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CHAN 3081M
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CHAN 3081
(multiple CD Set)
Opera - The Abduction from the Seraglio

Mozart: The Abduction from the Seraglio

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2002

Originally recorded in 2001


The Bath Festival Orchestra

Yehudi Menuhin

Noel Mangin

bass - Osmin

Jenifer Eddy

soprano - Blonda

Mattiwilda Dobbs

soprano - Constanza

David Kelsey

speaking part - Pasha Selim

Nicolai Gedda

tenor - Belmonte

John Fryatt

tenor - Pedrillo

Ambrosian Singers


Abbey Road Studios, London


Robert Kinloch Anderson


Neville Boyling

Record Label
Opera In English


Vocal & Song

Opera in English

Total Time - 132:48
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Opera - The Abduction from the Seraglio

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  The Phoenix Opera production of  

The Abduction from the Seraglio

  Comic opera in three acts  
  Libretto by G. Stephanie from a play by C.F. Bretzner  
  Texts of musical numbers translated by Joan Cross and Anne Wood  
  English dialogue translated and adapted by Hugh Mills  
  Act I  
  Scene 1  
1 Overture 4:11
  No. 1: Aria  
2 'Here surely I must find her' 2:39
3 'Constanza, my beloved' 0:13
  No. 2: Aria and Duet  
4 'You may think you've found a maiden' 2:34
  Osmin, Belmonte  
5 'The devil take you and your song, sir' 4:18
  Belmonte, Osmin  
6 'There - I got rid of him' 0:31
  Osmin, Pedrillo  
  No. 3: Aria  
7 'These young men who go a-spying' 5:06
  Osmin, Pedrillo  
8 'Ouf! Thank God he's gone' 2:14
  Pedrillo, Belmonte  
  No. 4: Aria  
9 'Constanza! Constanza!' 0:33
10 'Oh what trembling, oh what passion' 4:26
11 'They're coming, sir, they're coming' 0:19
  No. 5: Chorus  
12 'Sing to the mighty Pasha Selim' 1:35
13 'Always so sad, my beloved' 0:50
  Pasha Selim, Constanza  
  No. 6: Aria  
14 'How I loved him, I was happy' 5:43
15 'Pasha Selim, I'll be your slave' 2:44
  Constanza, Selim, Pedrillo, Belmonte  
  No. 7: Trio  
16 'March, march, march, off you go' 2:18
  Osmin, Belmonte, Pedrillo  
  Act II  
17 'Tra-la-le-ra. Tra-la-le-ra' 0:42
  Osmin, Blonda  
  No. 8: Aria  
18 'With smiles and kind caresses' 3:51
19 'Gentleness! Kindness!' 1:09
  Osmin, Blonda  
  No. 9: Duet  
20 'I'm going, but mark what I say' 1:08
21 'O Englishmen you must be crazy' 1:17
  Osmin, Blonda  
22 'Be off now!' 1:07
  Blonda, Osmin  
23 'Ah, there's Constanza' 0:15
  No. 10: Recitative and Aria  
24 'Oh what sorrow overwhelms my spirit' 2:12
25 'Endless grief tortures my spirit' 6:24
26 'Señorita, try - try - not to lose hope' 0:58
  Blonda, Constanza, Pasha Selim  
  No. 11: Aria  
27 'Tortures unrelenting may for me be waiting' 8:56
28 'She shows no signs of weakening' 0:28
29 'Blonda? Come here, quickly' 0:48
  Pedrillo, Blonda  
  No. 12: Aria  
30 'Oh, the happy, happy day' 2:50
31 'Any sign of Osmin?' 0:42
  Pedrillo, Blonda  
  No. 13: Aria  
32 'Now Pedrillo, now for battle!' 3:19
33 'What do you want?' 1:32
  Osmin, Pedrillo  
  No. 14: Duet  
34 'Here's to Bacchus, long live Bacchus' 2:01
  Pedrillo, Osmin  
35 'What do you say, brother Osmin?' 1:16
  Pedrillo, Osmin, Belmonte  
36 'Belmonte! Is it possible' 0:10
  Constanza, Belmonte  
  No. 15: Aria  
37 'When our hearts are overflowing' 4:53
  No. 16: Quartet  
38 'Ah, Belmonte, ah my dear one!' 2:54
  Constanza, Belmonte, Pedrillo, Blonda  
39 'And yet within my heart' 2:00
  Belmonte, Constanza, Pedrillo, Blonda  
40 'I will. Ah, blame me not . . .' 1:35
  Belmonte, Pedrillo, Constanza, Blonda  
41 'If men mistrust our honour' 4:29
  Constanza, Blonda, Belmonte, Pedrillo  
  Act III  
  No. 17: Aria  
42 'Love, only love, can now direct me' 6:36
43 'Ah, Pedrillo! Is everything well?' 0:32
  Belmonte, Pedrillo  
  No. 18: Romance  
44 'In Moorish lands a maiden fair' 3:01
  Pedrillo, Belmonte  
45 'Look,she's opening the window' 1:33
  Pedrillo, Belmonte, Blonda, Osmin, Constanza  
  No. 19: Aria  
46 'My triumphant hour's approaching' 3:25
47 'What does all this mean?' 3:27
  Pasha Selim, Osmin, Constanza, Belmonte  
  No. 20: Recitative and Duet  
48 'What dreadful fate conspires against us' 2:42
49 'You must suffer for my rashness' 3:32
50 'Then my life I gladly offer' 3:02
  Belmonte, Constanza  
51 'Guards! Bring in the two slaves!' 2:36
  Osmin, Pedrillo, Belmonte, Blonda, Pasha Selim, Constanza  
  No. 21: Vaudeville and Chorus  
52 'Your noble mercy passes measure' 2:47
  Belmonte, Constanza, Blonda, Pedrillo, Osmin  
53 'The nobelman despises vengeance' 1:03
  Constanza, Blonda, Belmonte, Pedrillo  
54 'Pasha Selim, live for ever' 1:22
 David Kelsey speaking part - Pasha Selim
 Mattiwilda Dobbs soprano - Constanza
 Jenifer Eddy soprano - Blonda
 Nicolai Gedda tenor - Belmonte
 John Fryatt tenor - Pedrillo
 Noel Mangin bass - Osmin
 Yehudi Menuhin
  6-15 October & 22 December 1967  
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'I hope I have conveyed my enthusiasm for this set… this is certainly one of the opera's most successful recordings.'

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