is the main vocal attraction. Singing with vibrant tone, she rises to the many challenges of the score. Her range is wide and there is no sign of insecurity in the all-consuming climax of Act II.'
Opera Now

'Plowright's brilliant attack is unerringly caught, happily so, as her superb performance is the best reason for buying this set'.

'…the first recording to demonstrate the powers of Jane Eaglen at full stretch in one of the most formidable, vocally satisfying portrayals of the role of Tosca in years.'

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